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Inside and Outside Monster Day


Hi Peeps!!   Yes I know today is Friday (duh)…….and so does my Mom.   No mistaking what day it is around here because THE MONSTER is already out of the closet and ready to do the cleaning thing here in the house.  But not only THAT, Dad has the OTHER MONSTER out of the garage – the leaf machine – so it’s an inside and outside cleaning day today.

What’s that mean for me??


Yep – otherwise the noise will get to me eventually.  My Dad is hoping this is ALMOST the last time he’ll have to do the outside monsterizing though (Mom too since she drives the lawn tractor that pulls the monster around the yard).  I just want some PEACE AND QUIET!

Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

Stop the Noise!!!!


I think today MIGHT be the day I find out if I flunked or passed the test to become a Bobcat on Cat Scouts…….am I nervous?  Maybe.  I am a troop leader you know, and I want to set a good example….what kind of troop leader can’t pass an advancement test???  I studied – honest I did.  Keep your paws crossed for me will you?   The Cat Scouts logo says “BE PURRRPARED” and I was purrrpared to take the test……


Mom asked me to thank all of you who made such nice comments about her lighthouse painting.  Wanna see some more of her lighthouse paintings????  Well of course you do!  (haha)

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Well gang, I’m off – time to buckle down and prepare for the onslaught of the monsters…………………I hope you have no monsters awaiting you on YOUR Friday morning like I do!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy