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Teaser Tuesday


Calling All Students!  Report to class!   The school bell is not working today – consider ME your bell!  


Good Morning Class.   Time for Teaser.

Everybody find your place and let’s begin class shall we?   Did you all study last night????

I did!


SURE! I studied until my Mom made me go to bed!

OK – that’s great…………………now you all know the drill – we show you a photo and you guess where it was taken.   Easy?  Well, theoretically it is but we have some tough photos sometimes so it’s not a sure thing even if you studied hard as you could.

We’ll review the rules and what’s at stake today for you:

Badges available for those who earn them:

Now that we have all the BUSINESS out of the way.   How about a word from our sponsor (oops – I mean a cheer from our cheer team…..sorry about that):

Happy Tuesay students
Following the rules is quite prudent
We know you will do your best
But you must be better than the rest
If you win you’ll be in tomorrow’s cheer
After class we’ll take you for a beer
On second thought we’re too young for that stuff
We’d get sick and feel really rough
Perhaps an ice cream sundae will do
Miss Dingleberry can fix us a few!
Good luck everyone on the test
OR tomorrow will be a big PITY FEST!

That’s right Cheer Team……..no beer allowed.    Everyone is WELL underage!

Any beer found on campus and you’re in BIG TROUBLE – got it??????


Let’s bring our Security Guard in – he has today’s photo then you can get to work with your guessing.

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Where was this taken????

Alright students – get to work…….it’s up to you now.    However we DO have lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry so you can choose to sit at your desk and agonize over the photo OR take a break, eat some lunch, go outside for some fresh air then hit the books when you get back inside.   Your choice!

Alright children…….we have BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken sandwiches, BBQ shrimp and side dishes.  Be ready with your order when it’s your turn – I haven’t got all day to stand here you know!

HEALTHY drinks to cool your tummies down!

Good luck students!   Give it your best shot……see you tomorrow……..

Your Profs


Teaser Tell All


Peek A Boo!

Time to Tell All!     I think it was a very interesting Teaser yesterday……………..and after I tell you WHERE it was taken I have a link for you to look at with a little history.    Anyway, let’s get started with class shall we?

Firstly thanks to everyone who was worried about the Cheer Team’s sunburn.   They have promised they will NEVER go to the beach again without hats and sunscreen.   That was just not a good decision on their part PERIOD.   Secondly, thanks to everyone who offered to send them aloe – nature’s little skin soother – they actually are much better today (or else they have a lot of makeup on!).    They have learned their lesson – just like good students should.

Let’s talk about FIRST COMMENT yesterday!


Our First Comment staff was very excited when we had FOUR students in the first sixty seconds of the Teaser – so that means FOUR FIRST COMMENTER BADGES!!!!   Who????


WOW!!! An abundance of FIRSTIES!!!!

Yes we had four!   Kolytyi, EasyWeimeraner, Two Devon Cats and The Cat On My Head were sharp as tacks (ouch) and chimed in quickly yesterday.   Each of you may take home one of these of your VERY OWN!

I Was One of Four FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of April 24, 2018! YAY FOR US!

Let’s Give Them A Hand!!!!!

Well done FIRSTIES!

Now shall we show you yesterday’s photo again?    Oh yes let’s!

Yes please……I, Truman Catpote, wanna see it again!

First of all I want to thank my Mom for the photo because SHE provided it for us – technically this is NOT a Guest Teaser…..she’s not a GUEST after all, she is the power behind the throne here at One Spoiled Cat!    Thanks Mom.

This photo is actually a spot known by several names but one of the names is Berkeley Castle and it is located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, US of A !    Several of you commented on the colorful leaves and indeed in the mountains and hills of W. Virginia there are some pretty Fall leaves……….my Mom is familiar with this place – never been INSIDE of it, but has visited the town of Berkeley Springs MANY times with her sister, my Auntie Carol.   Auntie Carol lives just a few miles from this town.

My Mom on the left and my Aunt on the right taking a silly selfie!

