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Teaser Tell All


Welcome back students!   What a Teaser that was huh????

We’re ready to give you the low down on yesterday’s whopper of a Teaser – starting off with the amazing and wonderful fact that within the first sixty seconds of sending the blog out (or should I say when the school doors opened up) we have no less than FOUR First Commenters!      Anyone who comments in the first MINUTE we pop up is a FIRST COMMENTER.

Who were our four FIRSTIES?????

Janet (The Cat On My Head), Katty (Easyweimaraner), Timmy (TimmyTomcat) and Sharon (Friends Furever) !!


WOW……you all were ready to go at 7:45AM (EST) weren’t you!    You each get a badge for that!

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of January 14, 2020. Now can I pretty please go back to sleep?????? *yawn*

Second week in a row we have four First Commenters and no doubt the Cheer Team will be thrilled (not) to have four names to sneak into their cheer today – I guess we’ll find out in just a few minutes.

I think they might be a little upset!

Upset? Upset? You would be too if you had to write a cheer with all those names!

We’ll find out soon enough……………………let’s move on though – I want to show you the photo from yesterday that we used for a Teaser AND tell you something about it!

This fine photo is of a very dignified (in spite of the pigeon posed on his hat) and very well known writer – Alexander Kielland and his poop covered hat and the rest of him are located in the beautiful city of STAVENGER, NORWAY.   Here’s a link to further info if you’d interested!    CLICK HERE

This photo came to us courtesy of a GUEST TEASER.    She travels a whole lot and found his among her photos and sent it in because she thought it would be a REAL STUMPER – and it was except SOMEONE did guess it right – followed by some others………………..first though let’s thank Jackie of TwoDevonCats for the fab photo shall we????

My photo was used at One Spoiled Cat for their TEASER post of January 14, 2020!



Drumroll Please!

CSILLA (Kolytyi)


I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of January 14, 2020! YAY FOR ME!

And she wasn’t the only right guesser……………………….those who lined up behind her get one of these badges for guessing correctly but not being first:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of January 14, 2020 BUT I was not first. Maybe next week???!

And if you guessed where the Teaser photo was from BUT were WRONG WRONG WRONG with your guess??????????   Well, you STILL get a fabulous “door prize” (haha) – a badge for guessing WRONG!   Help yourself to one of these:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 14, 2020….how awful is THAT?!?!?!

WOO HOO – we thought for sure NOBODY would get the Teaser this week but obviously we were WRONG too.

Cheer Team?    If you’re still speaking to us, please give us your cheer for all of these winners today……………..

You’re making it tough on your cheer team
We might demand a bottle of Jim Beam
But in spite of all the names
Our amazing talent remains the same
Our First Commenters we had FOUR
That’s happened here before!
Janet, Timmy, Sharon and Katty the FAB FOUR
You ALL got badges like you’ve had before!
Then along came Miss Csilla who was guessed RIGHT FIRST today
For her we are happy and we just wanna say
WOO HOO STUDENTS you’re all just swell
If you do this to us again next week may you all go to……um…..heaven!!!!!!

Gosh girls…………………..we’re SPEECHLESS!

Very impressive cheer ladies…..I’m not sure I understand all of it though!

Trust me Herman, you’re not old enough to understand all of it.

So all the awards have been awarded and it’s time for us to head off to the cafeteria where Miss Dingleberry and company await us………………………bring your appetites and your school books because from lunch you get to go HOME – buses will be waiting for you.

OK STUDENTS!!!  Let’s EAT !!!!

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All aboard for home students!   See you next Tuesday!    Your Professors:  Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tuesday Time!


It’s HERE!    TUESDAY!   Have you commented yet???  You better do that NOW!

I have just received word from our fabulous Security Team that we are all secure and officially cleared for class to begin today………………..a big hand (or paw) to Clowie and her team for making sure all is well on campus!

We’ve “gotcha covered” Ding Dong School Class !!  

We’re here to have some fun with our regular Tuesday class where we get eyestrain looking at a photo that was taken SOMEWHERE by SOMEONE and we have to figure out WHERE!    It’s a challenge most weeks and this week we have a photo from one of our students instead of our Graphics Department (she gets a break).

Here are the rules for our fun – AND our badges that you just might win if you’re lucky.

(grumble…grumble…..I’m still sleepy – not ready for rules yet!!!!)

AND here are the lovely WINTERIZED badges you might just find yourselves winning one or more of !


I like it when we have NEW badges to win!!!!

