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Teaser Tell All and More


Time to Get The Scoop!

Hello Students – I hope by now you have managed to gain at least five or six pounds from all the food and treats you got for the holidays AND you’ve picked out your favorite “NEW TOY” that Santa Paws brought to you – because if all of that is true – then you’re probably ready to SIT STILL in class today while we tell you who won what for Teaser this week!

Too much food here…..can’t keep my eyes open!

I think someone slipped some caffeine in my kibble!

First we’ll begin by telling you WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER……………..but wait – that FIRST COMMENTER was also our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    That’s right – a double win!   How cool is that and what a good way to start of the PRE-NEW YEARS EVE celebrations.   Wanna know who it was??   Do ya?   OK!

I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017!

Miss Csilla – these are for YOU!   

It was an interesting Teaser day – we waited and waited and wondered if anyone was up early on the day after Christmas – or whether it would be a long time before someone commented – it was SEVERAL minutes indeed but Miss Csilla was here and then others woke up and arrived and before you knew it, the guesses were flying.    But Miss Csilla was FIRST!

It was NOT a Guest Teaser photo – Mom posted it – and we wondered if most would think it was European – some little snowy village………but in fact, it WAS taken in Vail, Colorado!    Some gorgeous place isn’t it???   Know what else?   SEVERAL of you knew it where it was……….here’s the photo again:

The other Teaser Guessers who guessed Vail, Colorado will get one of these:

I guessed RIGHT on the Christmas Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017!

And if you were WRONG with your guess but still gave it a try – this special Christmas Greenie is for you!

I was wrong with my Guess on the Christmas Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017 but at least I TRIED!

The Cheer Squad wants to honor the Double Winner with a cheer………………go girls go!

Miss Csilla you surely did it up right!
Seeing TWO badges for you is quite a grand sight!
You were fast on the draw and commented so fast!
Then you popped back with your guess – such a blast!
You new it was Vail in a resort oh so pretty
While we thought there would be guesses of some European city!
Congratulations to you from the cheer team at school
The Professors now know you’re not easy to fool!!
Rippy Tippy Too

Of course next week we’ll be starting a new year of Teasers……………Our BIG SURPRISE for you students of geography is that we will have class in a brand new school!    Miss Dingleberry and all the gang are going to still be with us there………..we will just have a “new look”.    Swell huh?

In addition to new surroundings, we will have – YET AGAIN – new badges.    New year – new badges.   The Graphics Department around here is exhausted because we’ve kept them designing and producing new badges on OVERTIME but we like to keep things new and interesting AND besides, new badges means you can add even more great BLING to your collection at home!    So make sure and keep on studying!

Studying?   What’s that? 

Well that’s why YOU are wearing the DUNCE CAP!    You obviously do not know what studying is!

We will see you next week Class…..we hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy


This is Pam, the Professor’s Mom – I wanted to share something with you all – some of you who are Cat Scouts saw this on the Scouts site before Christmas but others probably haven’t and it’s just so special to ME I wanted to show it to you.    Sammy was a Cat Scouts for several years and was the Troop Leader of the WILDCATS Troop – he (and I !) had a great time being involved with Scouts and when he became an Angel on Dec. 2, 2016 it was a sad time at Scouts AND for us as well.    He still visits Cat Scouts – as an Angel Scout – but when we went by Scouts on Christmas Day, we saw his picture on the front page along with an invitation to follow a link to see him telling a Christmas story – it led to a You Tube creation that the “Denmaster” of Cat Scouts (who runs the site and is the leader) Karen Nichols, had done in Sammy’s honor.    It is grand…….it’s fun……..it’s sweet…….but it made me cry as I “heard” my boy Sammy talking and telling a hilarious story.    It’s fun to see………I’m providing the link here if you’d like to hear and see it too.    My thanks to all Cat Scouts Moms who have sent me a note to tell me they loved it.   I wish I could take credit for it but the credit is Denmaster’s – her idea – and a TOTAL surprise to us!     Please enjoy………..and Merry Christmas Week!


Love, Pam

Tuesday Teaser


Shall We??  

