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Baconizing Day




Thank heavens it’s bacon day…………..I’m hoping it will give me some energy while I crunch on that delicious and salty  treat because I’m just plain BEAT!    Why?  Well, snoopervising was in magnum proportions yesterday because not only did my Mom clean the entire house  without Dad’s help (he usually does the upstairs) she did two loads of laundry, planted petunias, did grocery shopping, and FINALLY caught up on her email.   It’s exhausting just watching her.   But now I can have my bacon and know that today she’ll not be flying around the house doing STUFF because it’s all done.   She finally did “land” yesterday and I immediately commandeered her lap in the recliner……………….

Sam Closeup Lap

Mom I love napping on your legs when you’re on the recliner!!!

Instead of more work today, she and I will continue with my blogaversary party for tomorrow……………….I do hope to see you all for a minute or two as you celebrate with your Moms for Mother’s Day.

…..”Sammy!  Bacon’s ready!”…..

WHOOPS –  excuse me – I have somewhere I need to be and the sooner the better!    Happy BaconDay!

Your favorite  and mine!

Your favorite and mine!

Love, Sammy

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream??

Snoozing on the stairs

Just a little snooze after breakfast......

It takes a lot of fuel (and sleep) to keep an old engine running……that’s how I justify all my napping anyway.  I know in the scheme of things I may be just a sort of young whippersnapper BUT I am going to be twelve in a couple of months you know!  I guess cats – like humans these days – are living longer and longer thanks to good healthcare……………I intend to be around for quite a while longer myself.   I get lots (and I mean LOTS) of rest, good food, exercise (in between naps) and couldn’t be more content in every single way. 

Mom read that it’s normal for geriatric cats to sleep 18 hours a day.  I certainly intend to do my part to uphold the norm.  🙂

Naps aren’t always restful you know.   Sometimes when you see us felines napping you may notice our paws twitching, our legs moving, our whiskers twitching, our faces contorting, our claws extending, our tails swishing or levitating……well, we’re having some interesting dreams!!  Now that I don’t get around quite as much as I used to, I dream about chasing rabbits, and squirrels, and other cats, an occasional dog (eeeek) and certainly those fiesty chipmunks in our yard.  I’m running full speed ahead and taking giant leaps in my dreams………SUPERCAT !!  Faster than the speed of lightning…….until I wake up and find myself all tucked in on the couch, or my Mom’s legs, or on a cozy quilt.  I’ll have a nice stretch, snuggle further into the blankets and go back to sleep. 

These days I get my exercise – oh sure I do – mostly IN MY DREAMS!  🙂  🙂

Sammy the Snoozer


Perky Again!


How I Spent My Tuesday

Napping with Mom on the recliner

Napping with Mom




Napping on Mom



It's good to be me......

Napping on the Sofa

Got the general idea?  Halloween hoopla just plain wore me out.  I certainly got caught up yesterday though…..I’m feeling perky this morning. 
I’ll find something to get into today – i can just FEEL it – I’ll start by opening all the cabinets up in the kitchen and leaving the doors open……then maybe I’ll leave a few toys in unexpected spots – like on the stairs maybe……I may even get up the energy to do one of my famous “three floors of stairs running marathons” !  Of course if I do that at my age, I’ll be worn out again and have to spend all day Thursday napping to make up for that.
Hmm……..perhaps I’ll just be my usual self today.  Whatever that is.
Sammy, One Rested Cat!!


On My Own Today

Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying

An airplane garage? Yep - I guess so!

My parents are leaving me at home alone (sniff) this morning for a few hours.  Dad’s been installing a new intercom system in the plane and needs Mom’s help.  Not that my Mom’s an aircraft mechanic mind you – BUT she can provide some extra hands which is what he needs for the final phase of the wiring.  It’s all much too complicated for me but all I know is there will be no nap laps available for me until this afternoon.

Now that’s going to be tough.  But I’ll push through and handle it in a mature way.  🙂

Mom was just saying here in the studio while I’m doing my blog and she’s helping me that the view out the studio window is getting to be unbelievable…..she says that because the leaves are – in a word – WOW!   I don’t think Mom and Dad will actually be going flying today after they get the intercom in but if they did go flying, I bet the view from up in the air is great.  Imagine being a bird and flying around seeing all the colors whenever they want to.  Hmm….maybe in my next life I’ll come back as a bird.  On the other hand, being a spoiled cat in a comfy house isn’t too bad either! 

Well, I just heard Dad call up here to Mom saying “ready whenever you are” so I guess I’ll have to go now.  I’ll be back again tomorrow morning though to keep you posted on my exciting (huh?) live here in Warrenton, Virginia………….

Hugs and Happy Tuesday