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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream??

Snoozing on the stairs

Just a little snooze after breakfast......

It takes a lot of fuel (and sleep) to keep an old engine running……that’s how I justify all my napping anyway.  I know in the scheme of things I may be just a sort of young whippersnapper BUT I am going to be twelve in a couple of months you know!  I guess cats – like humans these days – are living longer and longer thanks to good healthcare……………I intend to be around for quite a while longer myself.   I get lots (and I mean LOTS) of rest, good food, exercise (in between naps) and couldn’t be more content in every single way. 

Mom read that it’s normal for geriatric cats to sleep 18 hours a day.  I certainly intend to do my part to uphold the norm.  🙂

Naps aren’t always restful you know.   Sometimes when you see us felines napping you may notice our paws twitching, our legs moving, our whiskers twitching, our faces contorting, our claws extending, our tails swishing or levitating……well, we’re having some interesting dreams!!  Now that I don’t get around quite as much as I used to, I dream about chasing rabbits, and squirrels, and other cats, an occasional dog (eeeek) and certainly those fiesty chipmunks in our yard.  I’m running full speed ahead and taking giant leaps in my dreams………SUPERCAT !!  Faster than the speed of lightning…….until I wake up and find myself all tucked in on the couch, or my Mom’s legs, or on a cozy quilt.  I’ll have a nice stretch, snuggle further into the blankets and go back to sleep. 

These days I get my exercise – oh sure I do – mostly IN MY DREAMS!  🙂  🙂

Sammy the Snoozer


Cat Dreams……


Shhhh!  I’m spying on Mom and Dad while they talk this morning…..what are they talking about?  ME!  Yes – ME!  Apparently (this is of course hearsay) sometimes when I’m napping I must be dreaming about music – because even though I’m sound asleep, my tail will levitate up and begin to move slowly up and down or sway from side to side – like I’m conducting an orchestra with my tail!  Hey – I love to listen to music – so what’s wrong with that????  I would think they’d be proud to have an orchestra leader for a son!   Also (so they say) I will sometimes purr or cry or squeak accompanied by some kind of funny face!  Imagine that!   Mom told Dad that once in a while I will even GROWL!  Now that’s hard for me to believe….but maybe I’m dreaming about guarding my house or warning off some big beast.  What do THEY know?!?!?!?! 

Anyway, I know that humans dream – so what’s the big deal about cats dreaming?   Mom says Dad even talks in his sleep once in a while…..now if I should ever do that, then THAT would be something to brag about……….HAHAHA 

Yes, cats dream……..dogs do too…….and maybe all animals dream.   It’s a big old world full of things to think about, imagine, worry over, and some of us do that when we sleep. 

Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

Who knows what I might be dreaming about...maybe wishing it was DARK in here so I don't have to cover my face??????

Dreams are good for us cats – letting out our inner TIGER from time to time.   The more we do that in our sleep, the less we have to resort to biting your ankles!  HAHAHAHAHA

Happy Friday Cool Cats and Humans!

Sammy, One Spoiled Dreamer