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Friendly Fill-Ins


Another fun Hop – this one lets us learn about our friends and that’s truly FUN. It’s co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs. Each of them gives us TWO sentences with blanks to fill in. Funny how you can learn so much about someone with just a few blanks filled in isn’t it?!?!?!   If you’d like to join us, click the badge above and find where the link up with us.    Then have fun visiting everyone and seeing how they filled in the blanks.

Here are this week’s four sentences……………..this week I decided to let Mom be the STAR…..she is filling in ALL the blanks!    Her words are in RED.

1. I am going to give my husband a bread baking cookbook for Christmas.  (he likes to TRY to make bread but it never turns out like he wants – hopefully the book will help!)

2. I sleep about 6 hours a night.   (sometimes a little more – depends on what aches and pains I have at the time!)

3. My home is decorated with things that make me happy – it’s not a “model home/don’t touch anything” kind of place – it’s a HOME.
4. Christmas music makes me feel festive.

Nice of Teddy to allow me to do all four sentences this week.   Something tells me it’s not something I should get used to though.     HAHA

Happy Friday!   Pam (and Teddy too)

Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday everybody.    Here we go with the Fill-In Hop co-hosted by Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing.    If you think you’d like to join us just click the badge above – it takes you to 15andMeowing where you can link up!

We get four sentences every week – two from each co-host and all we have to do is FILL IN THE BLANKS.   It’s my habit to sometimes share that duty with my Mom.   I fill-in when things are “Teddy-appropriate” but honestly most of the time, they are more easily answered by Mom.

Here are the four sentences we got this week – I decided that I could do them ALL BY MYSELF – Mom gets a break!


1. I love it when Mom says the word “treat”.

2. I know it’s time to come back inside when I’ve been out with Mom when she whistles – I come over to her when she does that!.

3. Others come to me when they need some unconditional love or some cat hair on their clothes.
4. We should never take friends, happiness, or good health for granted.   (alright – I admit Mom had some input on this one!)

YAY!   Another week of sentences filled in.    Thanks to our co-hosts for doing this every week – it sure is fun to read everyone’s fill-ins.    We learn a lot of stuff about each other don’t we?!

Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins


It’s time for Friendly Fill-Ins which is co-hosted every Friday by our friends 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.    Just four little sentences (two from each co-host) and all we need to do is fill in the blanks……………..easy right?   Well, it is but we learn a lot about each other and that’s where the FUN comes in!    Want to join in?   Click the badge above and link up!

Mom and I both filled in this Friday.   My words are in GREEN and hers are in BLUE!

1. The highlight of my week is Sunday because that’s my grocery shopping day – I love grocery shopping!!!.

2. Only about 200 more days until we have a little vacation break in Maine – our FAVORITE spot.     (yes I know 200 days is a long time but I’m already counting them down!!)
3. I believe I was born to live with my Mom and Dad – I am a very happy boy.

4. Age is no big deal for me – I’m only THREE!!!!.
There you have it.   Another Friday full of blanks and we’ve filled every single one of them!     Now we’re going to travel around and see how YOU filled in your blanks!!    HAPPY FRIDAY!
It’s EARLY Spring here – my favorite time of the year!!

Hugs for a Happy Friday, Teddy

DO NOT DISTURB!!!!   Shhhhhh!


Friendly Fill-Ins


Hello Hoppers – Happy Friday!    Time for us to fill in some blanks……………….provided by our co-hostesses, Ellen and Lorianne.   If you’d like to have fun with us, click the badge above and link up.   Share!

Here are today’s sentences………..two from each blog above.    I decided after thinking about the sentences this week that my Mom would be better suited to answering than I would.   SO, the fill-ins are hers and they are in RED!

1. I could live on a canal or houseboat.
2. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I get rather grumpy but just push through it and keep on going.
3. I would most like to be known for being a good sounding board and helping people get through their problems.
4. If you want love, you have to be lovable (!) and return the favor.

My Mom said #1 was easy to answer because she has loved the whole idea of living on the water since she and my Dad travel a lot – have seen canal boats and houseboats and think it would be fun to have one.    Maybe not necessarily as a full-time residence but a second residence perhaps.    Anyway, I think that would be fun too………..I’d have to wear a life jacket but they make them for pets!    Wheeee!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go ask my Dad if he’ll take me outside on my harness/leash.    We have a very pretty day – in the 50s with lots of sun – and I feel the need to stretch my little legs – not to mention getting some fresh air!



Spring is coming!!   YAY!    Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins!


Friday – time for Friendly fill-ins!    This is a Hop co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs and YOU can join us if you like!    We get four sentences with blanks and all we do is fill them in and SHARE our sentences.   Amazing what you can learn about someone you know (!).    If you want to join – click the badge above and do it!!

Mom and I both filled in this week………………my fill-ins are GREEN and Mom’s are BLUE.


1. Looking back, is a monumental project for me at age 71 – there’s a lot to look back on BUT I wouldn’t change ANY of it.

2. Chocolate is a treat I give to myself.
3. A new skill I want to learn is NOT running off if Mom lets me go outside without my harness – I’m a big boy now – I’ll be THREE in March – I’d like to go out WITH Mom and Dad but not be “tied” to them (the chances are slim this will ever happen though!).
4. One bad habit I want to stop is breaking my favorite fish toy – it’s in two halves and I like to bite it and pull it apart then hide the parts – Mom gets frustrated looking for the parts so I SHOULD stop doing that!!!.
There you have it – sentences filled in by me and my Mom……………..Thanks to our co-hosts we’re starting another year of filling in the blanks.    Even if you think you know EVERYTHING about someone – you usually don’t!    This is a fun way to find out things about each other.   Join us!

Hugs, Teddy