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Tuesday Teaser




We are still having formatting problems with the blog so please forgive if it looks STRANGE – we’ve asked for help from WordPress but so far our problem with formatting remains.    BEAR WITH US – CLASS WILL STILL GO ON!!!!

Lemme know if you need me to “rough up” any of those WordPress people Professor Sammy!!!

Thanks Sarge………Assistant Professor Teddy and I might be calling on you if this goes on much longer…………………NOW, where were we??  Oh yes.   Teaser.   REMEMBER if you are just getting here, stop right now and make a comment on this blog BECAUSE you might be the first one to do that and if you are you win a badge for being FIRST COMMENTER (or one of them if there’s more than one comment in the first 60 seconds!).   GO ON – HURRY – YOU KNOW YOU WANT A BADGE RIGHT?   This one in fact!

Tomorrow on the TELL ALL we’ll let you know who was first to comment as well as who won all the other fun and fab badges there are to win today!

Did everybody study hard last night?   No TV?  No parties?  No sneaking booze from your parents’ liquor cabinet????????

HUH? I’d NEVER do that!!!  I studied hard!

NO WAY Professor Sammy and Teddy – NO WAY!!!!   I studied then went to bed early!

Glad to hear it – so let’s see how well everyone does.   First of all this is a GUEST TEASER………..and on top of that I’m going to give you THREE – yes THREE – photos for this Teaser.   How can you miss with that much help huh?    Speaking of help, let me quickly review the rules for guessing the Teaser!!

1.   When you make a guess, you must include in your guess the specific place where the photo was taken – what village/town/city as well as what state (if in the USA) or country (if not in the USA) the photo was taken!

2.  We ask that you NOT use any kind of computer help – like Google Image Search – to find out where the photos were taken…………that’s just way too easy – you don’t even have to use your imagination or your brain to do that – you just load up the photo and let Google find out for you where the photo was taken.  Please try to figure it out on your own – that means EVERYONE has the same chance to win!!!

Let’s bring in our fabulous Security Guard with your challenging photos shall we?

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Part of our problem today with WordPress is that I can’t make these photos LARGER so you can see them better!    I hope you are able to see enough detail to help you figure it out!

There you have it – THREE Teaser photos of the same place so use your eyeballs and your imagination and see what you can come up with!!

Suzie wants to add her two cents (or maybe $1.00) to the Teaser post – she hopes to fire you up and get your guessing juices flowing (sounds messy to me though!).

I’m strutting my stuff
Like a kitty cream puff
To inspire your little brain
Without causing any pain
I hope you can figure this out
If you win I’ll cheer you and shout!
Tomorrow we’ll see who wins
Maybe Sarge’s HEAD will spin?????
Bingo Bango Bongo
I hope your guess is not wrongo!

Lovely cheer Suzie……………..(cough cough)

I wanna see Sarge’s head spin!!!!!!

Here are the badges you can win if you are FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or if you GUESS RIGHT BUT ARE NOT FIRST, and of course a GREENIE if you don’t guess correctly PERIOD……………..

Now hurry up and get your guesses in………………..you know you’d like to be a winner this week right?     I think Miss Dingleberry has a little snack for you before you go out for Recess today and let’s just hope she’s able to give it to you with WordPress being such a pain in the tush!

Yeah, I’ve got a recess snack for you…..but it’s just cookies and juice so don’t get TOO excited!


Fruit juices for drinks – no sugary, ooey gooey junk like you drink at home – this is the GOOD STUFF!

THANK YOU MISS DINGLEBERRY!    Now before the blog blows up – we’ll say a fond ADIEU and hope that tomorrow’s Tell All will be formatted correctly and more easily.    This Teaser post took a grand total of two hours to do………………….CLASS DISMISSED!!!!

Professor Angel Sammy (Teddy’s eating)

Announcement!!!!  No sooner did we finish this post than WordPress SOLVED our blog problem.   Just pretend I didn’t say mean things about them OK?   I’m not about to rewrite the post so wherever I say something nasty, PRETEND it’s nice!!!!







Memorial Day Pre-Tease Monday


It’s a holiday!  No school today BUT that doesn’t mean we aren’t “pre-teasing” !!

We are definitely getting ready for tomorrow’s Teaser as always but tempering it with a reminder that today is Memorial Day – a day to remember.