Are you ready for the photo for today?   Please remember the rules – use your brain to figure it out – it’s more fun AND you learn more that way.

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

How’s this for a Toughie students?     I love this photo…………………good luck figuring out WHERE it was taken………………………….!    This one just might take a lot of figuring out – we love a challenge right students??????????????????

WOW……..this is really hard stuff…….I don’t wanna disappoint my parents…….I’ll try hard I pawmise!

Perhaps if the Cheer Team does their thing they will inspire everyone to do their best to figure this tough Teaser out………………..

Nice badges for you lucky students
We think doing your best might be prudent
The Professors expect great things from this group
So show them you’re a very smart troup!
We can tell you that we think this one is ROUGH
But we’re sure someone will get it – you’re TOUGH!
Ready, set, go for our lunch…..
Some good stuff for our tummies we’ll munch!!!

Alright little darlings – shall we adjourn to the lunch room while you think about this one?   Then you can come back to the classroom and get down to work guessing.   Tomorrow we’ll TELL ALL……………..

Welcome to the cafeteria students…………..belly up to the bar lunch line with your tray and choose something delicious so you can go back to class and get the TEASER correctly !!!!   

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See you in class at regular time tomorrow students and GOOD LUCK!   

Your Professors



Teaser Tell All Time!


HooooHaaaaaa…..HERE WE ARE – Time to Tell!

Hello students……………you all look perky and ready for class this morning.    We sure had a BANNER class yesterday – we posted later than usual – after 8AM our time in face – but seems more people are AWAKE AND ALERT than we thought at that hour because we had A BIG CLASS!

I was here!

I was here too – I had a wet diaper but I was here.

Well we aren’t in charge of diapers here – just Teasers, and we had a full class yesterday and as a result, we had a LOT of winners.

Let’s start off by telling you about FIRST COMMENTERS……………………………………



Yes indeed and those lucky four are:



Each of you four winners get to copy the badge below for your very own!!!

I was one of FOUR (yes I said FOUR) First Commenters on the Teaser of January 7, 2020!

THEN…………………we patiently waited to see who would guess the Teaser photo right………………..we thought our Graphics Department had found a really difficult TEASER PHOTO for this week but we’re not so sure they (I mean she) did.    Here’s the photo we gave you:

We didn’t think there were many clues in this photo but of course all you had to do (sort of) is google “long covered bridges” and eventually you might have found this photo……..where is this cool bridge?????

It is Groveton Covered Bridge over the Ammanoosuc River in Northumberland, New Hampshire!

Wanna know now who was the FIRST to guess correctly?

Drumroll Please!

TIMMY TOMCAT – a double winner today !!


I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of January 7, 2020!!! YAY FOR ME!


In fact, there were a BUNCH of classmates who guessed this one RIGHT ON…………………………were you one of them?   If you were you get one of these!

Know what? I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of January 7, 2020 but I wasn’t first so I got this badge – pretty cool huh????

And even those of you who guessed but were WRONG get a badge………………..we are an equal opportunity badge class here you know!   One of these is all yours if you were WRONG:

Waaaaah! I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 7, 2020 but watch out next week!!!

Our Cheer Team will belt out their Cheer for all of you which I might add was a challenge considering we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS this week.   No doubt they will complain it took too long to write the cheer but we can simply ignore the complaints like we usually do class……………..HAHA

Four First Commenters was a lot of work
We think free lunch should be our special perk
Anyway, the four fasties were Tommy, Janet, Mimi and Sharon
The rest of you students probably aren’t carin’ !
But you would have won a badge if you’d been FAST
Sadly you oversleepers’ fate was already cast!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was a familiar guy
He’s often right and that’s no lie
Timmy Tomcat guessed right first
Everyone else must have been cursed.
There’s always next week so you’d better get busy
Prove to the Profs you’re smart and not just dizzy!

Give yourselves a cheer class – you did good this week!


Now who’s up for lunch????????????????????????   Let’s go eat!     See you all next week……………………more Teaser fun coming your way!

Time to chow down class!   Enjoy lunch………………!

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All aboard for home!   See you next week students……….YOUR PROFESSORS

Teaser Tell All New Years Day



I bet some of you are still recovering from your New Year’s Eve fun OR maybe you even stopped by class on your way home from your New Year’s Eve fun?     Well you will be happy to hear that because we know you’d rather all be home in BED we will have a short class today.    Long enough to give you info on the Teaser photo and tell you WHO WON WHAT!