Here is a most interesting link to this place – it has an unusual history and my Mom thinks it would be a FABULOUS place to take the Haunted House Tour for Halloween !!    CLICK HERE

WHO was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER????????????????????????????


Yay Miss Csilla!!

For you:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 24, 2018!! YAY FOR ME!

AND there were several others who guessed it right too so each of YOU get one of these to take home for your collection:

I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 24, 2018! DARN!

AND of course if you guessed but were WRONG, you get a Greenie…………lucky you!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of April 24, 2018 but at least I TRIED to be right!

Now ladies, how about a cheer for your adoring fans/students here at Ding Dong School?????

No more sunburn for us
We left our hats on the bus
We were excited to be at the beach
Even though we turned DARK peach!
Four of you sure were fast
Commenting first instead of commenting LAST
Csilla, Phenny, Janet and Jackie
If there had been more we’d have gone totally wacky!
One of those four got ANOTHER badge
Which will be presented to her by the grumpy Miss Madge
Miss Csilla, you were FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, OH MY!
You got it on your first TRY!

Thanks Cheer Team – you knocked it out of the park with that cheer………………..

This one’s for you Cheer Team!!!

Miss Dingleberry thought that you all would like to celebrate today with a seafood buffet……………isn’t that nice of her?    She and her staff set up a BIG table in the hallway full of seafood delights so fill up before you head out for recess.    Remember to keep studying your geography books because next Tuesday will be here before you know it!

Eat up Students!   Seafood is good BRAIN FOOD for class!!!   See you next week…

The Profs……….Sam and Teddy

Teaser Tell All


It’s that time again class!   We will TELL IT ALL today!

If you’re “telling all” can you tell me why Miss Dingleberry won’t shave her mustache????






Well Bobby, I do believe that would be Miss Dingleberry’s PERSONAL business don’t you think?   We are only “TELLING” about who wins what on the Teaser today.    If you want to ask Miss Dingleberry that question yourself – good luck.   (***note to self – expect empty desk where Bobby normally sits tomorrow***)

Now let’s get going with Teaser info shall we?    Yesterday we had a FOUR WAY TIE for “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER”  (sorry cheer squad!)…………..talk about talk on the draw – we had four of you who were up and ready when we went live at 7:27AM EST.    Who were those peeps????





WOW….!  Congratulations All!  

Four of us were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of March 6, 2018! Phenny, Pix, Jackie and Timmy!

Then we moved on to the BIG EVENT – guessing where the Teaser photo had been taken!    Here it is for a last peek:

This is an aerial shot (no my Dad didn’t take it while flying) of beautiful Solomon’s Island, Maryland!


TIMMY (yes he also was a First Commenter!)


I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of March 6, 2018!! YAY FOR ME!

There were MORE of you who guessed Solomon’s Island – including Miss Jackie from Two Devon Cats who thought she remembered it and finally figured it out but Timmy had already guessed it – AND several others of you who guessed it right!   All of you get one of these for your VERY OWN!

I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of March 6, 2018!

And if you guessed but you were WRONG…………..I know it’s painful to be wrong but we try to EASE the pain with a badge for you anyway!   Help yourself:

UHOH…..I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of March 6, 2018! Darn!

Cheer Team – sorry about all the names today but you’ve done it before – and you all love a good challenge so give it a big old TRY and we’ll all be suitably impressed!!

Well this is gonna be tough
You guys like to play rough!
Your cheer team is very professional
Just ask the priest in confessional
We can concoct a cheer on the go
Without even stubbing a toe!
First Commenters we have four
You’d better NEVER have more!
Phenny, Timmy, Jackie and Pix
Next week there’d better be no tricks!
First Right Guesser of course there was ONE
Timmy is sharp and likes to have fun!
Lots of winners this time in class
If you give us this many names again we may have to kick some (expletive deleted by the professors!).

Thank you Cheer Team………….what can I say except…………..I hope we don’t have more than four First Commenters ever !


