Chilly Cat Ponderings

I Love My Yard!

Practically all the leaves are sucked up by "THE MACHINE".....a few strays....but after a breezy Saturday, there will be another load of them down I bet! Yippeeee!

So I endured the yard clean-up yesterday pretty well.  It was a little lonely out there when at last all the equipment was put away and I was allowed to survey the yard again up close and personal.    But I know there will be more….and more….to come.

Mom said yesterday that she thinks it might be time to get a sweater for me to wear outside.  EEEEK!  Just because I’m a little reluctant to go out in the cool mornings and evenings?  I ask very nicely to go out at one of our doors – Mom opens the door – I feel the breeze and if it’s cool-ish I just look up at her and give her “the look” meaning “can’t you make it a little warmer out there first??”…….I can’t help it if I feel the cold a little more now that I’m a bit older.   Good grief – does that really necessitate a sweater? 

I suppose I could get used to it though.  As long as she doesn’t get the bright idea to try some kind of booties on my feet.  Now that might be a little embarrassing.  A “manly” sweater – maybe a tartan plaid or dignified solid color – something that looks nice with my ginger coloring you know.   Mom says I’d be “cute” in any color but at my age is “cute” the look I’m seeking???  I should think dignified might be more appropriate.  Can a cat look dignified in a sweater though??  So much to ponder on this early Saturday morning.

Happy Weekend

Sammy, Sweaterless in Warrenton, Virginia




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  1. Good morning, “sweaterless Sammy”, Yes, I think you would look very dignified in a sweater. (Moms always tend to think of their “children” as cute, so don’t let that word fool you.)
    I’m glad I don’t have to worry about a sweater: I think I would put up a fight if Mom tried to put one on me!
    Have a good Saturday! Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae……yep – it would have to be a sweater without little yellow ducks on it, or flowers (eeek!) or certainly not PINK……we’ll see what Mom comes up with. Meanwhile I’m determined not to let her know I feel the chill when that door opens…..who knows – maybe she’ll give up on the sweater idea????

      Love, Sammy


  2. Get ready for the sweater, Sammy, if Mom is talking about getting one, she will get it and soon. I don’t think a sweater will make all that much difference in the way that you deal with the cold. When that door opens and you get a blast of cold air the sweater notwithstanding, you are going to be a little hesitant. I think Mommy just wants to dress you up because she thinks you will be “cute.”


    • HA! Well, Uncle Jerry – I AM cute so no wonder she might think that. Seriously though, I’m not sure she really will get a sweater for me but if she does, I’m going to suck it up and be brave and give it a try. Maybe….



    • Ah ha! I bet Odin looked cute in his little sweater…..and probably, if Mom had started this sweater thing when I was a little bit younger I just might feel better about it…..but at this point – I’m thinking – Naaaaaa. 🙂 However, I like to please my Mom…..if she DOES get a sweater for me I’ll be a good sport and try it. At least I THINK I will…….

      Happy Weekend to Layla’s Gang!


  3. Keep saying no to sweaters!!!! There is your dignity to consider here. Do Siberian Tigers wear sweaters? No they don’t. You have a good thick coat that you can fluff out to keep you warm when you go outdoors. A sweater would stop you doing that.

    Also, even a little extra weight can severely upset a cat’s finely tuned sense of balance as I discovered with the life jacket I bought Cat. It weighs next to nothing, but he wobbled when he wore it.


    • Thanks Miss Isobel……I totally agree with you and intend to tell Mom what you said about Cat’s balance problems with that life jacket on. I think I’d feel claustrophobic in a confining sweater…..freedom – it’s all about freedom when you’re a cat ! I showed her this afternoon that I can handle a bit of chill anyway – – – we were out on the front porch….her in her jacket and me in my fluffy ginger coat…..(she didn’t notice me shivering… 🙂 ).

      Please say hello to Not Cat for me!


  4. Oh boy, Sammy! Part of me thinks I should tell you to embrace the sweater idea because maybe it’ll be a cardigan with lots of buttons. And part of me thinks you need some help from our friend Mojo… Good luck and stay strong, Sammy!


    • Pedro…..I hear you….I have already been inspired by the Mojovating techniques and am – at this very moment – inundating my beloved human’s mind with thoughts of sweaterless trips out to the yard. I do love buttons though…..whenever my Mom has a shirt with buttons on and I’m in her lap I try like crazy to pull the buttons off. She doesn’t seem amused but it’s great fun for ME. Cardigan huh? Hmm…..perhaps there is room for compromise on the sweater issue.

      Your Bud Sam


      • Dear Sam, I hope my simple techniques have assisted you in creating the environment you desire, button & clothing wise. The technique works best with repeated application of cat on head during periods of deep sleep. Just remember not to cover the airways!
        Sincerely, Mojo.
        aka, the Mojovator.


        • Hey Mojo… swell to have you visit my humble digs here in blogville. Oh indeed I have been totally inspired by your mojovating techniques relative to helping our mutual bud Pedro with his climb (literally) to fame. There’s little doubt that applying your technique has influenced my Mom’s thinking with regard to submitting me to the embarrassment of wearing clothing – I haven’t even heard her mention the word “sweater” in days. Well, she did mention the word but it was only to ask me if I had anything to do with the loose yarn protruding from the arm of her favorite sweater she accidentally left within my reach on her chair.

          A Believer in Mojovation,


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