Yeah I partied all night and I’m getting..yawn…sleepy!

Me too – I need coffee!

OK – well, we get the message – let’s move on and let you know FIRST of all who was our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday!

Drumroll Please!

We had THREE First Commenters and one of them was a First Commenter for the THIRD week in a row!   That was Timmy!   AND joining him:  Sharon of Friends Furever and Csilla of Kolytyi !!


You all get one of these!!!   Special congratulations to Timmy for a “THREEBIE” !   (and by the way, Miss Sharon has TWO in a row so she is up for a THREEBIE next Tuesday)

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the New Year’s Eve Teaser!!!

Say – that Timmy guy is cute….wonder if he’d like to date a chihuahua chick??

Here’s the photo from yesterday AND the details on it – THEN we’ll let you know who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………….

This my friends is the Palais de Stormont which is now the Belfast, Ireland Parliament Building (Northern Ireland Assembly).     WOW…….formal looking joint isn’t it.  And it’s a palace but looks more like it found its’ calling being a government building doesn’t it!     It’s got quite an interesting history too – if you’d like to read about it just CLICK HERE.  

WHO was the lucky student who guessed CORRECTLY before anyone else did?????

Drumroll Please!

CSILLA !!!!   

WOOO HOOOO Miss Csilla

So Csilla was one of the three FIRST COMMENTERS and also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of this Teaser!!!   For you Miss Csilla:

I was the First Right Guesser for the Teaser of New Year’s Eve !!

Interesting how things turned out this week huh?   Congratulations to everyone – and by the way there were others who guessed RIGHT and if you did you get one of these:

I guessed right on the Teaser of New Year’s Eve Day BUT I was not FIRST!

And of course there were some of you who guessed incorrectly – it was a bit of a toughie in some ways and some of you bravely guessed but were wrong – this is your reward:

I was WRONG with my guess on the New Year’s Eve Teaser….but I still got a badge!!

So there you have it – the first day of a new year and we’ve taken care of the LAST Teaser of 2019.   Next week will be the first Teaser of the new year.    WOW.    Time flies when you’re having fun eh????



Alright already – we get the hint – you’re ready to go home for the rest of the day and we think that’s a good idea considering your condition.


There are some exceptions to the snorers in class and we appreciate that but it’s time for all of you to get on the school bus and head for home and your beds.    We fully expect all of you to be WIDE AWAKE and ready to rock for next week’s Teaser though!


OK – grab a hot chocolate to go and a New Years Fortune Cookie and pop on the bus – see you next Tuesday.

Make sure the top is on your drink – no spills in the bus!

Hope your fortune is a good one!

See you next week!  HAPPY  NEW YEAR!!!   Your Professors


Tuesday Teaser Time!


Security Chief Clowie:  “Ok Crew – we can report in to the Professors that ALL IS WELL at school this morning!!!”

Thanks Clowie!  Good job as always……..now students – have you COMMENTED yet???

That’s always the first order of business after we have been told by Clowie that all is well in the school yard.   So if you haven’t commented – you’d best GET TO IT.    I’m assuming all of you are trying to win a FIRST COMMENTER badge?    GO FOR IT.

I commented as quickly as I could come in the front door of the school!

Good!   Maybe you are THE ONE this week Charlie!

Today’s Teaser is provided by our Graphics Department and over and above how difficult it may be to guess where it was taken – I think it’s a beautiful photo – so there (compliments to the Graphics Department).     Anyway, we will give you a reminder of today’s RULES and show you the badges up for grabs – we know you want one!

Next week is “THANKSGIVING WEEK” here and we will have SPECIAL Thanksgiving badges to give out even though Thanksgiving is not a class day.    In spite of that we will have a Thanksgiving meal in the cafeteria and celebrate a day or two early.   I’m sure nobody minds that right?


Of course there will be turkey on the menu!

Now let’s we see if our Cheer Team is UP for a little cheer before we see the photo shall we?    Oh yeah – let’s DO IT…………………


It’s “Pre-Turkey” Teaser time so give a cheer
Turkey, stuffing, apple pie – but will there be beer???
Today we have a pretty photo for you to study
No fair cheating though with your buddy!
You’re on your own to figure this one out
So straighten up in your desk chair and don’t dare pout
Tomorrow we’ll be here again to cheer for the winners
This guessing stuff is “old hat” for you because you’re NOT beginners!
Give it your best shot and get an award
You’ll be EVER so proud that you SCORED!!!

