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Hi All……so what’s FRYday?  Oh I think if you just concentrate a little bit on what you know about me, you’ll be able to figure it out.  FRY?  What do I like that’s fried?  Hmm????

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

What’s that I smell in the kitchen?????

On weekends my Mom generally makes a BIG breakfast for her and my Dad.  During the week, like today, that’s not usually the case.  It’s just a weekend treat kind of thing.  However, today I overheard her say that she thought they should start Cleaning Day off with a GOOD breakfast.  And what does that include?  BACON!  Indeed….good old bacon.  It’s not really “GOOD” I suppose as far as artery clogging goes, but it’s certainly good from the taste perspective.  I only eat a tiny chunk (or two) but it’s just so yummy.  The minute I smell it I start stomping around the kitchen or even running around the kitchen island where the cooktop is and say “MA MA” or just try to look as adorable as possible.  It works every single time. 

Sammy Having Breakfast

A little bacon sprinkled on top of my tuna! MMMMMMM

In fact, since I’m starting my day off today with my treat I just might be in the frame of mine to be able to handle that monster out of the closet thing that they do on cleaning day SO MUCH BETTER.  With bacon in my belly I’ll probably be curled up somewhere quiet licking my chops, cleaning my whiskers and face just in case some little morsel of bacon didn’t QUITE make it into my mouth…..YUM.

Sam doing a bit of grooming!

Ohhh…a little bit of grease from the bacon on my neck here….GOT IT!

That monster ought to be coming along soon so excuse me while I finish up this little bit of bacon that someone (thanks Mom) gave me.  

Hi Dad…did you bring me more bacon?????

Aren’t I just awful?  Now come on – I just bet you ALL have some little “probably shouldn’t have this but I’m gonna” type treat that you like and can’t resist – right? 

What is it?  C’mon….you can tell your old buddy, old pal Sammy – you know I won’t tell a SOUL!

Happy FRYday…………..

Kitty hugs, Sammy Bacon Buttie Boy

Eating Out/Eating In

Sammy Having Breakfast

Humans go OUT to eat....I prefer staying IN to eat!!

TGIF!  Thought I’d get my blogging done early before the MONSTER comes out of the closet – it’s cleaning day around here you know! 

Last night my parents went out to dinner.  It was a Valentine’s Day dinner at their favorite restaurant.  They decided to wait a couple of days AFTER Valentine’s Day to go because the restaurant is very popular and probably was packed for the occasion.  Last night – it wasn’t!   I don’t see why humans like to go out to eat but they do, and sometimes I get some benefits from it – like last night…..

When my parents got home, Mom had a little surprise for me.  She’d had a shrimp appetizer and guess what she put in her purse for me to have????!!!!  No – it wasn’t a roll (haha) it was two nice big juicy shrimp!  She whacked them up into small pieces and I had them gobbled up before Mom could say “SAMMY YOU PIG!!”. 

If Mom is cooking something for dinner once in a while that involves shrimp – I can be in the basement sound asleep and if I smell shrimp – I’m IN THE KITCHEN……dancing around her feet……..asking pretty please for a taste in my most adorable squeaky voice.  She can’t resist….if I don’t know my Mom by now and how to get my way, I’d be a hopeless failure at begging.  HAHAHAHAHA 😉

Still, I love my kitty cat food…….and my little blue ceramic bowl, and my plastic “in case I spill” mat…..AND especially my Mom for thinking of me when she and Dad are out to dinner and she sneaks a treat home for me!   

Sammy the Shrimp Lover