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Good Morning!  Happy Tell All Class Day!

Greetings students.    Another fantastic Teaser class yesterday don’t you think?    It was a whopper of a photo and had people making guesses ALL DAY – in fact we kept checking your guesses until we closed the door on the school room last night and headed home.    As of THEN ……………

Nobody had guessed RIGHT!

So based on the assumption it STAYED that way, let’s get on with class shall we??????

First of all yesterday we broke the record for FIRST COMMENTERS – we sure did – we had:

SIX FIRST COMMENTERS!!!!    Six in the first 60 seconds of class!   Holy Moly!


Let’s hear it for the new world’s record and our winners!

EACH of you gets one of these badges of your very own:

I was one of SIX FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of February 15, 2022 – a new world’s record for number of winners! I got this badge to prove I was one of the lucky duckies!

Here’s the photo we gave you yesterday – we didn’t tell you at the time BUT it was a GUEST TEASER photo from our student Miss Ingrid (she always gives us doozies):

This photo was taken by one of Ingrid’s relatives and it is the beautiful village of Serrig on the River Saar, Saarland, Germany.     We did have several guesses in Germany so good for those of you who got that much right!    My own Mom said it reminds her a lot of her river cruise with my Dad on the Rhine River some years ago.    Ingrid found a photo too of that church you see in the village AND there’s also a map showing where Saarland is in case you’re curious!    Thanks for all the info Ingrid and for the GREAT Teaser!

This badge is for you Miss Ingrid……………

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of February 15, 2022, AND NOBODY GUESSED IT!!!!!!

If you made a guess and you were wrong – you STILL get yourself a BADGE for the effort!

Heck – I tried – I guessed but was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of February 15, 2022!

Give yourselves a hand students – you all did well – it was a toughie!!

“YES – it’s the EVIL EYE – that was an extra tough Teaser…..no fair!”

Well sometimes you WIN and sometimes you LOSE………….it’s important in life to learn how to be a good loser……………….besides – you didn’t LOSE everything!  You have WON A CHEER BY THE CHEER TEAM!!!   YAY!!!

Hooray and we say it’s very cool
That the maintenance guys fixed the heat in our pool
We won’t have to freeze our cute little rears
We’re in a WARM pool to do our cheers!
You’ve put our cheer-writing in a tough spot!
SIX is a little bit MUCH
But we’ll give it our special touch
Charles, Csilla, Cecilia, Janet, Sharon and Katty
Six names forced us to be QUITE chatty!
IF you all ever have SEVEN FIRSTS
Your bubbles you better believe we’re gonna BURST!

OK girls – we get the message!!!!     Now how about we all go have something to eat before things get TESTY in here!

We’re ready for you students – step right up and order your meals!

Today’s Specials:



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  1. Aha!! Its fun when no one can guess the Teaser. LOL! Some got very close…but you know, even though I knew where this pic was taken, at least the locale, I and even my cousins did not know the name of the village…so I still had to do a lot of my own research!. Took me at least 8 hours of poring through oodles of images in Saarland…and often it was like going down a rabbit trail.

    Congrats to all you 6 firsties…I slept in, else the cheer team truly would have had a conniption!

    May I please have some of that Tuscan Chicken Pasta and a Banana Berry Smoothie? Thanks Ms D, now I shall go and save a seat for Mr Frank…maybe he will show up today:)

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  2. Congrats to all the early birds! I was so sure that was the River Wye. I checked my photos but they were all taken from the bridge looking in the opposite direction which is more scenic. I am still sure that looking towards Ross the scene is very similar. Well done Ingrid on fooling everyone.


  3. Good challenge, Ingrid. Six Firsties? Wow … make that 7 because if I didn’t get kidnapped, I would have made it, too. Oh … and I would have gotten Saarland! …. First to claim the award!!!!! … I love Pot Roast … plus Christmas Cake, and Banana Berry Smoothie … but I may return for some Ice Cream Cake chaser.

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  4. I wish I had written what I thought when I saw the picture! I would have been wrong in location, but I sure could tell the Country. ALL my instinct said Germany. I have stood overlooking such a beautiful sight in many many cities in Germany, My favorite was to go to a certain park while living in Würzburg overlooking the Main River. WE loved living in Würzburg more than any other place we lived- except Neu Ulm. THERE! Geography lesson of the day. 🙂
    Katie’s Mom


  5. That was very exciting with the Faster than Fast Firsties… Congratulations to all! It was a great Teaser and a lovely photo! I see Bacon Wrapped Chicken in Mushroom Sauce… that’s my choice and a small serving of scalloped potatoes, please. Good Morning!


    • Good Morning Floridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Miss D said she added that bacon wrapped chicken in mushroom sauce JUST FOR YOU. She adds the grouper for you too – are you sure she’s not a distant relative???? Enjoy your BRUNCH. Have a super terrific day.


  6. Congrats. It looks beautiful there. Have a nice day. Says rain and snow but; no sign of anything. I think they said it went down more south so not getting too much.


  7. That’s pretty amazing that six of us were able to all fit through the door in the first minute. It’s pretty unusual when nobody guesses correctly. but that always makes Mom feel less bad about not knowing it. Concats to all the firsts! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

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  8. I was quick and in the right country. That’s sumfin’, isn’t it?! I thought that there WAS (or HAD BEEN???) a correct solution. OMG!!!! Maybe there is a psychological barrier with the Cheer Team – 6 first commenters + 0 right guesser = 5 first commenter + 1 right guesser! But this would be a math class. Huh! Could I have an egg cup with prosciutto, a strawberry VERY LONG cake, and a HOT tea?


  9. ROFM!!! Oh Teddy cuud BellaSita Mum been any more wrong????
    An shee iss half German…**shakess head**
    Congratss to Miss Ingrid! Shee iss amazin 😉
    Missus Dee may wee drown our sorrowss with 1 Cherry Smoothis an fore mee a wee saucer of yummy milk pleese.
    Fore eatss may wee have 1 plate of Pot Roast an a bit xtra fore mee an sum Assparaguss fore BellaSita?!?! Many thanxx Missus Dee….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum


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