It’s Monday and Time To Be a Spark!

Every Monday we all have a new “project of the heart” to complete……….thanks to Annie at McGuffy’s Reader, we do a little something for everyone ELSE which is to share a little inspiration – you never know who you might touch with your “Spark” !     This is a new Blog Hop where those of us who are participating share an inspirational idea, quote, saying – something that could light up a little (or big) corner of someone else’s life or maybe even our OWN.    All you have to do is share a bit of light with your fellow bloggers.   Visit McGuffy’s Reader by clicking on the SPARKS graphic and join up with the LINKY tool and that’s just the start of things.   All those little sparks that we add could brighten the day for someone – you just never know what a little bit of light might do for someone else’s day!

Here is our SPARK for today………………..I really do love this one a lot!

I believe this with all my heart……………maybe you do too?     Have a Happy Monday and be a spark for someone……………it feels better than you can imagine!

Hugs, Pam

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  1. Great choice! I love that saying. I remind the student teachers that I supervise of that concept all the time. Don’t wait for a perfect day in the classroom… enjoy the perfect moments and smile and dance your way through the rest.


  2. This is one of my favourite quotes. A song that has always meant something to Bill & I is one by Waylon & Jessi, “Storms Never Last”. This goes that quote. There are always storms in life. When storms happen, you cling to loved ones and you get through it. Thank you for Sparking. You are wise & wonderful. Hugs.

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  3. Oh! This is one of my favorite quotes! I still have the Gift that Nellie and I did of this quote (her dancing in the rain in her red high heels holding a red umbrella) as the background on my iPhone! I find it resonates in my heart (in different ways) each day!
    Thank You for choosing it!
    Love Barb

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    • Oh how wonderful it was one of Nellie’s GIFTS! We didn’t remember that but it truly is “VERY NELLIE” so we should have known. Great minds think alike I suppose…..I have always carried this thought in my heart too Barb…………..

      Hugs, Pam


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