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Cat Dreams……


Shhhh!  I’m spying on Mom and Dad while they talk this morning…..what are they talking about?  ME!  Yes – ME!  Apparently (this is of course hearsay) sometimes when I’m napping I must be dreaming about music – because even though I’m sound asleep, my tail will levitate up and begin to move slowly up and down or sway from side to side – like I’m conducting an orchestra with my tail!  Hey – I love to listen to music – so what’s wrong with that????  I would think they’d be proud to have an orchestra leader for a son!   Also (so they say) I will sometimes purr or cry or squeak accompanied by some kind of funny face!  Imagine that!   Mom told Dad that once in a while I will even GROWL!  Now that’s hard for me to believe….but maybe I’m dreaming about guarding my house or warning off some big beast.  What do THEY know?!?!?!?! 

Anyway, I know that humans dream – so what’s the big deal about cats dreaming?   Mom says Dad even talks in his sleep once in a while…..now if I should ever do that, then THAT would be something to brag about……….HAHAHA 

Yes, cats dream……..dogs do too…….and maybe all animals dream.   It’s a big old world full of things to think about, imagine, worry over, and some of us do that when we sleep. 

Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

Who knows what I might be dreaming about...maybe wishing it was DARK in here so I don't have to cover my face??????

Dreams are good for us cats – letting out our inner TIGER from time to time.   The more we do that in our sleep, the less we have to resort to biting your ankles!  HAHAHAHAHA

Happy Friday Cool Cats and Humans!

Sammy, One Spoiled Dreamer

Sam’s Deck Delight

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

My deck! I've lived here 11 years and have only NOW discovered how cool this spot is for a nap!

OK, so I was a little “slow” discovering the delights of the deck on the back of our house…..I’ve lived here all this time and while I’ve been ON the deck, only in the last few days have I learned that it’s a great spot to grab some Z’s ! 

I can get on the deck from the door in the kitchen/family room, OR, when we go outside from the basement door I can walk around and go up the steps.  Sometimes I ask to go out one door and go back in the other door which drives my Mom nuts….tee hee.  Anyway, yesterday I went up on the deck while Mom was working in her gardens.  I sat up there and watched her for a long time then decided to lie down in the shade near the railing and fell asleep!  Mom turned around and saw me there so she sat down in her lawn chair in the yard to keep an eye on me.  She claims (but there’s no proof!) that she could hear me snoring all the way out where she was sitting.  Uh huh…..sure Mom……sure…….!

Anyway, it’s kinda funny that all this time I’ve been here and never slept out on the deck.  It was GREAT – all that fresh air and peace and quiet (the barky beagles from next door weren’t home) and I just drifted off.  You can bet I’m adding the deck to my list of available nap spots from now on.  Too bad it took me so long to give it a try!  Better late than never………….

Mom says in our next house we’ll make sure we have a screened porch.  Now THAT sounds way cool…..the nice outside smells and fresh air but NO BUGS……………….

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat On The Constant Quest For Nap Spots

Sam’s Lazy Day Sunday

Snoozing on the stairs
I love lazy, snoozy Sundays!

Ahh…..gonna be one of those Sundays!  For one thing, it stormed all night so you know where I spent most of the night – that’s right – NOT asleep but on alert down in the basement in my “safe place”…..so needless to say I have a lot of sleep to catch up on.  Since it’s raining nice and gently right now, what better thing to do than curl up on the stairs and snooze! 

Dad just finished with the Sunday newspaper and I heard him making me a newspaper tunnel to play in but know what?  I may skip it today.  Instead I’ll just make the rounds of my nap spots and enjoy some relaxation.  I had a nice big breakfast in between storms so my tummy is full too – that makes me extra sleepy.  Mom says I snore most of the time when I’m asleep.  She’s got room to talk!  HA  Both of my parents snore but Mom says she doesn’t SNORE, she just PURRS loudly.  Hey – shouldn’t that be MY excuse? 
Know what?  I figure all this extra sleep I get today will be just what I need to put up with tomorrow night’s fireworks and noise.  Celebrating the 4th of July for the ENTIRE WEEKEND seems a little much but then again, humans are like that……they do a lot of stuff that just doesn’t make sense to us totally reasonable cats!
Excuse me while I go back to doing what I do best…………..ZZZZZZZZZZ
Sammy, One Spoiled and Sleepy Cat