Gettin’ In Trouble

Uh Oh...What Did I Do NOW????

Uh Oh...What Did I Do Now???

OK – we’ve all done it – at some time or another, we’ve either done something we KNEW we shouldn’t, or accidentally done something that turned out to be – BIG TROUBLE.  Am I right?  Well, you can tell from my Cousin Toby’s face in this picture that he knows he’s been a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD boy. 

I have to honestly say that the only time I’ve been in trouble was back when I was a little guy.  I was less than a year old and was still at the “wow!” stage – everything was new and neato and overwhelming – especially the woods in our backyard.  Mom and I used to walk down a path into the woods with me wearing my harness and leash.  I’d hop up on an old oak tree that had fallen down and it was fun to walk up and down the bark while Mom sat there and watched me play.  Well, not long after that she gave me a chance to try out NOT being on the leash/harness.  By then I was responding to her calling my name so she thought I’d “mind” her when we were outside together.


Well the day of the BIG trouble, we started out just fine.  I was right by her feet and only went off the path a foot or so in either direction……I was being ever so good.  Then I saw my very first chipmunk about ten feet off the trail.  WOW……something to play with that was closer to my size!  Off I flew – I couldn’t even HEAR Mom calling me back – nope – I had one thing on my mind – finding my new buddy.  Mom came after me of course but as soon as she’d get close to me I’d run off further……there were a lot of bushes and shrubs and weeds and brambles and Mom couldn’t get to me as I scurried along tasting true FREEDOM!!!  The closer she’d get, the further I’d run.  Pretty soon she had to stop – she couldn’t go further because of the dense underbrush but I sure could and I sure did……out of sight. 

Mom found a way around the brush that was blocking her way but I was nowhere to be seen by then.  She called and called but I was busy.  She didn’t see me and I didn’t see her.  She gave up and went back to the house to get my Dad so they could hunt for me together.  They couldn’t find me.   They hoped that I would remember the way back home and I know Mom felt just awful that she’d let me get away from her.   Honestly though, it wasn’t her fault – – – I was just being a wild child !! 

They sat on the back deck and waited with eyes watching the woods and sure enough – about an hour later – one tired, straggily looking kitty came out of the woods and they came down into the yard and we had a big HUG-FEST.  I was so happy to see them and Mom cried happy tears to see me………..

That was my last time EVER not minding my Mom… I recall it was quite a while before she trusted me off my harness again too!

LESSON LEARNED………….and we’ve all lived happily ever after. 

Have YOU ever been in trouble?  Come on – ‘fess up – tell your friend Sam how you got into big trouble…….you’ll feel so much better if you tell………… 🙂

Happy Thursday



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  1. Haha! I can just picture that in my mind. Mom frantically searching, calling, crying, emotions split between blaming herself and blaming you. I never let Zoe outside without the leash. She is much too prone to chase squirrels and cats. The tables have been turned on her though. There is a neighborhood cat that stalks her.

    Well, you enjoyed you moment (hour) of freedom.


    • Hey Uncle J…..yep – that was it for me in the “wandering” department. I’m happy to have my nice, safe home. But you know, as a little kid, I just HAD to go exploring – good way (as it turns out) to find out that there’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME! 🙂



  2. My goodness! What did he do?
    A friend and I were saying the other day that it would be great if someone could invent a microchip that also had a tracker element. As you know I have the Loc8tor on Not Cat’s collar, but if his collar comes off that’s that.


    • Hi Isobel! We don’t know precisely what he did while on his walkabout but he probably just sniffed, followed the squirrel, got distracted, dug holes, nuzzled around in the leaves and in general got dirty like a little kid would do!! He looked tired when he came out of the woods – we were tired too (of worrying about him!). Anyway, he’s never, ever done that again.



  3. Oh, Sammy, I bet your Mom was just worried sick. My mom would have been! About the only trouble I’ve gotten in is “talking” all night. I did that when Mom & Dad first adopted me. But I was just trying to figure out my new world. I’m much quieter now!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae………yep, Mom and Dad are glad my wandering days are over. Now I’m heavily into napping (as you already know) and the quiet life is my style. So you were a talker huh? I’m sure adjusting to living the high life after your adoption was a bit overwhelming…..”where am I??”…….”who are these humans??”……..”where is the best nap spot??”……….no wonder you were talking all night!

      Happy Friday!
      Hugs, Sam


  4. Hi Sammy! I’m glad your “wild child” walkabout was brief – I’ve never seen a squirrel, but I’ve heard they can be vicious…

    I have to admit that I get in trouble on a daily basis. I leave the refrigerator door open after looking for a snack, “overgroom” Kitty, break curtain rods, or start my day at 4:00am with a nice jog around the bedroom and over the sleeping human… It’s just part of my charm. 😀


    • You, my man, are a guy after my own heart. I was like that in my youth – keeping my family on their toes as I ran up and down three flights of stairs and wreaked havoc on all three floors. It’s what we do – it’s in our job description! I haven’t mastered opening the refrigerator though – not that I haven’t tried, mind you – just that we have a new one and it’s opening mechanism is a bit tricky. However, if I stand by Mom’s feet when SHE opens it, I can make a quickie grab and run. It works too.



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