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Sunday Selfie Hop


Oh YAY – it’s Sunday and time to HOP with our hosts – Kitties Blue.    Every week we get together on Sunday at their place and show off our selfies.  Sometimes Mom has had a chance to snap a new photo of me but sometimes we do a flashback because she hasn’t.    This week we’re back to FLASHBACK.     You can join us – just click the badge above and link up.

Today I have a pair of FLASHBACKS – the first one of me on the studio couch is from August 4, 2017 and the one of me on Mom’s bed on a towel is from August 4, 2018.   The one from 2017 is one of Mom’ s all time favorite photos of me…….I’d been living here for six months.   I already loved hanging out with Mom in her office.   Still is one of my favorite spots in fact.   The one from a year later shows me perfecting my back nap.   I’m always working on that!

So this Sunday you got two selfies for the price of one……….but I only made a puzzle out of the 2017 one…………so if you’re inclined, here’s the puzzle!

Click the Mini-Me for the puzzle!!

Have a totally happy Sunday…………

Love, Teddy


Finally Friday


Happy Friday!   Those of you who work are happy today is the last day of your work week (hopefully) and those of you who are like my Mom and Dad and are retired will look forward to Friday as just another day in paradise (HAHAHA).

Thanks everybody for your concern about me and my thyroid issue – we’re staying positive here and Mom says she’s hoping the differences in my behavior are temporary as I adjust to my meds.  I’m quite restless when I’m awake but I am sleeping more and I think Mom’s enjoying the breaks from the neediness/restlessness when I’m taking a nap in my tent!   I don’t blame her………but I have to say I’m a bit confused about how I’m feeling too.   I’m hopping up and down off Mom’s lap after only about four or five minutes at the most whereas before I was sleeping deeply while snuggled on her legs on the recliner.   She says she misses me – HEY MOM- I’m still HERE!!!!!!


Anyway, ONWARD.

Today was a majorly sunny day and on the warmish side at 85 for a high.  I asked Mom if I could go outside and I did go briefly – long enough for a bite of grass – then back into the A/C.   I still like a bit of green stuff from time to time!  See?  Some things NEVER change.

Sam outside in front yard

Oh boy…..green stuff!!

Mom finally got a battery for her digital camera so I’m going to have her take some updated photos of MY plants on the back deck…..you’ll be interested to see the “before” (when first planted) and “after” (now) shots.  Especially MY tomato plant – it’s HUGE……I mean BIG………and we harvested two tomatoes off of it today which my Mom and Dad are eating in a salad tonight.  YAY……Mom says there is NOTHING like a homegrown tomato.  I wouldn’t know – I think they’re fun to push around on the floor if one falls down there but other than that I have no interest in them!   I’ll post the photos on my Saturday blog.

Well it should be no surprise that all the attention I’m getting is pumping up my ego – last night I had a dream that I was the KING of Times Square!   What do you know about that!!!!!!!


Hope you have a HAPPY Friday………..I’m going to be super busy today myself at Cat Scouts!   My Troop is taking a Riverboat Cruise so I’ll be busy photoshopping and posting all weekend.  Sigh.  A Troop Leader’s work is never done!

HUGS, Sammy



Lazy Friday


Why lazy Friday?  Well because I’m planning on being a lazy bum today……………..that is after the monster stuff is done with of course.  The noise machine will work its’ way through the house slowly but surely – dust bunnies will be removed and/or pushed around and THEN and only THEN will I be able to move into “bumhood “……………. snoresville …………… naptown ………….. snoozylvania !!

Sam Sleeping (again)

My whole sleep routine has changed through…………..you will remember that I had a couple of years of enjoying afghan tents up in my Mom’s studio – every day when she was painting/drawing/writing I’d camp out under the afghan and sleep while she worked.  Well, I am no longer a big fan of the afghan tent.   No particular reason – I just like to keep my parents on their toes and make them wonder what’s going on in my ginger covered head.   Part of that is changing up my routine – nothing worse than being PREDICTIBLE!   So now I sleep other spots………….and my Mom never knows WHERE she’ll find me (unless I’m on her lap of course).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also Mom asked me to thank those of you who have recently ordered her mystery novel from Amazon either the Kindle version or the paper version because she’s had notice of some sales and it HAD to be you!!!   Anyone who has yet to read her mystery novel, “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” – well you’re missing out on a treat.  Even though I’m her “kid” and am bound to brag on her, I must say that complete strangers STILL write to her to say how much they like it – so if you’re one of the few who hasn’t read it yet – just click on one of the links on my sidebar.  Give yourself a treat.  You deserve it.


Yes that's my Mom's own painting on the cover!

Yes that’s my Mom’s own painting on the cover!

Speaking of books, you all know Bailey the Boat Cat who is now living full-time on his boat “Nocturne” with his parents in lovely Italy????   Well his book “Bailey the Boat Cat” was launched yesterday and he’s so excited he can barely stand it.  Mom says she remembers when her first book was launched and it is indeed an exciting time – BUT, now that his book is available, you should consider getting it because it’s BOUND to be a fabulous read.  The adventures of a cat who lives “THE LIFE” on a beautiful sailboat????   Oh yeah….you betcha – it’s going to be a big hit.

Hope whatever ELSE you have to do on your Friday, you manage to include some “LAZY” in your schedule…………….it’s what we cats do best!!!  Why change???   It works for us right gang??


Hugs, Sammy the Snoozer




Howdy……….well we survived our first “house showing” yesterday.  I enjoyed watching people slip-sliding up and down our driveway thanks to all that snow and ice we had two days ago.  I say, if you’re nuts enough to want to go OUT in that stuff then you have to suffer the consequences right?   Six inches of snow is NO FUN.

Well I didn’t suffer – I was in the basement with my Mom and Dad when strangers came…………that’s what we do……….HIDE!   I did a whole lot of you know what……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


That’s what I do best…………….hide………….oh and sleep…………and I’m thinking if I just keep doing that maybe this whole thing will be over ASAP.   You know how when you take a snooze everything just goes away for a little bit?  That’s the plan…..snooze my way through until everything settles down again.  

Hopefully that will be the last of the snow for the year so when people come to the house maybe Mom, Dad and I can go out in the yard and “wait it out”…………that would be a nice change too.   C’mon SPRING!

Happy Fursday

Sammy the Snoozer 



More Cupcakes for Silent Sunday


Just a few words….not quite silent….thanks to Misaki for this – I already have it but I wanted to thank her AND say that I’ll pass this on to a baker’s dozen blogs TOMORROW and answer the questions……meanwhile – enjoy a cupcake for breakfast on ME!

Sam Sleeping (again)
Silent Sunday…..Silence is GOLDEN…..!