Tuesday Teaser




We are still having formatting problems with the blog so please forgive if it looks STRANGE – we’ve asked for help from WordPress but so far our problem with formatting remains.    BEAR WITH US – CLASS WILL STILL GO ON!!!!

Lemme know if you need me to “rough up” any of those WordPress people Professor Sammy!!!

Thanks Sarge………Assistant Professor Teddy and I might be calling on you if this goes on much longer…………………NOW, where were we??  Oh yes.   Teaser.   REMEMBER if you are just getting here, stop right now and make a comment on this blog BECAUSE you might be the first one to do that and if you are you win a badge for being FIRST COMMENTER (or one of them if there’s more than one comment in the first 60 seconds!).   GO ON – HURRY – YOU KNOW YOU WANT A BADGE RIGHT?   This one in fact!

Tomorrow on the TELL ALL we’ll let you know who was first to comment as well as who won all the other fun and fab badges there are to win today!

Did everybody study hard last night?   No TV?  No parties?  No sneaking booze from your parents’ liquor cabinet????????

HUH? I’d NEVER do that!!!  I studied hard!

NO WAY Professor Sammy and Teddy – NO WAY!!!!   I studied then went to bed early!

Glad to hear it – so let’s see how well everyone does.   First of all this is a GUEST TEASER………..and on top of that I’m going to give you THREE – yes THREE – photos for this Teaser.   How can you miss with that much help huh?    Speaking of help, let me quickly review the rules for guessing the Teaser!!

1.   When you make a guess, you must include in your guess the specific place where the photo was taken – what village/town/city as well as what state (if in the USA) or country (if not in the USA) the photo was taken!

2.  We ask that you NOT use any kind of computer help – like Google Image Search – to find out where the photos were taken…………that’s just way too easy – you don’t even have to use your imagination or your brain to do that – you just load up the photo and let Google find out for you where the photo was taken.  Please try to figure it out on your own – that means EVERYONE has the same chance to win!!!

Let’s bring in our fabulous Security Guard with your challenging photos shall we?

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Part of our problem today with WordPress is that I can’t make these photos LARGER so you can see them better!    I hope you are able to see enough detail to help you figure it out!

There you have it – THREE Teaser photos of the same place so use your eyeballs and your imagination and see what you can come up with!!

Suzie wants to add her two cents (or maybe $1.00) to the Teaser post – she hopes to fire you up and get your guessing juices flowing (sounds messy to me though!).

I’m strutting my stuff
Like a kitty cream puff
To inspire your little brain
Without causing any pain
I hope you can figure this out
If you win I’ll cheer you and shout!
Tomorrow we’ll see who wins
Maybe Sarge’s HEAD will spin?????
Bingo Bango Bongo
I hope your guess is not wrongo!

Lovely cheer Suzie……………..(cough cough)

I wanna see Sarge’s head spin!!!!!!

Here are the badges you can win if you are FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or if you GUESS RIGHT BUT ARE NOT FIRST, and of course a GREENIE if you don’t guess correctly PERIOD……………..

Now hurry up and get your guesses in………………..you know you’d like to be a winner this week right?     I think Miss Dingleberry has a little snack for you before you go out for Recess today and let’s just hope she’s able to give it to you with WordPress being such a pain in the tush!

Yeah, I’ve got a recess snack for you…..but it’s just cookies and juice so don’t get TOO excited!


Fruit juices for drinks – no sugary, ooey gooey junk like you drink at home – this is the GOOD STUFF!

THANK YOU MISS DINGLEBERRY!    Now before the blog blows up – we’ll say a fond ADIEU and hope that tomorrow’s Tell All will be formatted correctly and more easily.    This Teaser post took a grand total of two hours to do………………….CLASS DISMISSED!!!!

Professor Angel Sammy (Teddy’s eating)

Announcement!!!!  No sooner did we finish this post than WordPress SOLVED our blog problem.   Just pretend I didn’t say mean things about them OK?   I’m not about to rewrite the post so wherever I say something nasty, PRETEND it’s nice!!!!







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    • Miss Dingleberry snuck in a little HAPPY JUICE along with the fruit I think! As for your guess – it might not be crazy but we have to wait to find that part out in the TELL ALL!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Happy Teaser Tuesday,, funny thing, mom started work at 6:30, so we really should have been among the first comments, but, someone needed some extra cuddles and love this morning, so she was away from her computer, but the cuddles sure were nice ~Calvin~

    Liked by 1 person

    • We hope “someone” was happy for the cuddles since it meant you guys weren’t one of the FIRSTIES this week! We have THREE “Firsties” today…….. hope you get more cuddles (tee hee).

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Oh, Suzie, my little brain is inspired but also in pain! It must be a barn, but where? If I look at the rocks and the trees, it should be somewhere in the North. If I look at the beautiful greenish and blueish colour of the sea, it should be somewhere in the South.