After we get our business out of the way, I have a little picnic set up for all of you for the holiday……no, today is NOT about food, but a little food never hurt anyone right?  

Yesterday on the blog, Teddy posed for a very patriotic selfie – you probably saw it but just in case, here it is again!

Nice job Teddy!  

Now shall we discuss the Teaser???    Tomorrow’s Teaser is a Guest Teaser (no groaning now – I know you think they are harder than other Teasers but NOT NECESSARILY!).    So, just be brave and remember it’s all in fun.   OKEE DOKEE?    I will tell you WHO the guest was on Wednesday when we do the Tell All and we WILL be in class that day as well as on Tuesday.

Remember that the Teaser post does not go “live” until WELL after the usual time our blog hits the airwaves which is at 3AM, Eastern Standard Time.   It can be AT ANY TIME on Tuesday morning – makes it that much tougher for you to be on top of things!   That much tougher for you to win FIRST COMMENTER badges because you don’t know WHEN we’ll pop up!   Sneaky huh?   BE BRAVE!  YOU CAN DO IT!

First Commenter on the blog post will get this:

Yep – you can proclaim that you are quick on the draw and commented FIRST (or maybe you will be one of the FIRST because sometimes we have more than one comment during the first sixty seconds the post goes live!!!!).

SO, I guess I’ll be seeing all of you here in class tomorrow??????    Suzie’s on vacation too so no cheer from her today BUT she will be back tomorrow cheering her brains out (which shouldn’t take too long….hahaha).    Meanwhile let’s have a nice Memorial Day Picnic – what do you say????   Enjoy and – remember what today is really all about…………REMEMBERING THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED OR ARE SERVING OUR COUNTRY!

Our picnic area – pull up a chair and grab some food!

Burger? Hot Dog? BBQ?

Ribs, cole slaw, the works!

Watermelon tea

Gotta have baked beans right?

The devil made me do it…..just had to have deviled eggs!

A whole table FULL of desserts!!

Land of the Free
Home of the Brave

Love To All, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Pre-Tease Monday


Preparing for the Teaser

Yes indeed, time to get ready!

Welcome to Monday class!   Thanks for being on time today – that means Sarge is happy and if Sarge is happy we ALL are happy!    We are getting together this morning in Geography Class to prepare for tomorrow when we see the Teaser photo of the week and try and guess WHERE it was taken.    WILL YOU BE READY?


This week’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER again………..history has shown us that most of the time the Guest Teasers are the TOUGHER of the Teaser photos.   That means it’s a good idea if you get plenty of rest tonight before you show up in class tomorrow morning.    So no staying up late watching scary movies or reading books after “lights out” under the covers with a flashlight.  Just get some SLEEP.

However and wherever you sleep the best, that’s where you need to be tonight.    I know Assistant Professor Teddy will be doing that right Teddy?


I think we should call SuzieQ over to give the class and all our visitors a bit of a PUMP UP THE VOLUME cheer – she always gets everyone in the mood (that is if she’s not extra cranky anyway for some reason) by cheering her little heart out and getting our blood pumping so Suzie – come on in!

Tuesday is almost here!
We must face it without any fear!
The photo may really be rough
But in this class we’re quite tough!
After all these weeks of class
We feel quite full of sass!
We are used to Teasers so tough
That for others they would be too rough!
Not us though we’re ready, set, GO
So come on and BRING ON THE SHOW!!!!

Gee thanks Suzie – that was a great cheer and it had NO swear words in it, and no QUESTIONABLE or vicious statements – have you had a visit with your “counselor” this week?

Anyway, Teddy and I will remind you all that tomorrow the Teaser post will go LIVE at a time different from the usual blog post from us – it will be a SURPRISE time and it will be up to YOU to get here QUICKLY and comment because whoever is the FIRST to comment on the Teaser post will get this:

I just KNOW you want to make sure you get one of these to show off!!!!!!  

Then after that’s over and done with it’s just a matter of time before someone hopefully guesses the Teaser photo location (and that must be what CITY/TOWN the photo was taken in as well as what COUNTRY or if in the USA what STATE) – the whole thing.    You might win another badge if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or even if you aren’t first but GUESS RIGHT……and believe it or not, even if you guess WRONG you will still win something and that’s unusual these days when you WIN something for LOSING right?   Right!