That was an epic Teaser……..next week we’ll try to have another epic photo for you!

Class will now be adjourned for recess and of course Miss Dingleberry’s fabulous PIZZA Buffet!


You all get to help yourselves to pizza EXCEPT FOR BOBBY!!!

I’m sorry Miss Dingleberry…you have a very attractive mustache and I hope you NEVER shave it!

Alright kid…..I’ll give you ONE MORE CHANCE so don’t slip up!



For Kismet (no it’s not pepperoni parrot food!)

Your Professors, Angel Sam and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


It’s That Time Again Class!!   BE SURE AND COMMENT NOW!!!!

Yeah I’m back – no split pants, no hot tub therapy, no yoga…..just ME and YOU so watch yourselves!

Mr. Sarge we’re glad it’s the REAL you. We missed your crabby face.

Good Morning!  Shall we begin?

Time for the Teaser everyone and I hope you all got a good night’s sleep, had a good breakfast to start off your day, and are ready to ROCK the Teaser this morning!!

Did you say ROCK???

Yes but not ROCK as in “and ROLL” – as in “do a great job” !

Tomorrow we will find out with the Tell All who was our FIRST COMMENTER this morning – WHAT?  You forgot to comment?   You’d better go RIGHT NOW.    We reminded you at the beginning of class but maybe you’re late?

We’ll also be handing out badges to FIRST COMMENTER(s), FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS and WRONG GUESSERS tomorrow.

I hope maybe THIS week I guess right!

We have a GREAT “Guest Teaser” for you today – and tomorrow we’ll not only tell you who won badges but WHO sent this great photo in for us to show you along with a link in case you want to do a little more “learning” about the photo.

Let’s see if our cheerleaders would like to come in and give you all a little PUMP UP THE VOLUME cheer to get you in the mood to see the photo shall we???

Are you ready for the Teaser picture?
Then turn on the bright light fixture!
You need to put on your glasses
Or we might have to kick some……footballs (!)
We think this one is rough
A Teaser that’s truly tough
So study it well my friends
If you win your UNLUCKY streak ends!!!

OK girls and BOY.    We are thinking you have inspired everyone in class to do their best and make a guess.

Well I can’t promise anything but I’ll sure try! I wanna make my family proud!

Mr. Security Guard would you please display the Teaser photo for today??

Where was this photo taken?????   Remember the rules for guessing:

Now, since it’s raining outside today no outside recess but Miss Dingleberry brought some lunch for you!   You may get a sandwich, cookies and hot chocolate from the buffet table at the back of the room and sit at your desks and study the Teaser photo or read a book quietly but there will be no TALKING – let’s keep things nice and quiet for those who will be studying OK?

….I study best when I’m asleep….

………me tooooo….zzzzz

Did you wash your hands???

Roast beef, ham, turkey!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!

Hot chocolate bar


Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser


I think I hear the school bell – we’d better sit down before Miss Grumpy Marge comes in!

I foresee some demerits coming your way if Marge hears you!!!

I heard that! Two demerits for you!

Hello Students……FIRST – a reminder to COMMENT – you might be FIRST!  If you are you’ll win:

Shall we move forward with class?   Good.   Just as a reminder to those of you who need one that the rules for today when it comes to guessing WHERE the Teaser photo was snapped are STRICT – here they are for you to tattoo on your arm so you REMEMBER!

Do your best – that’s all we ask.    We know how easy it is to have your computer figure out where the photo was taken but we think it’s more FUN to just plain use your eyeballs and brain (assuming you have those).

Gosh I’m the class dunce and even I have a BRAIN!!

Today we have a TWO-PHOTO-TEASER.     Two photos from the same place.   Maybe that will give you TWICE the hints or maybe it will be TWICE as hard.   We will find out today won’t we?!    If you are the FIRST to guess correctly where the photos were taken here’s what you get:

IF you’re RIGHT but you aren’t FIRST:

And if your guess is WRONG…………….well…………you get this:

Let’s get the show on the road shall we?