YES let’s go for it and have some fun with this week’s Tuesday Teaser here in our Geography class!    Please remember the FIRST PERSON to comment on this post this morning will be our FIRST COMMENTER and will win a badge – this one in fact:

………..so hurry up and comment!!

Is everybody ready to begin class?   Sarge are all the students behaving to your satisfaction there in the back row where we usually have a little monkey business going on????

Well I did have a little problem with one student but I think he’s under control now Professor Sam!

Alright then we’ll move on.    This week’s Teaser is from a Guest.   It’s what I would call a FUN Teaser…………..I hope you agree.   Remember please that I need to know in what town/city/village and what state (if USA) or country (if not USA) you believe the photo was taken.    So be careful when you make a guess because I will need to know that information for your guess to be counted.

Let’s see if our SuzieQ can whip you all into a frenzy so you’ll be ready to guess………………….!

Here I be
Cute little me
Screaming myself silly
For every Frank and Billy!
Before you make a guess
I really must confess
I peeked at the Prof’s class notes
So let’s all take a vote –
Should I tell you all the scoop?
Make the Prof look like a poop?
No I’ll leave it up to YOU
And now my cheer is through
C’mon and be the FIRST
Or I’ll make you eat liverwurst!

Now that’s a threat that should put the entire class to work figuring this one out Suzie!   Good job…………………now Mr. Silver Briefcase could you please post the photo for us?

Yes sir….here’s today’s challenge!

Where was this photo taken?   Be the FIRST to guess correctly, and you will win this:

Be RIGHT but not FIRST with your guess and you still get this:

AND if you’re WRONG, you still get a little something for your trouble!

There you have it – now get to guessing everyone – the clock is ticking………and no it’s not a bomb – it’s a CLOCK and if you wanna win a badge (that isn’t green) you better figure this out ASAP!!!

NOW – I have a little announcement.   

Our Assistant Professor Teddy (who is my little brother) 

won some honors in the annual

Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby Car Race!

How cool is that???    You may remember what his vehicle looked like – the rules were that it HAD to have a cardboard box as PART of it and it needed to be a “creative” design.   In past years at Scouts there have been vehicles of all descriptions and this year there was a rocket ship, a jeep with horse cart, a rescue vehicle, a hooligan-wagon, and even a fire engine complete with a dalmation on board – AND many more.   So all kinds of vehicles were made and entered in the race.   Teddy drove a milk truck my Mom and Dad made for him – “Teddy’s Moo Juice Truck” !

He also looked pretty sharp in his racing gear!    AND we asked all of our blog buddies – THAT’S YOU – to vote for him because “popular vote” was a big part of who would win.   Also there was a GUEST CELEBRITY Judge who voted – the wonderful Jackson Galaxy of “The Cat From Hell”………….So the winners were announced yesterday AND Teddy won:





He tied with his good friends from The Cat On My Head for “RUNNERS UP” for the GRAND PRIZE!!!!!!



Thank you!    We TRULY want to thank each and every one of you who voted for Teddy in the contest………..it was sweet of you to do that and it made his little kitten heart FULL of love for all the wonderful followers we have with our blog.   We’ll let you know what the prizes are……….whenever we get them.    After all, YOU were a big part of why we won!

Sam Loves His Friends!

You are the BEST friends

Tune in tomorrow for TEASER TELL ALL!!!

Hugs, Angel Professor Sam and Race Car Driver Teddy

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Wedding Bells Rang

It was a beautiful wedding yesterday as Mauricio from The Cat On My Head married his beautiful Bride Allie from Friends Furever at Cat Scouts!  

I was honored to be Best Man…………..it was PURRRFECT!    This isn’t my selfie but it’s a photo of the ceremony so you can see how lovely it was:


Yes, that’s yours truly second from the left – ginger and grey look nice together yes????

Here’s my selfie……….and if you’d like to see some others, just click on The Cat On My Head’s badge below and visit – in fact, do one yourself and link up! 




Bizeeee Boy


I am the ultimate busy boy…………….truly.   Seems like every time I turn around I’m having to remind Mom of this, that, or the other.  Her February calendar already has more writing on it than days of the month are available to write on!   There’s always SOMETHING going on in the blogosphere isn’t there………….