Are there any questions class?

Will there be cookies tomorrow?

Well Rodney there might be.   Some of the student’s Moms occasionally bring cookies by for us and I never know ahead of time so there’s always a chance!!

Any other questions?   If not, it’s time for recess everyone.    No shoving, tripping, pushing, screaming, hitting, crying, using weapons of any kind out there on the playground – SARGE will be watching you.    Never mess with Sarge.


Angel Professor Sam and Teddy too

Remember, the early bird gets the worm! See you tomorrow when we go LIVE!

P.S.   Did you know?

Angel Nellie is having a birthday party today – she may be gone but she will never be forgotten – stop by to leave some birthday wishes for her – her brother Kozmo and little sister JoJo are throwing a birthday bash for her!

Click the above badge and you will be at the party!!   See you there – you know Nellie always LOVED a good party!

Tuesday Teaser



Class Is Now In Session!

Welcome to Geography class students……I know you look forward each and every week to the excitement of Tuesday classes when you can exercise your knowledge of the globe and figure out WHERE the photo we will give you to examine was taken!    Challenging right?   A brain exerciser right?   Well then let’s get started Okee Dokee????

Today’s photo teaser is a GUEST TEASER…….that’s right – someone has sent this photo in for us to take a peek at and see if we recognize anything enough to make an intelligent (or even semi-intelligent) guess as to WHERE it was snapped.

Before we get started, let me remind you that all guesses must be TOTALLY RIGHT to be counted for “First Right Guesser”…..in other words, I have to know just where the photo was taken – what city/town/location/state/country – Can’t say “On a Mountain” or “In A Tree” or “On Top Of Old Smokey”………..OK?    I gotta know how much YOU know about this photo.

If you are the FIRST to just plain COMMENT on this blog this morning – you will win this!

I was First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 6/28/16

I was First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 6/28/16

So comment then come back here and see if you know what the scoop on today’s photo might be!!!!

Now, most of you know that our Teaser Cheerleader, SuzieQ, has had some – well – let’s be honest about it – PROBLEMS with her cheers for a while now.   She can’t seem to manage a cheer without an insult about ME or YOU or any number of things – she just had to get a jab or two into her cheer or she wasn’t happy.   So, at great expense we sent SuzieQ off to “Cheerleader Rehab” where we hoped that this little “cheerleader gone bad” could learn the error of her ways and come back to us with a cheery attitude and LOVE in her little heart for the universe, thereby rendering nasty cheer impossible for her to construct.   This is the first time we’ll have a chance to hear the results of the rehab…………….I thought you might like to see some of the other staff at the Rehab center – and here they are…..starting with the Counselor who worked directly with SuzieQ every single day:


Counselor Grizelda

Counselor Grizelda

Then there were her Assistant Counselors:

Counselor Sweetiepie

Counselor Sweetiepie

Counselor Cutiepie

Counselor Cutiepie

The Rehab facility just OOOOOOZES “sweet” so we know it HAD to have an effect on Suzie.    So without further ado……….let’s bring SuzieQ in for her first “post-rehab” cheer!!!

Two bits, four bits Six bits, a dollar If you guys ever send me to that horrid place again I'll haunt you for the rest of my days and let all the air out of your tires and poison the water in the drinking fountain and blackmail you all with photos I took in the school shower of you and tell your Mommies about all the swear words you use in class......and.....

Two bits, four bits
Six bits, a dollar
If you guys ever send me to that horrid place again I’ll haunt you for the rest of my days and let all the air out of your tires and poison the water in the drinking fountain and blackmail you all with photos I took in the school shower of you and tell your Mommies about all the swear words you use in class……and…..

WHOA!!!!  YIKES!!!!

Suzie, you’re WORSE than ever!   You may be excused from class and I’ll give Counselor Grizelda a piece of my mind phone call after class regarding her SO-CALLED rehab counseling!

Let’s quickly move on to Mr. Silver Briefcase who will show you today’s photo while I – er – um – pull myself together!

Here's today's CHALLENGE!

Here’s today’s CHALLENGE!


Get those guesses in…………..you know you wanna win a badge!   Here’s what’s for grabs!