The first part of today’s “show” is special because Suzie and her girls have a big surprise for you……………

Holy mackerel look who’s here!
Bobby’s with us to jump and cheer!
We decided to invite him to join our group
He’s not only cute but he’s one brave troop!
So now we are four and we think you’ll agree
Bobby fits right in and suits us all to a “T” !
Flippity Flappity Foo Foo Flobby
Welcome to our new Cheerleader Bobby!

Congratulations Bobby and good luck – I think you might need it.

Let’s bring in our wonderful and “oh so efficient” Security Guard who will display TWO photos for your viewing enjoyment this morning – as soon as you think you know where this is, GUESS AWAY!    Tomorrow at the TELL ALL we will hand out awards……….you know you want one!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

IDEAS???  Where is this????

Hmm……this is a toughie!

Good thing I gots new eyeglasses yesterday so I can SEE the photos!

I’m REALLY concentrating!!

Miss Dingleberry made us a Mexican feast today.   Don’t ask me why she chose that but she did and I’m sure we’ll enjoy it.   Maybe she’s adding a little HEAT to our diet since it’s colder than cold outside?     I would still suggest you NOT add any extra hot sauce.    You might have ISSUES on the bus on the way home from school today!

I’ll bring some extra toilet paper wiff us on the bus home!



**** and good luck on the ride home today on the bus ****

Tuesday Teaser




We are still having formatting problems with the blog so please forgive if it looks STRANGE – we’ve asked for help from WordPress but so far our problem with formatting remains.    BEAR WITH US – CLASS WILL STILL GO ON!!!!

Lemme know if you need me to “rough up” any of those WordPress people Professor Sammy!!!

Thanks Sarge………Assistant Professor Teddy and I might be calling on you if this goes on much longer…………………NOW, where were we??  Oh yes.   Teaser.   REMEMBER if you are just getting here, stop right now and make a comment on this blog BECAUSE you might be the first one to do that and if you are you win a badge for being FIRST COMMENTER (or one of them if there’s more than one comment in the first 60 seconds!).   GO ON – HURRY – YOU KNOW YOU WANT A BADGE RIGHT?   This one in fact!

Tomorrow on the TELL ALL we’ll let you know who was first to comment as well as who won all the other fun and fab badges there are to win today!

Did everybody study hard last night?   No TV?  No parties?  No sneaking booze from your parents’ liquor cabinet????????

HUH? I’d NEVER do that!!!  I studied hard!

NO WAY Professor Sammy and Teddy – NO WAY!!!!   I studied then went to bed early!

Glad to hear it – so let’s see how well everyone does.   First of all this is a GUEST TEASER………..and on top of that I’m going to give you THREE – yes THREE – photos for this Teaser.   How can you miss with that much help huh?    Speaking of help, let me quickly review the rules for guessing the Teaser!!

1.   When you make a guess, you must include in your guess the specific place where the photo was taken – what village/town/city as well as what state (if in the USA) or country (if not in the USA) the photo was taken!

2.  We ask that you NOT use any kind of computer help – like Google Image Search – to find out where the photos were taken…………that’s just way too easy – you don’t even have to use your imagination or your brain to do that – you just load up the photo and let Google find out for you where the photo was taken.  Please try to figure it out on your own – that means EVERYONE has the same chance to win!!!

Let’s bring in our fabulous Security Guard with your challenging photos shall we?

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Part of our problem today with WordPress is that I can’t make these photos LARGER so you can see them better!    I hope you are able to see enough detail to help you figure it out!

There you have it – THREE Teaser photos of the same place so use your eyeballs and your imagination and see what you can come up with!!

Suzie wants to add her two cents (or maybe $1.00) to the Teaser post – she hopes to fire you up and get your guessing juices flowing (sounds messy to me though!).

