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Finally Friday


Whew……what a week.   Mom was busy most of the week with “STUFF”, and was busy whining about my medication and how nobody seems to be able to guess my Teasers any more and BLAH BLAH BLAH.   Well today is Friday and I won’t be complaining today – what do you think about that?


Mom and Dad will be cleaning the house but that’s fine – no biggie.    I’ll be hanging out in the basement anyway………….I need rest anyway because next week on the 12th, we have the FIRST Cat Scouts Jamboree EVER.   That’s right – EVER.   We’ve had other stuff like Quests with competitions between Patrols but a Jamboree?  Nope – this is our first.  We know a FEW of the things we have to be prepared for but not everything.   AND the Jamboree goes until Sunday the 16th when we’ll hike back home from wherever it is that we’re going (we don’t even know THAT part yet!).   OF course all of this is “virtual” and will be happening on the Cat Scouts site BUT we have to be purrrrrrrrpared (like good Scouts are) for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.    Mom and I are both nervous  wrecks.   I hope I do alright – you know I’m a TROOP Leader so I don’t want to embarrass myself now do I in front of all my Troop buddies????????

I'm a Lion Scout now AND Troop Leader of Wildcats Troop too!

I’m a Lion Scout now AND Troop Leader of Wildcats Troop too!

After the Jamboree is over, it’s just a few days before TURKEY DAY here………………..Thanksgiving means turkey which means leftovers which means I get to have some!    Mom and Dad aren’t always home for Thanksgiving – last year they went to the mountains to have “turkey day” with Mom’s sister and Dad’s brother and his wife………they will be doing that again this year but they come home the next day with PACKAGES OF LEFTOVERS!!!!!!!!   I do like a bit of turkey – how about you???

I made this last year to celebrate Thanksgiving - it's still "working" for me!

I made this last year to celebrate Thanksgiving – it’s still “working” for me!

So what’s up for you this weekend?   Naps?  Treats?  Car trips?






Oh boy was it noisy around HERE last night!   Mom and Dad were gone for HOURS next door at a cookout then all of those folks came to our yard for fireworks…….tons of them……big boomers and little boomers and some pretty stuff too!   Then the real noise started just when all of those people in my yard went home – – – – just about everyone in the neighborhood began THEIR fireworks and there were more this year than EVER!



It was amazingly noisy.  Where was I during all of that?  In the garage………of all places I decided to hang out and feel safe during all the noise it was the garage I wanted to be in – not the basement or my tent!   Mom couldn’t figure it out.

So anyway, all of that is over with and to make up for putting me through that pure torture, I get EXTRA bacon this morning!  Whew!  I deserve it!



Did you have loud noisy fireworks where you are????   Do you have to hide when you hear all the noise or are you brave?!

"A Capitol Fourth" !

“A Capitol Fourth” !

I think I’m going to need lots of naps today – – – my usual sleep schedule was thrown off by the fireworks………….AND Mom and Dad not being home……….today will be a day of rest (and bacon).


Hugs, Sammy

Back To Routine


Howdy!   Hope you had a restful weekend – I sure did…..nothing like three days on the Moon to wear an old guy out – I OUGHT TO KNOW!   Things are back to normal (whatever that is) and that means that tomorrow we have a Tuesday Teaser to look forward to……..WOO HOO……are you ready?  Did you miss having a Teaser last week or were you along for the Moon trip OR watching from afar back here on Earth?


Anyway, tomorrow we have a Teaser……….it might be a Guest Teaser or might not – all depends on which way I go because I have TWO candidates to post – I’ll decide later – after I have my dinner – I think better on a FULL tummy!

So be prepared OK?   The posting (in case you’ve forgotten!) will go up at 6AM EST because I do the Teaser later than my regular daily blogs….bring your eyeglasses….your maps/atlases/google earth (haha) and have at it.  Who knows, you might be a winner.

Which reminds me…..while I’m thinking about badges…..just in case some of you who went on the FABULOUS Moon trip forgot to download the “I Went To The Moon With Sammy” badge at the end of our trip when we landed back home and WANT to have it….here it is one more time!   I’ve seen it posted on some of your blogs (hug hug kiss kiss)…….what  memories we have eh??


I’ve picked up a pile of new blog subscribers thanks to the fun we had on the Moon so bear with me while I show all of them what they MIGHT win if they guess the Teaser photo tomorrow…………The FIRST CORRECT GUESSER (you have to tell me where the photo was taken – country/town/state whatever) gets this:


Anyone ELSE who does guess it correctly but isn’t the FIRST to do so gets this:


And all your clueless but still lovable folks who at least peek at it but haven’t got a clue OR guess and are wrong get this:


SEE????  Everybody’s a winner on Sammy’s Blog!!    I’m not just a pretty face…..oh no…….I’m a cat of substance……I aim to educate you on Tuesdays with photos of far away (or sometimes not so far away) places where you MAY have been or hope to go one day.   What’s wrong with that??

HAPPY MONDAY……………….I intend to continue catching up on my favorite activity.   It’s what I do best!



Big Hugs



Catch Your Breath Thursday


Good Morning Everyone!

Well yesterday was QUITE a day wasn’t it?  I hope you were here to spend a bit of time (or a lot of time) at my birthday party and if you weren’t here, you missed a beauty of a time!   We had so many people here, we’ve got a whole big cleaning crew here this morning so my Mom doesn’t have to do the “morning after” thing all by herself.   THANK YOU ALL for coming……I’ll never EVER forget my 14th birthday party.


Not only HERE, but the Cat Scouts threw me a big birthday bash too……I got lots of cards and special cakes there as well – here’s just a few of them!

I also got a LOT more birthday cards – some of them I can’t show you because they were “virtual” animated cards and they were FABULOUS.   I’d say I can’t believe how sweet all of you have been but then I’d not be telling the truth because I CAN believe it….I KNOW it….and I LOVE it !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But I truly AM looking forward to resting up today.  My Mom’s fingers are tired of whipping around on the keyboard so BOTH of us are pooped and in need of some “off the computer time”.  I see why people take a few days off from time to time!  However, I’m not – I’m always gonna be here but certainly won’t be having a party like yesterday’s often I can tell you that!  HAHAHAHA

Hope you have a wonderful day on this SECOND day of the brand new year………….I know I will……….I’m enjoying this “FOURTEEN IN TWENTY FOURTEEN” thing!!!   Perhaps I’ll enjoy some of the special food items some of you either sent or brought to me…….

Super Nommy!

Super Nommy!



Happy RESTFUL Thursday!