The next item on my calendar is the Super Bowl.  My Mom used to be INSANE about football – even though the Washington Redskins have only had some brief “time in the sun” with successes, including actually having a good year THIS year – for the most part, she became just a bit disenchanted and quit watching every single game.   There’s a whole new cast of characters now on the ‘Skins but she has ALWAYS watched at least SOME of the Super Bowl.   She’ll be there with 87 bazillion other people this Sunday – believe me.

Partly because the Cat Scouts are having a Super Bowl Party and it’s hosted by my Troop in our fabulously comfortable Wildcats Troop Lodge!   Wanna see how I decorated the place for our party?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And I also got prepared for the Super Bowl courtesy of Hallmark which had a fabulously fun online gadget so you could make your own Kitten Bowl card – just CLICK HERE!     Here’s how MY card turned out – what do you think?


So I guess you might say I’m ready…………….ready to keep Mom calm on Sunday AND ready to be at Cat Scouts hosting a Super Bowl party……………….Who knew being a sixteen year old cat could be so much fun?????

I’m cheering for the Panthers!  

After all, I am a cat ya know!

Hugs, Sammy 


Pee Ess……make sure and stop by tomorrow – I might be quietly celebrating something or other…….. (tee hee)

Pre-Tease Monday



Are You Ready?

Oh I’m sure you’re ready…..you know you have a whole day to study your geography, your world globes, your atlases, your google maps – and THEN and only THEN will you be ready to tackle tomorrow’s Teaser.   I promised you an easier one and I will not let you down on that………..HOWEVER, I know you wouldn’t want it TOOOO easy – like for instance if I posted this:


I think you ALL would guess correctly on this one!

So, it won’t be that easy…………….I think you like a challenge so I’ll give you one but not an impossible one Ok?   So, tomorrow at an UNKNOWN/SURPRISE time, the Teaser will pop into your inbox so be ready.

Now, I promised you a photo of my Cat Scouts Derby race car for this year’s competition.   For the FIRST Derby race at Scouts my Dad made this FANTABULOUS car for me – complete with windshield, dice on the rear view mirror and EVERYTHING…….but I would not get in the thing and THAT was required in order for me to actually “be” (virtually of course) in the race.   I got a consolation prize though – I think because the car was so cool:

Cool but I wouldn't get in it!

Cool but I wouldn’t get in it!

SO, this year Mom and Dad made me a simple little car – nothing fancy – no doodads or cute stuff all over it – just a box with wheels pretty much………….and I wouldn’t get in it until Mom tricked me by putting some treats in it and I got THIS far in………..I’m not sure if this qualifies as “IN” my car for this year’s race but it might be the best I can do.   Some of the cars that are entered are AMAZING………after the race I’ll try to post some photos for you.   They are impressive and creative – mine is BLAH……………. SAMRACECAR2016-3

This is a slightly better view of my Sam-mobile – see?  No frills!


We had some snow yesterday – it covered everything but was very “light” AND an hour after it stopped snowing it was totally gone…….just like it never happened…….maybe it was a mirage?   Maybe it was a dream?   Who knows but I’m not complaining.  I kept going on the front porch and staring at it like “how dare you keep me from going out on my sidewalk!”……….seems that LOVE OF SNOW I seemed to have when I was a young lad has gone with the wind.

So I’ll see you in the morning right?   You DO want a new 2016 version of my Teaser Badges don’t you?   ALRIGHT!    Then it’s a DATE!

Your Teaser Tomcat, Sam


Achin’ for Bacon


No, I’m not achin’ – Not really – no aches here – I may have arthritis but bacon has HEALING power you know………so on Saturday especially I’m always FEELING FINE!    Mom didn’t let me down either – she made bacon and egg sammiches for her and Dad and for me?  I had bacon on bacon with a side order of bacon!