I’m strutting my stuff
Like a kitty cream puff
To inspire your little brain
Without causing any pain
I hope you can figure this out
If you win I’ll cheer you and shout!
Tomorrow we’ll see who wins
Maybe Sarge’s HEAD will spin?????
Bingo Bango Bongo
I hope your guess is not wrongo!

Lovely cheer Suzie……………..(cough cough)

I wanna see Sarge’s head spin!!!!!!

Here are the badges you can win if you are FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or if you GUESS RIGHT BUT ARE NOT FIRST, and of course a GREENIE if you don’t guess correctly PERIOD……………..

Now hurry up and get your guesses in………………..you know you’d like to be a winner this week right?     I think Miss Dingleberry has a little snack for you before you go out for Recess today and let’s just hope she’s able to give it to you with WordPress being such a pain in the tush!

Yeah, I’ve got a recess snack for you…..but it’s just cookies and juice so don’t get TOO excited!


Fruit juices for drinks – no sugary, ooey gooey junk like you drink at home – this is the GOOD STUFF!

THANK YOU MISS DINGLEBERRY!    Now before the blog blows up – we’ll say a fond ADIEU and hope that tomorrow’s Tell All will be formatted correctly and more easily.    This Teaser post took a grand total of two hours to do………………….CLASS DISMISSED!!!!

Professor Angel Sammy (Teddy’s eating)

Announcement!!!!  No sooner did we finish this post than WordPress SOLVED our blog problem.   Just pretend I didn’t say mean things about them OK?   I’m not about to rewrite the post so wherever I say something nasty, PRETEND it’s nice!!!!







Tuesday Teaser



Ye Olde School Bell Is Ringing!

Professors Sam and Ted are about to enter the classroom!


Good Morning Professors!

We’re ready to Tease Professors!

Good Morning Students………………..please remember, the first order of business is for you to COMMENT ON THIS BLOG because you might be FIRST and if you are FIRST to comment, you win this:

Second order of business is for you to get ready to put your brains in gear……….because we’ll be showing you our Teaser Photo Challenge in just a bit……………..!!

Please remember, when you’re guessing you have to tell what town/village or city as well as what state (if USA) or country (if not USA) the photo was taken in OK?   OK!     You also should NOT use any kind of online help figuring it out – please don’t use GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH or any other way to make your guess – just use your BRAINS!!!!!

I can also tell you that Miss Dingleberry has a snack for all of us before we take a recess break in a bit……………..I know that will get your attention right?

Well we don’t know if she’s made cookies or something else!

Shall we begin?    First up, we will ask our official Teaser Cheerleader to get you MOTIVATED – Suzie does a good job of motivation don’t you think?   Suzie – it’s all yours!

Hi Profs – before I do my cheer, I thought you’d like to know I invited that dog that you had as a substitute when I was gone. I thought she’d like another chance at cheering – you know me – always thinking of others…….(cough cough)

Today we’ve got a goodie
It’s HOT so you don’t need your hoodie
Take a peek and give a look
Stop studying your geography book!
You’d better not be a cheater
Or I’ll smack your little seater!
Just always do your best
Be BOLDER than the rest
You might be the first right guesser
Freak out our honorable professors!





Now Suzie be nice…….I’m sure she did her best………purrrhaps you should give her private cheering lessons……………………………………….or not.

Maybe we’d better move on – will our Silver Briefcase/Security Guard please bring in today’s Teaser Photo???????

Here’s this week’s photo Professor!


Here’s what’s up for grabs today in the BADGE REWARD department!    If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, you will win this:

If you are RIGHT but not the FIRST one to be right, you win this:

If you are WRONG – you really just plain guessed incorrectly this week, you win this:

So there you have it……………….today’s challenge and now it’s UP TO YOU TO MEET THE CHALLENGE!!!!!!

If your brains ache after hearing Suzie and her dog buddy cheer AND seeing today’s photo and having to THINK about it, well, Teddy and I are sorry about that…………..BUT we will let you have Recess now so that should cheer you up a bit and if THAT doesn’t do it, maybe Miss Dingleberry’s snack today will………….

