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Keepin’ It Clean



BUSY BUSY BUSY……………….every week we have monster day and every monster day I help by staying out of the way and taking care of getting MYSELF cleaned up…………it’s the least I can do – giving myself a bath on Fridays.    While Mom and Dad are pushing the monsters around sucking up the dust bunnies, I’m cleaning between my toesies, taking care of my ears and face……and my  tummy of course……the spots I can easily reach.   Mom will brush me and take care of the others.


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Besides, I have a special reason to be extra clean today – it’s my Auntie Carol’s birthday (Mom’s sister) and I wouldn’t want her to read my blog and see a dirty cat!  OH NO!  Heaven forbid!   This is for you Auntie Carol (and I promise you I’m clean!).


It won’t be long now before July 4th celebrations…………….that means noisy fireworks…………I’ll be wearing my headset to keep out all the BANG BANG, KABOOM, SWOOOOOOSH BOOM noises.  My Mom and Dad will probably have a cookout at dinner time but at night – there will be fireworks.  They usually have a bit of a show in the front yard…….this year maybe just a few.  I am at the point where I like to WATCH them from inside the house though – that’s progress – I used to HIDE when they did them!   Are you afraid of loud noises?????   Mom thinks maybe because my hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, I may be able to watch without any problems.   Even though we live WAY WAY out of town in the Virginia countryside, Washington, DC always does a spectacular display down on the National Mall…………..a bazillion years ago my Mom went to that but it was just a mass of humanity and heat – our front yard fireworks are enough for us!

Well I’m off to begin snoopervising the cleaning…………cracking the whip – getting these humans MOTIVATED (sometimes that’s tough!).



A Special P.S.   A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Jan of Jan’s Funny Farm today!!!!!





Oh boy was it noisy around HERE last night!   Mom and Dad were gone for HOURS next door at a cookout then all of those folks came to our yard for fireworks…….tons of them……big boomers and little boomers and some pretty stuff too!   Then the real noise started just when all of those people in my yard went home – – – – just about everyone in the neighborhood began THEIR fireworks and there were more this year than EVER!



It was amazingly noisy.  Where was I during all of that?  In the garage………of all places I decided to hang out and feel safe during all the noise it was the garage I wanted to be in – not the basement or my tent!   Mom couldn’t figure it out.

So anyway, all of that is over with and to make up for putting me through that pure torture, I get EXTRA bacon this morning!  Whew!  I deserve it!



Did you have loud noisy fireworks where you are????   Do you have to hide when you hear all the noise or are you brave?!

"A Capitol Fourth" !

“A Capitol Fourth” !

I think I’m going to need lots of naps today – – – my usual sleep schedule was thrown off by the fireworks………….AND Mom and Dad not being home……….today will be a day of rest (and bacon).


Hugs, Sammy

Happy 4th!!



We live too far away from DC to see them but they're SPECTACULAR!

We live too far away from DC to see them but they’re SPECTACULAR!


Today will be a long day around here…………..Mom and Dad are going next door later for a cookout with friends, then coming back over here for fireworks and croquet……….where will I be?  INSIDE TAKING COVER!   Actually I’m not scared of fireworks so who knows – maybe I’ll ask Mom to let me sit on the front porch while they do their thing way down in the front yard.


THANK YOU so much everyone for sending purrs and prayers to my friend Raz’s Dad who had a cath and surgery yesterday.  He’s fine and will get to come home today after a successful “repair”……….obviously his family is relieved but so are ALL of us.   When something is wrong with one of us – it’s wrong with all of us right?   Anyway, HUGS to you all for your thoughts – I know Raz appreciated that.

Today the 4th of July is being celebrated all over the blogosphere but one spot where I’m involved is the Tabby Cat Club – with my friends Raz and Gracie and all of you kitties who are tabbies and part of the club.   We’re having a blast – you don’t have to be a member of the Club to see the photos and comment if you like so come on by to visit us HERE.   Now if you ARE a tabby cat and would like to join?  Please do!  We have tons of fun.


We’re also celebrating the 4th on Cat Scouts (I’m a busy guy aren’t I???) – with an all day picnic and a float parade.  Floats?  Yep – like the Rose Parade only with cats…hahaha…My Troop is called The Wildcats – I’m the Troop Leader and all four Patrols in my Troop are making floats for the parade.  I’ll share photos with you on Saturday’s blog!


Over and above these celebrations my Mom can’t help but think about her Dad today – he was VERY patriotic – he loved serving in the United States Air Force, which he did for his entire career.   Whenever he had the occasion to, he was in his uniform proudly saluting as the flag or a member of the Armed Forces walked by in a parade or at an event.  Maybe nobody else noticed, but my Mom did – often a tear would escape his eye because he was so full of pride when he saw the flag…..my Mom got that sense of pride of country from him.  Of all the songs written about the USA or celebrated by people in the USA, this remains her favorite:

GOD BLESS AMERICA (by Irving Berlin)

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.

Celebrate the day………..be careful…………have fun………..!

Your Pal, “Uncle” Sam (haha)