Pre-Tease Monday Class


Hello Class!   We’re BACK!   Did you miss having a class last week?  

We’re gearing up for the big costume contest and if you haven’t sent your photo in – you still have time.   Until the 26th in fact.    Here’s the calendar again:

Remember, photo of you can be photoshopped or THE REAL THING if you’re up for wearing costumes.

I won’t be dressing as Sherlock for Halloween!

Today’s class of course is all about prepping you for tomorrow’s Teaser.    Remember first of all that the post will pop up at a TOP SECRET time……just be prepared.   Then of course we ask that you follow two simple rules:

Just study the photo and do your best…………you might be RIGHT!    We have badges for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, ANY RIGHT GUESSER WHO ISN’T FIRST, AND WRONG GUESSERS!    We also have a badge for whoever is our FIRST COMMENTER so when you arrive tomorrow – COMMENT FIRST then sit at your desk!

Tomorrow’s photo might be any photo from anyone taken in any place – how’s that for NOT giving you any hints huh?

Who needs hints – we’re so smart we’ll figure it out!!

We will be having some special Halloween Badges like the above only with Halloween “touches” to award Teaser folks NEXT week.    BUSY BUSY BUSY!    Our Graphics Department will be working overtime.

Now, I think you all would probably enjoy a cheer from the cheer team to get you pumped up for tomorrow’s GUESSING right???????

Here we are, ready to go
Come on Profs let’s start the show
We’re getting excited about the contest next week
We’ll be in costumes but you can’t have a peek!
We heard a rumor Miss Dingleberry will have a BIG SURPRISE
Heaven only knows what she’ll wear but I bet it hurts our eyes!
We’ll see you tomorrow and we hope you’re ready
Don’t go out partying tonight so your eyes will be steady!

OK Cheer Team………….thanks – you’ve definitely got us wondering not only about what you will dress up as BUT Miss Dingleberry is participating?   WOW……that ought to be SPOOKTACULAR!

That’s scary imagining HER In a costume…….!

Speaking of her, how about we head to the cafeteria for lunch????

My costume will be a complete surprise – I’m not giving hints PERIOD.    I can give you a hint about lunch today though – IT’S GOOD!!!!   Form a neat line and don’t use your silverware on your tray like a drum!  


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See you tomorrow………Your Profs

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      • Something smells lovely! We’ve just followed your recipe and put a Crumbly Pumpkin Bread in the oven about 10 minutes ago. The batter looked amazing, but we weren’t too sure about our topping! We hoped it would improve when cooked – we peeped through the glass door and it’s starting to look better already. Only about an hour to wait…


          • I was only allowed the tiniest morsel, as they tell me that sugar is bad for me. It was wonderful!

            The loaf seems to be shrinking rapidly! (The bipeds don’t follow their own advice about sugar consumption!) 😀


          • HAHAHA…well your bipeds are right – sugar isn’t good for us so I don’t get any other than in infinitesimal morsels. It’s just so darn yummy – Mom makes biscotti every week and is thinking of switching to a loaf of this every week instead!

            Hugs, Teddy


  1. oh your pawrents insprired miss dingleberry to that tasty menu, right? we are ready fur tomorrow and we are prepared for howl-o-ween… are our pictures in your mail box or was the aol gremlin active again?


    • Hi gang! I guess the AOL GREMLIN decided to keep your photos because we did not get them! I double checked in our spam folder just in case and NOPE – nothing. Please resend? Can’t wait to see your costumes boys – no doubt your creative Mama came up with something amazing…….right?

      Hugs, Teddy
      p.s. Teaser is not going to be MAINE, USA (haha)


  2. I will be here in the morning and hope that I am not getting breakfast, snoozing, using the peep version of the litter box, surfing da web, or watching Tater Tot at Kitkat Playroom! The fish platter looks very good to me. I don’t know why but I have been craving seafood lately. It’s not like I didn’t get enough of it while “the kids” were here!!! Good Morning! It is 65 degrees here, can you hear my huge sigh of relief????


    • WOW…..65 is cool for Floridaaaadeeeedaaaa. It was THIRTY-TWO yesterday morning and this morning at same time, it’s FORTY-TWO. We might make it to 70 today though. Fall has fallen here….finally. Leaves are getting pretty, etc. I’m behind on the kitty-watching… the name Tater Tot so I guess I’d better check that out!!!!! So you haven’t had a Grouper SAMMMMMICH in a while? I think you need to do something about that ASAP! Grouper Withdrawal is not a GOOD thing.

      Love, Pam in Virginieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  3. I will be here…absolutely I will and mom too. Yeppers, we both missed the teaser Day. But now we are back on track and we LOVED the vacation pictures. Sure wish I could meet Miss Ellen and Mr. David. XXXX


    • Know what? We missed doing Teaser last week too. I told all the kitties at the kennel about our Tuesday Teaser and they thought that was a fun thing to do – Mom was busy in Maine with my Dad but even SHE missed doing a Teaser. I guess TEASER TUESDAY is here to stay! My parents always love meeting up with Miss Ellen and her husband………both the menfolk are DAVIDs !! Cool huh?

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Kismet you could always bring your own bag of birdseed to lunch – Miss Dingleberry allows students to bring their own…..might be the answer to any “ISSUES” you have as a result of HER food!


  4. Peep #1 suggested I dress up for Hallowe’en as a jar of marmalade. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? She even gave me a jam jar lid to use. Well, AS YOU CAN IMAGINE, I told HER what I thought of her stupid idea.

    FYI. We now have the beginnin’ of a jam jar lid collection under the fridge.



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