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It’s That Time Again!




Cleaning day at the Kimmell Hacienda………..

I have a new attitude about the noise from cleaning though – ever since the THREE DAY HARDWOOD FLOOR PROJECT, cleaning noise is barely worth paying attention to.   I can handle it.   I’m a veteran of serious noise now.   Don’t even need ear protection!


Mom and Dad will do their thing and I’ll snoopervise – I won’t be riding around on the vacuum like some cats and pups do though, just watching and waiting patiently.


I’ve been good about my toys…….as a sedate and mild-mannered senior cat, I rarely play with my toys anymore……but this guy probably thinks he’s found the motherlode of toys since his parents moved the couch!!!!!   Whapping toys UNDER the couch is a fun game – I used to do it in my younger days.


So, now that I’m so ADJUSTED to noises, I wonder if I can cancel my next appointment with my doctor?????



Hi Ho Friday


Hi Ho Remember the Seven Dwarfs and their song?  “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go……..blah blah blah” ????   Well, that’s the way Fridays are around here………I know it’s going to be one of those days when my parents are going here there and everywhere in the house doing the weekly housecleaning.   Hi Ho for me is “it’s down to the basement I go” while all of that noise and confusion is happening UPSTAIRS.

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

Wake me when it’s over……

The weird thing about housecleaning HERE is that it’s just me, my Mom and my Dad……………how much mess can three old folks make anyway?   They don’t have company often, they both are VERY neat (well mostly – my Dad has several of what he calls “command posts” around the house and Mom has to straighten those once in a while!) – so the house is CLEAN……….maybe what they do is “rearrange the dust” more than clean???  I don’t know……………I’m just glad when it’s DONE and I can rejoin the family out of the basement.   Most of you have told me that you FEEL MY PAIN because you hate the vacuum cleaner (although a few of you love it or don’t pay attention to it!).


I’ll get through today then tomorrow at Cat Scouts we’re having a big Winter Wonderland day – at a ski resort………………I found the PURRRFECT ski outfit !!!   What do you think????


HAVE A PAWSOME FRIDAY (without vacuum cleaners!)

LOVE, Sammy




Oh boy was it noisy around HERE last night!   Mom and Dad were gone for HOURS next door at a cookout then all of those folks came to our yard for fireworks…….tons of them……big boomers and little boomers and some pretty stuff too!   Then the real noise started just when all of those people in my yard went home – – – – just about everyone in the neighborhood began THEIR fireworks and there were more this year than EVER!



It was amazingly noisy.  Where was I during all of that?  In the garage………of all places I decided to hang out and feel safe during all the noise it was the garage I wanted to be in – not the basement or my tent!   Mom couldn’t figure it out.

So anyway, all of that is over with and to make up for putting me through that pure torture, I get EXTRA bacon this morning!  Whew!  I deserve it!



Did you have loud noisy fireworks where you are????   Do you have to hide when you hear all the noise or are you brave?!

"A Capitol Fourth" !

“A Capitol Fourth” !

I think I’m going to need lots of naps today – – – my usual sleep schedule was thrown off by the fireworks………….AND Mom and Dad not being home……….today will be a day of rest (and bacon).


Hugs, Sammy

Inside and Outside Monster Day


Hi Peeps!!   Yes I know today is Friday (duh)…….and so does my Mom.   No mistaking what day it is around here because THE MONSTER is already out of the closet and ready to do the cleaning thing here in the house.  But not only THAT, Dad has the OTHER MONSTER out of the garage – the leaf machine – so it’s an inside and outside cleaning day today.

What’s that mean for me??


Yep – otherwise the noise will get to me eventually.  My Dad is hoping this is ALMOST the last time he’ll have to do the outside monsterizing though (Mom too since she drives the lawn tractor that pulls the monster around the yard).  I just want some PEACE AND QUIET!

Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

Stop the Noise!!!!


I think today MIGHT be the day I find out if I flunked or passed the test to become a Bobcat on Cat Scouts…….am I nervous?  Maybe.  I am a troop leader you know, and I want to set a good example….what kind of troop leader can’t pass an advancement test???  I studied – honest I did.  Keep your paws crossed for me will you?   The Cat Scouts logo says “BE PURRRPARED” and I was purrrpared to take the test……


Mom asked me to thank all of you who made such nice comments about her lighthouse painting.  Wanna see some more of her lighthouse paintings????  Well of course you do!  (haha)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well gang, I’m off – time to buckle down and prepare for the onslaught of the monsters…………………I hope you have no monsters awaiting you on YOUR Friday morning like I do!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy