Teaser Tuesday Class


“Good Morning Officer Kitty!   Prepare for the students to start lining up!  We’re going to report in to the Profs that ALL IS WELL!”


Everyone bright-eyed and bushy tailed this morning after your Labor Day weekend??     We are………..Don’t forget to comment while you can because you only have one chance to be a FIRSTIE.

“I ran all the way here this morning – faster than the schoolbus – so I could be a FIRSTIE!”

Today we have a photo for you all to study and it’s from our Graphics Department – WHICH – by the way – has been moved into her their new larger office space over the long weekend.    Many of you felt that the refurbished closet we’d allotted to the Graphics Department wasn’t a large enough office area.   This should suffice!

Let’s review our rules for the Teaser AND you will get a look at the brand new badges for this September and into Fall that you may win!

Well thanks – we thought they were good but we didn’t think they were THAT good!

Now let’s move on to the Teaser photo for the day shall we???????????????    Security Guard – please report in with the photo you’ve guarded for us:

“Here’s today’s photo Professors!”


Yep – that’s the question of the day students so get to work with those thinking caps on!     Meanwhile, the Cheer Team will do their thing.

Hey that looks like a place we should be!
Swimming and diving and feeling free!
Instead here we are with pom poms shakin’
When we ought to be on the beach with our bodies in the sun baking!
We’ll be back tomorrow to sing your praises
And hope the Professors give us raises!

Don’t count on it girls – besides it’s the school board that does the raises thing and I think they spent so much on that new office for the Graphics Department we may not get raises for a while!    Let’s go off to lunch to console ourselves shall we?

Welcome Students and Teachers – time to have breakfast or lunch!!

The Menu for the Day:

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!  See you tomorrow for winners and losers!!   Your Professors

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  1. We have no idea. We know it’s not OUR beach! We would like the Corned beef hash and eggs please. Our newest family member is exploring the house today and we’re locked in the bedroom so we’re going to have the chocolate cake with bourbon bacon frosting too please.


  2. Good Morning… I am late… sigh. It was the lawn guys fault and that’s all I’m saying. Glad to hear the Graphics Department is in such a beautiful office… they deserve it! Beautiful photo, no idea where it is. I see scalloped potatoes and Grouper! All the speedy Firsties!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. The inmates at Sam Hill federal penitentiary were forced into duty to save their beloved prison home from flooding after man-eating otters, once again, chewed a hole through the levee that protects Sam Hill from the raging waters of Lake Pondscum. As you can see from the reddish tinges swirling around in the flood plain…. the mission wasn’t a success. Or at least, it was a success for the otters…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO……don’t tell me…….that red tinge isn’t……oh no……it just can’t be…..or is it?……left over red dye from the “Dye Your Prison Thong Red” party?????????????


  4. ‘Morning…as usual I’m late to class. These time differences can be vexing even though I’ve been busy as a beaver this morning! Imma gonna guess that spot is the beautiful Shell Island offshore of St Andrews State Park in Panama City, Florida which is considered one of the nicest and whitest sand beaches around. And since I know there are no calories in the Irish Mint cake, I’d love a piece of it to go with the banana berry smoothie. Happy Tuesday.


  5. BellaSita sayss “GRATE BARRIER REEF inn Australia”…..(At leest shee iss takin a guess!!)
    Mee iss goin to order Lunch….here goess!
    May wee have 3 slicess of Hammy-Pineapple Pizza an fore ‘ssert an 2 cuppycakess pleese?? Many thanx. Wee allwayss get Lunch rite 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita


  6. The internet said ‘closed/locked/class in not in session…sheesh, Arrrggghhhh:(

    I tried to log in here very early this morning, and I got the can’t go there message. Phooey. It was still out after I got dressed…and its still out. Sigh. I am on a hotspot from hubby’s smart phone, which I don’;t have…a smart phone that is…

    Thanks for saving me some noms, Mr Frank.
    I do hope the seating has a large bench for putting up my feet, since I just walked over ten miles, mowing the lawn…got it done just before the thunderstorms rolled in a-banging and blowing. All of a sudden there were many big limbs down on the newly neat grass…and a ton of huge walnuts shaken loose by the fierce winds. The neighbor’s kiddy pool was traveling through his yard…and it was not even empty! Wow! Another limb fell on our old shed and popped a big hole in the roof…sheessh, what next?

    I did try to find the locale of this teaser image; I am going to guess Shell Island hear the Panama City Beach in Florida, USA. But I see others too, have guessed that as well.
    Ah, well at least I got here, even if after class was already dismissed.


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