Mom and Dad had these

Mom and Dad had these

I had this.....tee hee

I had this…..tee hee


Seriously though, we did have a nice breakfast this morning which is preparing us for a great Caturday.    I have a busy day at Cat Scouts……..in fact the whole weekend is busy.   It’s always something there – if you have time on your hands, are a cat, and have a Mom who can help you have the time of your life (hahahaha), consider joining up.  If you DO join up, join my Troop – The Wildcats!   I’m the Troop Leader and I promise you we’ll keep you hopping!!!

Sunday at Scouts we’re celebrating the joys of S’mores.  If your Mom or Dad were ever Scouts, they know what a s’mores is………..two graham crackers with a marshmallow between them and a couple of squares of chocolate bar….then you hold it over the campfire and it gets all MELTY.   It’s like a little bit of heaven on a stick!  HAHAHA    Anyway, we’re having a “S’moresapalooza” and we’ll tell stories about s’mores, recite poems about s’mores, and EAT s’smores (virtually of course) so I thought I’d make an outfit to wear to the event.  What do you think???

OK.....I hear you giggling.....stop that!

OK…..I hear you giggling…..stop that!

Do I look good enough to eat?   HAR HAR – that’s what Mom thinks anyway.

Well if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to see if I might have left a few bacon crumbs around my breakfast dish.    You never know………..I don’t want Mom to have to clean up any messes so I’ll search for every last bit of bacon and be on my way!

See you tomorrow for Sunday Selfies!


Don’t Forget – SAM-O-WEEN Party with Costume Contest coming!  Get your entries in!  YOU will be voting for BEST COSTUME.   All animals all over the world invited to pawticipate – we’ll ship prize anywhere!    ENTRIES DUE TO ME BY OCTOBER 28 AT THE LATEST!!!!   Email me at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com.


Meeting Friends


**Pam here – Sam’s asleep and it’s MY turn to blog!**

One thing I read over and over on the blogs I follow is that without a doubt, meeting the people we “follow” in the blogosphere in person is almost always TONS of fun.  You know these people from their blogs so they’ve been friends for a long time but once in a while you get lucky and your paths cross!

On Monday my husband and I met the dynamic duo behind The Cat On My Head blog – the Mom and Dad of all those Kitties Blue we know and love.  They were not far away from our town on business and were coming BACK through this way so we decided to meet in Warrenton for lunch.    It was so much fun…….you see, not only are Janet and I friends from our blogs, we are friends through Cat Scouts as well.   Remember, Sammy is a Troop Leader and Janet’s cat Mauricio is the Assistant Troop Leader!

We decided when we discussed having lunch that it would be fun to have our cats with us (no – not our ACTUAL cats – the “Flat Cats” you’ve probably heard us talking about – a cardboard version of us that can be mailed/taken EVERYWHERE a bit more easily than a REAL cat).    SO Janet had Mauricio and I had Sam and we sat them on the table at the restaurant for a giggle – they had their official Cat Scouts neckerchiefs on too…….do I have to tell you that the entire restaurant thought we were nuts?   Do I have to tell you that we didn’t care one bit if they did?   HAHAHAHA

It was a lovely lunch and a fun time and even the FLAT CATS had a ball………we got to bring Mauricio home with us in fact.   The thing about “Flat Cat Scouts” is that our “Flat Cats” have been spending months traveling EVERYWHERE visiting each other through the mail.   We’re logging miles up as we visit and having photos taken of our cats enjoying themselves……….and whoever racks up the most miles is going to win a PRIZE.

Mauricio will be off in the mail today visiting another Cat Scout…………”Flat Sam” will be mailed out too on another visit.   I think the Cat Scouts are probably traveling more than most of my human friends have in YEARS!!!

Here are some photos from the past few days…………………I think you can tell it’s been FUN………………….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, meeting someone in person that you’ve known only “at a distance” on the computer is always fun………………this was no exception.  David and I enjoyed visiting with Janet and Tom AND “Flat Cat” Mauricio!

Mauricio is celebrating today before he leaves us – it’s his BIRTHDAY today – so we hope he has a SUPER special birthday trip ahead to his next destination.   Farewell Mau – bon voyage and Happy Birthday!



Hugs, Pam (while Sam is napping!)