I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 6/28/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 6/28/16

RIGHT GUESSER (but not first)

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 6/28/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 6/28/16


I didn't get the Teaser right on 6/28/16 BUT I tried!

I didn’t get the Teaser right on 6/28/16 BUT I tried!

So get to work…………….search your maps, brochures, old travel photos, WHATEVER and see if you can guess where this photo was taken………………….GOOD LUCK CLASS (speaking of luck, Suzie will need all the luck she can get to be in our classroom next week!!!!!!).

See you tomorrow for the handing out of badges – GOOD LUCK!

I'll be at my desk here in the front of the class tomorrow - I hope to see you there!!

I’ll be at my desk here in the front of the class tomorrow – I hope to see you there!!

Professor Sammy


Tuesday Teaser And……..More!



I’ve got LOTS to tell you about today including giving you the challenge of the Tuesday Teaser sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, what do you say we get on with it huh?

Today’s Teaser might be one of those toughies……I say MIGHT because I’m always surprised how you pick up stuff that to me isn’t a hint, but to you it tells the tale!    But as always, you must tell me WHERE the photo was taken – city/town/country/state OK?   OK!   Mr. Silver Briefcase – you’re ON!!!!!!

Wait a minute Sammy – did you forget something?  

The cute cheerleader?

Shake it - Don't break it! RA RA RA!

Shake it –
Don’t break it!

Thanks Suzie Q…..sorry about that!   Now, Mr. Briefcase – please do your thing!

Reporting for Duty! Here's today's TEASER!

Reporting for Duty! Here’s today’s TEASER!



Tough or Easy – it’s up to YOU!!!!!  Where was this photo taken????????

Remember, if you’re first to comment on this blog today – just a comment – not even a GUESS if you don’t have one, you get THIS:

First Commenter!

First Commenter!

If you’re the FIRST to guess the location of the photo shoot than you get THIS:

First Right Guesser!

First Right Guesser!

If you’re RIGHT but not first, you still get THIS:

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

If you are wrong or haven’t got the slightest idea, you get THIS:

The new 2016 GREENIE!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

See?  It’s a WIN/WIN!    Now hurry up and DO something!  I’m WAITING!

♥    ♥    ♥

Now, here’s PART TWO of my blog today!    This is something totally exciting………I hope you think so too………….

My dear Cousin Bacon (Pig Love!) asked me if I thought it might be FUN to start a NEW and exciting way of “sharing the love” we animal bloggers have for each other on a special day every year starting February 15, 2016.  It would be called Anipal Appreciation Day!   What better time to get together and share the love than the month of February.   Whether you are a cat, a dog, a horse, a bird, a bun bun, a pig or a human – let’s get together for a day surrounded by love.  Why wait for the could have, should have or would have after one of us crosses the Rainbow Bridge.  Let’s celebrate life now and let each other know what we mean to each other???   We will give “shout outs” to our pals – no set number of them of course – it’s all up to you……..tell everyone what’s special about that blog buddy of yours – the way they blog?  The way they care?  The way they make you smile?   That’s what we all call a “shout out” !

Here are the guidelines for celebrating Anipal Appreciation Day:

1. Post your Anipal Appreciation Day blog on FEBRUARY 15, 2016.
2. Title your blog Anipal Appreciation Day.
3. Put the badge below on your blog post for that day.
4. Give shout outs not only in the blog you write that day, but when you comment as well.  There is no set number of shout out’s you are required to do – let your heart lead you.  We are *not* leaving anyone out.
5. If you can, give your Anipal’s blog link so we can all visit each other easily and so your Anipals know you’ve linked to them!
6. HAVE FUN!  This is the most important rule – have FUN and share the LOVE!

Here’s the badge you can use for your post on February 15th:


My buddy Bacon came up with the rules and the idea………I designed the badge…….it was a “Joint Labor of Love”………..and we hope that you’ll mark your calendars NOW for this special day – the first one EVER.   I want to thank my friend Bacon for coming up with this idea……….I’m flattered he asked me to help him promote it and let me design the badge………now let’s see if we can make it a day to remember and let our Anipals know that the day after Valentine’s Day is THEIR day!

Don’t worry – I’ll remind you on Valentine’s Day that the next day is Anipal Appreciation Day!!!!

Sam Loves His Friends!

Thankful for my friends