Teaser Tuesday Time!


“Another glorious morning and another Security round completed!   Let’s eat!”

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Good Morning Students!   And another Teaser Class gets underway…….

Today we want you to know that when we see the Cheer Team later (as they attempt to cheer you up after we show you the Teaser photo) you will see a NEW FACE.    The girls have a visitor today – someone many of you will know!     Suzie (Cheer Team leader) had a request from the lovely Katie Isabella to be a “Cheerleader for a day” and the girls were thrilled to grant her wish.    Katie is cheering her heart out and will be back tomorrow to do a repeat performance!     The girls tell me they’re planning on taking her to lunch and a brewski at the Grumpy Cat Bar.    Uhoh…..we will give the Bar a call and warn them.

Well you can see why mancats are nuts over Katie –

she’s a beauty (this is a photo of her in her Easter bonnet a few years ago!)

“Wowzers…..that Katie is one hot chick!”

Anyway, let’s get underway shall we?   First we’ll show you the RULES then the Badges………………….

Alrighty then………..are you ready to see today’s Teaser challenge?

“If I said NO would that stop you from showing it????”


“Yeah I thought so……………..”

Teaser Security Guard – would you pretty please bring today’s challenging photo in???

“Here’s today’s photo Professors!”


Yep – it’s a doozy.   So study it well gang – we’ll see how this one grabs you.    I think maybe that dazed look on most of the faces in this room means TIME FOR THE CHEER TEAM WITH SPECIAL GUEST KATIE!

The Cheer Team welcomes Miss Katie!
She’s really quite a lady!
Mancats all love this chick
So as a guest she was our pick!
We’ll take her to the Grumpy Cat after our cheer
For a burger and a cold beer!
Now get to work on the Teaser
You mancats surely want to please her!!!

Nice cheer girls – and please don’t turn Katie loose in that bar.  Keep an eye on her and don’t let any of those biker guys offer her a ride!

“Don’t worry professors – I’ll protect her!!”

Well let’s head to the cafeteria – I asked the girls to send us a text and photo to prove Katie is with them when they arrivedat the bar safely – we should get it after we have lunch……………………

Hello and Happy Tuesday!   Enjoy your breakfast or lunch today everyone…..

Today’s Delightful Menu:


Good luck girls…..and stay safe!  See you tomorrow for Tell All!  Katie we hope you’re having FUN!


Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

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  1. Those mountains have squared off tops! Now that is different. It looks rather wild and grassy there.

    May I please have some Bacon Mushroom Chicken Potpie and a Banana Berry Smoothie. I need stick to my ribs noms today…later I have to see if I can get out of the ticket I got a month ago when I got my car smashed up. But its via zoom, and not live…that is what worries me…

    Hello Mr Frank and all you other firsties! Got room at your table, Mr Frank??

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  2. We are guessing Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming. Then we would each like some strawberry shortcake. Finally, we want to let Katie Isabella know that she looks lovely and is a terrific cheerleader. Today is Roundup Day with Dr. Neel, so our typist has to get busy herding cats. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

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  3. OH MY OH MY OH MY! Ther Girls were so much fun and taught me so MUCH and they even had mer forgo my usual token Shirley Temple and have a BEER with them! (first they blew the froth off the top onto my face, and laffed…but I laffed too). I had the best of best times and I’m so glad they asked me. I didn’t even mind getting my furs wet in the pool because they told me nothing bad would happen and look at the mancats I could attract if I tried! Oh and did you like the pic the girls sent of me all safe and sound in the Grumpy Cat Bar? The Biker boys were so exciting, varoooom varooom but Suzie said no for me because I am such a newbie to the real world. BEST ever time! I have a straw I swiped to put under my pillow to dream fun dreams now about my adventure! Oh. Mommy said she wants steak and baked potato and a cherry smoothie! XXXX


    • Katie you did a FABULOUS job with the Cheer Team – they were so impressed that you fit right in! They also had a blast with you at the Grumpy Cat and it was nice that the biker gang didn’t harass you – Suzie had read them the riot act and they swore they’d be good. Every guy in the joint had eyes for YOU though. So glad you had a good time….I’m sure the girls would love to have you back if you ever feel the need for cheering and brewskis with the gang!!! Your Mom’s lunch is ready…………

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  4. Hidiho, Teddy and class, I think I’m last firstie, but at least I’m in and I think that the picture is Grassland Drakensberg range, in South Africa…don’t know if that’s true, but at least it’s worth a try😸Here are a lot of Pawkisses for all of you, before I get me something to eat😸🐾😽💞

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  5. This may be the first Teaser photo in YEARS not to feature a body of water! Of course, that isn’t going to keep away the man-eating otters, nosireebob! Everyone knows man-eating otters are amphibious creatures who get along just as well on land as they do in a prison moat. So keep that in mind the next time you go out west thinking a rattlesnake or a wily coyote is all you have to worry about. Otters are EVERYWHERE!

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  6. Here wee go again Pofessor TEddy!
    BellaSita Mum iss conn-vinced these are THE Pueblo Mesa inn eether Arizona or Mew (New) Mexico, USA.
    So shee iss feelin connfydent, mew mew mew 😉
    Time for Lunch with Missus DEE~~~wee would love 1 plate of German Pancakess fore BellaSita an 1 small plate of Crabby Ommylete pleese. Fore ‘ssert wee wuuld a Cherry Smoothie an a wee saucer of milk! Thanx Miss Dee….BellaSita thinkss shee knowss today’s Teezer…maybe throw inn a peece of (m)ice creem cake fore her seert 😉 Thanx~
    **purrss** BellaDahrma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum


  7. Offhand I would say, where the prairie meets the Rocky Mountains in the US, or at least where a prairie meets some rocky mountains somewhere. It’s a pleasure to see Katie Isabella visiting today!


  8. Howdy and good day! Fun to see Katie Isabella on the cheer team. We at first glance thought it was our backyard but changed our minds later when we saw the guesses from the world travelers for Grassland Drakensberg range, South Africa.

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    • Angel Nellie Bellie what a TREAT for you to visit! Thanks for the kisses….Angel Sammy said you were the BESTEST kisser!!!!! Please say hi to him for me will you pretty please?

      Love, Teddy


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