I have all the fixings for a fabulous ICE CREAM SUNDAE…….no shoving or screaming or butting in line…..OR ELSE!

Thanks Miss D!    This ought to make for some happy tummies around here!!


Good Luck Students!  

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Ted


Our hearts are broken over the loss of sweet Phoebe from 15andMeowing as she joined the Angels after a long illness.  

We hope you’ll visit them and leave a message for her Mom and Dad…….we will all miss adorable Phoebe.    

Tuesday Teaser


It’s TEASER Time!


Thank you Sarge…………………..First order of business is to remind you that you need to comment on this post NOW for a chance to be the FIRST COMMENTER today!   You win a badge if you are first!

Second order of business is to remind you that you must guess the city/town/village AND the state (if USA) or country (if not USA) that is shown in the photo!   Telling me what planet the photo was taken on is swell but it doesn’t get you extra points!   (haha)

This is a GUEST TEASER and tomorrow when we tell you who wins what, etc. we will tell you WHO our Guest Teaser was and WHERE he/she/it took the photo!    Are we clear????




Excellent!  Let’s get Suzie to REV up her engine!

Rip it up!
Hey whatsssup?
Time to get guessin’
Cuz with my mind you are messin’ !
Want a clue?
Too bad for you!
I don’t cheat
But I’ve got cute feet!

Gee for you that was a SHORT cheer Suzie!    Thanks for getting the attention of the students though – you never fail to do that even if your cheer is SHORT!!

Mr. Silver Briefcase will you please bring in the Guest Teaser Photo that you’ve had LOCKED up all week so there would be no peeking or cheating???    Thank you!

Yes sir….here’s today’s challenge!


Now if this isn’t a TOUGHIE – I don’t know a TOUGHIE when I see one!    Not much to go on is there but I have FAITH that someone will “GET IT” !!!!!     Now get to work everyone and figure this one out!

If you are the FIRST to guess correctly, you will win:

If you are RIGHT but aren’t first you will win:

AND if you are wrong as wrong can be then you will win:

So, let’s go gang!   Put on those thinking caps and figure this one out – tomorrow when we have the TEASER TELL ALL, I’ll show you another photo of the FRONT of this structure – but for now – all you get is this BACK view…………………Yes Roger in the back of the room – you have your paw raised?   Have something you want to say???

Just that this is a toughie. I’d ask my brother back home to help me with this Teaser but last time I asked for help know what he said to me?????

Well hopefully all of you don’t have a brother at home who isn’t cooperative!

See you all in school tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!

Angel Professor Sam and Assistant Prof Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


School Is In Session!


No napping, throwing paper airplanes, spitballs, passing notes, cell phone messaging – it’s time to settle down for class.

This could be your big moment…  

You might win today!

But if you want to start out the day RIGHT – you can try to be FIRST COMMENTER – go on – go to Comments and say SOMETHING then come right back to class……….if you’re FIRST to comment (or one of the FIRSTS anyway) you get this:


Now class are you ready to settle down and prepare yourself for the Teaser photo?   Actually it’s a THREE FOR ONE type photo today – THREE photos of the same spot in the world and you must figure out WHERE the photos were taken – town/city/village AND state or country.   THE WORKS………OK?

Shall we start with our little ball of fire, SuzieQ?   She usually gets things going here in class and since she’s in charge of CHEERING for Teaser Class, I hope she will have an UPLIFTING cheer for you today – one that gets your imagination going and prepares you to view the photo and GUESS!



Your Cheerleader is HERE So you need have no fear I'm gonna give you a hint to make things CLEAR I can tell you this for sure Teaseritis has no cure But don't make me go insane Because the Teaser is NOT  Maine!    That's the only hint you get So don't you whine and fret The Prof doesn't like me to cheat I think I'd better have a seat!