  3. Good morning,
    Mommy’s wide awake and she does not have to get up for another hour. Must be the fall back thing. I, Marvelous, am going to guess it’s the cost in Maine!
    And I would love to see Sarg’s head spin! Do you think his hat would go flying?


    • Marv I think Sarge’s hat would fly AND his sunglasses would break! HAHAHA………glad you got to snuggle with your Mom for an hour this morning before she had to get up! Thanks for the guess too – maybe you’re right? We’ll find out tomorrow!

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. Sarge’s head spin? I hope I’m there! Mine would, if I had one of those chocolate chip cookies with bacons on it!!! I would love Suzie to cheer for me. I try hard every week but so far, my wee brain just comes up with visions of bacons. I wonder if I would look cute in pom noms at my feets also? Nobuddy would look as adorable as Suzie though in her cheerleader skirt.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katie I think you would look absolutely SMASHING in a cheerleader skirt and pom poms! Truly………..! As for Sarge’s head spinning – if it does, it will probably be because of something Suzie has done to him!

      Love, Teddy


  5. We are not even close to 1st, but we did remember that it is Tuesday. We haven’t got a clue, so we are going right to the snacks. They all look so yummy. Good luck to all who guess. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  6. I am glad Wordpess solved the problem. I have no clue where the photos were taken. And that is a great cheer Suzie. Those Hello Kitty cookies look yummy too. XO


  7. Sorry your blog server had some hiccoughs!
    And we are visiting…late of course…but well, earlier than sometimes. We actually have internet where petcretary is staying, whereas in the past there was none. Hooray! So in a lull we take advantage of it.
    No way to spend time thinking as to a guess for your teaser, but I do think it looks lovely and peaceful.

    Maybe since its quite rocky looking and coastal, maybe it *is* Maine this time round, MOL!

    Se ya later…much later…
    Well, since MJF and me, Pipo are in Michigan with pawppy, and petcretary is in the Toronto area with Dalton, how on earth are we going to all have a snack from your bounty…well, we will see how we can solve that…but they do look yummy!
    Purrs and wags!


    • You’re all spread out all over the place huh? Well you can STILL have snacks no matter WHERE you are so help yourselves…..maybe Express mail can deliver!! As for the photos being from Maine – sure looks like Maine to me but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow when the SCOOP is revealed!

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy we think we know where these phoe-toes are from!

    Manitoulin Island, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

    Thanks for the great support Sarge. We did not sneak any booze or nip and really studied and that is why we will have a cookie Miss Dingle and thank you Suzie fur a great cheer! Hey we thank Mr Security Guard too!
    Purrs dear friends
    Timmy and Family

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  9. I don’t know how those other two photos wound up in there…. I guess the Helper Monkeys slipped some of their vacation photos in your post while they were “fixing” things. But that middle one clearly shows the only prison ever to be made from a former motel. Yes, that was once a red Roof Inn, but now it’s the Lockup Lodge! Your five to ten year stay will include such amenities as maid service, free breakfast, and TV complete with all the local channels and HBO! With good behavior, tokens can be earned to activate the vibrating cot. And don’t worry… what happens at the Lockup stays at the Lockup. A true No Tell Motel if ever there was one…

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHA…It does appear to be a former VERY SMALL Red Roof Inn indeed. Nice they have free maid service and all the other amenities. I like the idea that if you’re REALLY REALLY good you can get a token to activate the vibrating bed……this sounds like MY kind of lock-up should I ever get caught need to direct someone there.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. SuzyQ
    WTG I’m strutting my stuff
    Like a kitty cream puff
    We are so late it doesn’t even matter but we say somewhere on the coast of New England!!

    Those Hello Kitty cookies look yummy
    Hugs madi your bfff


  11. I’m late! I was all geared up to be early but then it rained so we decided to go shopping for new curtains. That’s okay though because I like buying new things. It’s weekly shopping that I don’t like.
    I don’t think I have been to where the photos show. If it wasn’t for the first photo I would have said it reminds me of Norway. They also remind me of New England. I tried to zoom in for clues but the pictures went too fuzzy.
    I am glad that WP has got your formatting sorted out.


    • I think the photos are toughies because the area looks a lot like MANY places – tough to tell which is right! Hope you had fun shopping for new curtains – I’m like you – I prefer THAT kind of shopping over groceries BUT groceries can be fun too especially if it’s for some kind of special meal!

      Hugs, Teddy


  12. Bingo, Bango, Bongo indeed! LOL…crack me up you two!
    Kisses from your frozen friend in Canada xox
    In fact ! I think maybe Canada? eh? Like maybe Nova Scotia? Maybe Cape Breton? Have I included too many Maybe’s? LOL
    Happy Tuesday to my favourite dynamic duo xoxo Boomdee!


  13. MOL Don’t ya’ hate it when dat happens? MOL We almost did a nasty ’bout somewhere else today, but alas, they met our needs befur our posty went live. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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