Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Gosh team – Fall is falling isn’t it…..but all is well on campus!”

“Good Morning Students!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET??”

Next Tuesday we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving week and that’s when we’ll be previewing our new Thanksgiving Badges for you to win AND probably we will have had time to decorate the classroom.    But for today – we have a Graphics Department Teaser photo for you and some Fall Badges so LET’S GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD!!

“Let’s do this!!”

First the rules that will apply for today’s Teaser guessing:

AND the lineup of Fall badges:

“Promise you’ll have some DECENT special badges next week?  Huh?”

Well we do promise but you might find yourself with a dunce cap on if you’re not careful little missy!!

“Trust me….you don’t wanna wear this thing – it’s tight and gives me a headache!”

Here comes our Photo Security Guard with today’s PHOTO……………………ready?

“Here’s today’s photo Professors”

Where in the world was this photo taken??????

OK everyone……………….do your best and maybe you’ll win a badge and of course the admiration of the whole rest of the class for being SMART enough to figure it out!    And if you need some ENCOURAGEMENT – let’s bring on the CHEER GIRLS!

Another Tuesday and another chance to win
If you know your geography give that globe a big spin!
We just know we wouldn’t want to live there
Don’t see a single person ANYWHERE.
But all you have to do is guess where it is
Now we’ll get out of your hair and let you “get down to biz!”

Thanks girls……………….I’m sure the class has been inspired to do their best thanks to your inspiring cheer.

“I wasn’t inspired…….I thought it was a boring cheer!”

OK OK – now let’s take a break and head to the cafeteria for lunch.   That always cheers everyone up!!

“Welcome Students – step right up and choose your meals!”

Today’s Delightful Dishes:

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!  See you in class tomorrow!!

Your Professors

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      • I’m back from my NW session – it started to rain!!! Purrrrhaps a French Croque Madame and those fabulous-looking Chocolate covered giant strawberries ignite my brainbox. It seems to be a super interesting place but I still have no idea where it might be!


          • Nope. I could not unite the puzzle pieces to anything sensible. Roundabouts are very typical in France, for example, but the semidetached houses seem to be English – or rather fake English, and the blocks of flats in the background look like poor East-European from the 60ies. This makes no sense.


  1. Man, late again! I’m going to give mom a claw point to remind her!!! Mommy said she didn’t even know the day of the WEEK yet! BUT: I would like tuna cakes and chocolate eclaires! Please. And hurry. Also please.


  2. No idea where this is. So we better eat. We’d like pancakes and bacon, raspberry tart, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cocoa, please. We may have to come back for some of those onion rings later. Congrats to first and only first commenter, Sharon. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


  3. I believe this is the real life version of the game of Trouble. Probably just off screen is a giant die trapped inside a Pop-o-matic bubble. Oh, and beware. If your opponent lands on the same spot as you in this game, you don’t get sent back to Start….. you get fed to the Trouble-Player-Eating Otters…

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  4. We love all your pictures today, they’re a hoot! (Us pups especially like the pictures of the food!!) Mom cheated and looked this teaser up on Google just now, so she knows where it is but isn’t gonna give the answer away. XOXOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley


  5. I completely forgot it was Tuesday and just saw the post in my reader! I have no idea where it is but it doesn’t look real. Too perfect and manicured.


  6. Yoo Hoo! I am finally here!! I slept in, and almost forgot it was Teaser Day!!

    Hi, Mr Frank…nope I wasn’t with anyone else, unless you count my pups and the UPS dude they were screeching at, LOL!
    Thanks for saving me some onion rings…May I please have some pumpkin pie and an eggnog smoothie too? That is if Ms Dingleberry is still cooking.

    And its not fall here, well on the calendar it is, but winter…cause we have several inches of packing snow and more still coming down! Dalton & Benji are sulking, cause neither one likes that stuff. What about you, Teddy?

    Before I came here, I hunted down that teaser image, an I too think its Port Harcourt in Nigeria. I work with some nurses who come from Nigeria, maybe they have been to that place. Hubby, the retired civil engineer (Traffic was his specialty), had some critique about the traffic circle there, LOL!
    All I could think of was, there are NO trees to provide cooling shade.

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    • Howdy Miss Ingrid – you know Miss D and Mary Ann are always available to serve up meals so COME ON DOWN…….I don’t know if Mr. Frank is still here but we cleared off his table so you can sit there! No snow in Northern Virginia yet although it’s SUPER COLD and ICKY and today it’s raining. Good luck with your Nigerian guess – we’ll find out what’s what tomorrow!

      Hugs, The Professors

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    • Chocolate pancakes – our kitchen staff always has stashes of extras available! My Reader no longer shows posts for many of the blogs we follow – it’s hard to remember to visit everyone without the notices isn’t it!!!!


  7. My IDK wrong answer is the Carpenter’s Run neighborhood of Lutz, Florida. *settles into a booth with some ravoli since it’s almost dinner time, and waits to see if anyone gets the reference* (I’m lookin’ at you, AnimalCouriers! Ha!)


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