Thanks girls – well done………………..

These girls know how to shake their pom poms alright!

Our hall monitor will now bring in the photo for the week!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

WOW! That is a pretty photo!

It might be pretty but your job isn’t to critique the photo but figure out WHERE IT WAS TAKEN…………………are you all ready?    THEN READY – SET – GO!     Make your best guess.   Tomorrow we will return to find out who wins WHAT!

We Will Do Our BEST!!!

Now what do you say we head to the cafeteria for something to eat………………then you can either (a) come back and have a nap at your desk or (b) come back and figure out the TEASER photo!


I’m coming back to STUDY the photo!

I will come back and study too…..I’m no napper!

Hello Students!   We’ve got a nice lunch for you today – next week we’ll celebrate an early Thanksgiving but today – it’s “business as usual” with all your favorites.   Enjoy!


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Good Luck Students!!!!   See you regular time tomorrow……..YOUR PROFESSORS

Teaser Tell All


Ready for us to tell all??????

Good – please have a seat and we’ll confess.   We did warn you that it would be a whopper of a Teaser didn’t we?    One of those that really was just about impossible to figure out?    Well, we will let you know who sent in this stinker of a stumper but first we wanted to tell you who was our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday.


Sharon at Friends Furever


This is a special surprise for you:

As of time we prepared class for today we had NO RIGHT GUESSERS on this whopper of a Teaser……………so I think we’d better tell all of you who successfully STUMPED everyone yesterday!


The Queen of Stumpers was our very own Miss Jackie at Two Devon Cats!

This fabulous photo was taken by her at Lee Bay near Lynton, Devon, UK (near the Valley of the Rocks)

Miss Jackie, we have a badge for you to celebrate stumping the students!

Some of you made guesses – and if you did and you were WRONG you still get your badge:

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of July 30, 2019. It was a TOUGHIE!


Guess I didn’t study hard enough!

Don’t feel bad – remember nobody guessed it right – I think we ALL should adjourn to the cafeteria and drown our sorrows in a nice lunch – what do you say students?

Let’s go!!!!!

Sorry you all were WRONG on the Teaser yesterday but perhaps a nice refreshing lunch will help you get over the disappointment???????

What’s On The Menu Today?

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Better luck next week students!

We’ll see you all next week…………………..Your Professors

Pre-Tease Monday Class


Greetings Class……ready to be prepped for class tomorrow??

Actually we don’t do that much to prepare you – it’s totally up to you because YOU are the ones who examine the photos we provide and YOU are the ones who makes guesses.    So it’s up to YOU to do your best sleuthing and mystery solving when we give you the challenge in class tomorrow.

Remember – the post will be at a SURPRISE TIME so you don’t know when you’ll get notice that CLASS IS IN SESSION!     When you do, try to get here and comment because you MIGHT be FIRST COMMENTER!

I would SOOOO like to be up early and first to comment – Yes I would!

Well give it a whirl Prudence – you might earn a badge.   Speaking of badges, let’s give you a quick review of the rules for tomorrow’s Teaser class AND show you the badges you might be lucky enough to win!

So that’s the usual “scoop” on the Teaser.    Just do your best and that’s all we Professors can ask of you…………….!

Our Cheer Team can cheer you up a little too if that will help inspire you for tomorrow……………..Girls????

Are you all ready for the Teaser tomorrow morning?
Remember it will arrive without a warning!
A surprise time means you can’t prepare
You just have to be READY when the notice gets there….
Then promptly to class where you’ll start the test
And with any luck, you’ll make a correct guess!
The photo could be tough or maybe easy
We can promise you this – it will be TEASY!

Thanks ladies – no doubt all our students are ready to rock n roll tomorrow morning………………

Did someone say Rock n Roll????

Anyway, I’m sure you all will do your best…………..

You’re DARN TOOTIN’ we’ll do our best……we’re SERIOUS students!

Yes I can tell that……………

I’m always serious when I come to class…..!!!!

Well all of you who are SERIOUS and ready for Teaser – how about following your Professors to the lunchroom.    It’s time for lunch and then it’s home to study and be READY for tomorrow morning!

I’m gonna study like CRAZY……but first – lunch!

Happy Monday Students!    Is everyone ready to have a nourishing lunch before heading home to study?    We hope there are some items on the cafeteria line that meet with your approval today………!    Eat Hearty – BIG TEST TOMORROW!

Today’s Marvelous Menu:

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See you at a surprise time in the morning !