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Hi Ho Friday


Hi Ho Remember the Seven Dwarfs and their song?  “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go……..blah blah blah” ????   Well, that’s the way Fridays are around here………I know it’s going to be one of those days when my parents are going here there and everywhere in the house doing the weekly housecleaning.   Hi Ho for me is “it’s down to the basement I go” while all of that noise and confusion is happening UPSTAIRS.

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

Wake me when it’s over……

The weird thing about housecleaning HERE is that it’s just me, my Mom and my Dad……………how much mess can three old folks make anyway?   They don’t have company often, they both are VERY neat (well mostly – my Dad has several of what he calls “command posts” around the house and Mom has to straighten those once in a while!) – so the house is CLEAN……….maybe what they do is “rearrange the dust” more than clean???  I don’t know……………I’m just glad when it’s DONE and I can rejoin the family out of the basement.   Most of you have told me that you FEEL MY PAIN because you hate the vacuum cleaner (although a few of you love it or don’t pay attention to it!).


I’ll get through today then tomorrow at Cat Scouts we’re having a big Winter Wonderland day – at a ski resort………………I found the PURRRFECT ski outfit !!!   What do you think????


HAVE A PAWSOME FRIDAY (without vacuum cleaners!)

LOVE, Sammy