Tuesday Teaser Class Is In Session!


Greetings Class!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET????????

Well we sure stirred people’s imaginations when we mentioned yesterday that Miss Dingleberry has an interesting costume planned.   We haven’t seen it because she’s being VERY secretive – but we’ll all get to see it on Wednesday’s Tell All next week.    That’s HALLOWEEN you know!   You don’t want to miss that class for sure.   We will be announcing the weekly TEASER winner as well as the winner of the TEASERWEEN COSTUME CONTEST!    Have you sent your photo in yet????  We’re getting lots – it’s going to be a tough contest.

Shall we talk TEASER?   That’s why we’re here today after all.   Here’s the rules again – remember to follow them – or else – Sarge might get angry!

Now you know how to handle the photo when we show it to you in a little bit!    You know the badges by now but we always show those too………….just to whet your appetite and make you WANT to win one to show off on your blog or page!


YES I really DO want one….really!

Me too – and if I don’t get one I MIGHT GET MAD!

Let’s see if our Cheer Team can get you all in the mood for the photo today shall we?   They are always UP for just about anything………….(I said JUST ABOUT!).

Oh boy oh boy let’s start the fun
We wish good luck to everyone
We think the photo today might be a roughie
But we also know you guys are toughies!
We’re cheering you on with all our magic
If you don’t guess right it will be tragic
Tune in your brains and get them in gear!
That’s why we write all these fabulous cheers!

Thanks – that probably got everyone in the mood……………………………so let’s bring our Security Guard in before the mood fades shall we???????


WOW – I can hear him running down the hallway!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this taken?   HMMM?????

While you’re agonizing over the photo you may wish to head to the cafeteria – OR you may wish to stay at your desk and ponder the picture.   Whatever you wish to do – we wish you good luck!  We Professors are heading for the food line……………

OK Sheep!   When you get to each server, be polite, ask for what you want, then move along before someone behind you gets impatient.   You don’t want to do that – when food is involved, people get TESTY…….like ME for instance!   And you don’t want to TEST me!!!  

Today’s MENU:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck with the Teaser students……we will see you tomorrow!

Your Favorite Professors!!!!   Teddy and Sam



For our friend KaTwo at 15andMeowing – click badge to visit her!


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  1. Great cheer ladies. I am guessing this is in Nevada, but no idea where. Thank you for adding KaTwo’s badge to your post and for the purrs and prayers. XO


  2. In the early 1900’s, as the Wild West was being tamed, the need for a maximum security penitentiary within a stone’s throw of the OK Corral became necessary. However, due to all the money spent fighting the Spanish American War, the gummint was unable to provide enough financial support to build a proper prison. So the territory of Arizona decided to save money on building supplies by repurposing one of its legendary mesas as the new hoosegow. Unfortunately, the budget (Believed to be approximately $1.53 plus a single gold tooth) ran out before necessities like windows, a door, corridors, and of course cells could actually be carved into the stone. And so the practice of rounding up a posse to bring suspected criminals to justice so they could receive a fair trial and hanging continued in the state until….. oh wait, they may still be doing that.

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