Your Cheerleader is HERE
So you need have no fear
I’m gonna give you a hint
to make things CLEAR
I can tell you this for sure
Teaseritis has no cure
But don’t make me go insane
Because the Teaser is NOT Maine!
That’s the only hint you get
So don’t you whine and fret
The Prof doesn’t like me to cheat
I think I’d better have a seat!

OK Suzie – you almost got in trouble there with your HINTS but I don’t think you gave TOO much away saying it wasn’t Maine.   Although Da Phenny and his Mom probably had planned on guessing Maine, USA and now they’ll have to really STUDY the photos for their guess!

Mr. Silver Briefcase in the new uniform, please step right up.   Thank you for guarding the photos for a whole week.   You do a great job – say – how do you take a shower with that briefcase strapped to your wrist?  HMM?   Inquiring minds want to know!

'Scuze me Prof but my bathroom habits are not up for discussion!  Here's today's photos though (they got a little damp in the shower.....)

‘Scuze me Prof but my bathroom habits are not up for discussion! Here’s today’s photos though (they got a little damp in the shower…..)


Remember, these were all taken in the same spot……………………….WHERE WAS THAT SPOT????????????????????????????   If you are FIRST to guess correctly with full information, you will win this:


If you are RIGHT but you are not FIRST to be right, you get this:


If you are WRONG and absolutely CLUELESS, you get this:


SO, now it’s YOUR turn……………..guess away and when you visit me tomorrow for the TELL ALL you will find out who wins WHAT!!!!    OK?   OK!

Get To Work!


The Angel Prof……….



Tuesday Teaser


Ding Dong – School Is In Session!


Welcome to class students of geography!    We will be examining a doozy today and I hope that it might be challenging but on the other hand, most of the TESTS I give you seem to be easier than I thought they would be.   This may be an exception OR not……………so before we show you the photo may I remind you that whoever is the FIRST to comment on this post this morning will be our FIRST COMMENTER (or if there’s more than one FIRST in the FIRST minute, there will be more than one winner) of this awesome badge to display as you wish!


So hurry up and comment then get yourself back in your desk here in class because we’re about to show you the photo – AFTER (of course) our official Teaser Cheerleader whips all of us into a feeding frenzy about the photo so shall we commence?    Suzie?   Ready???

Rootie Patootie I know that I'm a cutie I'll rock you with my cheer Then let's go have a beer! Our Teaser today is tough Your brain will say it's rough But come on and be brave I know a badge you crave! Right Guesser not a Greenie Be a Kingie or a Queenie I'm cheering my best for YOU Now you must follow through Someone else is gonna win So come through the door and WIN!!!!! RA RA RAAAAAAAAAAA

Rootie Patootie
I know that I’m a cutie
I’ll rock you with my cheer
So make your guess quite clear!
Our Teaser today is tough
Your brain will say it’s rough
But come on and be brave
I know a badge you crave!
Right Guesser not a Greenie
Be a Kingie or a Queenie
I’m cheering my best for YOU
Now you must follow through
OR someone else is gonna win
Don’t be afraid – JUST JUMP IN!


OK Suzie – that ought to get everyone’s heart beating faster – and hopefully thinking about WHERE the photo we’re about to show you was taken – I MUST have the location the photo was snapped – what town or city and what country or state………..OKEE DOKEE???    Good!   Mr. Silver Briefcase, won’t you puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze come to the front of the class and unlock that briefcase and let the Teaser photo fly????

'Tis I......Silver Briefcase Guy with the photo for today!

‘Tis I……Silver Briefcase Guy with the photo for today!


Tomorrow in class I’ll not only tell you WHERE this was taken but I’ll tell you which of my fabulous friends sent the photo in and became our GUEST TEASER!!!     Now get the lead out class – start guessing……..the clock is ticking……….you know you wanna be FIRST to guess right because you will win this:


If you’re RIGHT but not the FIRST one to be right, you get this:


AND – if you’re WRONG – JUST PLAIN WRONG, you are getting THE GREENIE!



Tomorrow the post will go up at a surprise time – BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

Professor Sam, Professor of Teasology