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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Welcome Poetic Peeps!


Happy Poetic Thursday everyone – time to exercise our creativity (yes friends we all have some of that creativity stuff but sometimes we need to jumpstart it!) and write a poem.    We’re working our way through the alphabet with this little exercise and have reached the letter “O” !    So today I will have an ODE to O.


by Sammy Kimmell, 9/22/16

I am an “ONLY” cat

Yet so much more than that…

Although I am an “ONLY”

I am never, ever lonely.

My “ONLY” life is busy

At times it makes me dizzy!

I’m “ONLY” one spoiled cat

There are others, I’m sure of that!

“ONLY” I shall be

Until my soul flies free.

There you have it………….I squeezed off another one and am getting closer and closer to the BIG Z which will finish this fun alphabetic journey of poetry…………I hope you’re having fun crafting your own poems OR just reading mine.   If you have a contribution to the letter “O” this week, please post your poem in my comments, OR, if you’ve put your poem on your blog, share the link to it in my comments……………..we all love a good poem from time to time right????????????????

Stay happy….keep a poem in your heart!

Love, Poetic Sam

I'm a poet and I know it!

I’m a poet
and I know it!


Please light a candle for all those anipals who are in shelters just waiting – sometimes for WAY too long – to find their FOREVER HOME………..we all deserve to have that kind of happiness – we are so full of love and want to share it with the world…….we hope that maybe “Remember Me Thursday” will be a lucky day for some…..that their FOREVER comes to take them HOME.



One Spoiled Cat


Yep – that’s me alright………….spoiled?  You betcha…………………..and loving every minute of it.   I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve definitely got Mom wrapped around my paw and Dad’s semi-wrapped (in many ways…hahaha), but no matter WHAT, I am truly “one spoiled cat”.

Spoiled?  Oh yeah!!!!

Spoiled? Oh yeah!!!!

I can stand at ANY of the doors in the house (including all closets and pantries) and just with the right squeaky sound emanating from my tabby tonsils Mom will come allow me access to said closed off area.  Yep – just like that.  Of course I keep her on her toes by occasionally just looking at her like “you thought I wanted to go IN there?  Nope, just wanted you to open the door!”………….sneaky huh?

Sam Standing at Front Door

OUT please!

I can be down in the basement after using my (ahem) FACILITIES down there and from the bottom of the basement steps can let loose a certain melodious sound and Mom knows I’m requesting her immediate assistance in the removal of whatever substance(s) I just finished depositing in the FACILITY down there.  How’s THAT for service??????

I can come up to Mom and Dad at the dinner table and NEVER say one word – or utter one single sound – or even give them “THE LOOK” and occasionally I will be rewarded with a tiny sliver of whatever it was that caught my attention from their dinner.  I would never stoop to outwardly BEG – oh no – but being one spoiled cat, I feel that I should at least be given the opportunity to see what’s on their plate.  What’s a “royal taster” for anyway?

So, yes, when you have perhaps wondered why my blog is called “One Spoiled Cat”……………and although you may have ASSUMED it was all about a spoiled cat – I’m here to tell you it is DEFINITELY all about me………..and I most certainly intend to be one spoiled cat for as many more years as I can – as far as I know, I’ve only used one of my NINE LIVES and this is it!!!

Awww...My Baby Picture!

Spoiled from the start – that’s me!

Happy Spoiled Thursday!


P.S.  I have a new friend named Dezi and she’d LOVE to meet all of you – stop by her blog HERE to say hello !  

She’s a service kitty who helps her Mom – what a pawsome job she has!!  

You can tell her Sammy sent you….. 😉


Monday Meows


Hello Friends!!  I want to thank all of you for worrying about me and my family after learning about the super bad storm that blew into town around here on Friday night.   Your messages Sunday were so sweet – made me feel loved for sure.  We know we were luckier than a lot of people around here or in the other states that were impacted by this unusual storm, but being without a way to communicate was very weird for us (very quiet too!).  No ringy-dingies on the phone – no internet – no nothing.  BUT we had power.  We were lucky on that score.   Yours truly missed out on a lot of sleep (on the alert all night!) so I’ve been busy catching up:

Catnapping on the couch

I’ve got a lot of napping to catch up on…..YAWN

Yesterday it was very noisy around here.  Lots of chainsaws chugging away especially.  This community we live in has tons and tons of big old oaks, maples and poplars.  Before a builder bought the land and put the 200 houses on it, it was a huge big piece of land where people hunted deer out here in the country – it was one big woods.   They left a lot of them when they developed the land.  We love having woods behind us and around us – it’s more private than some of the other houses that are on the “treeless” spots – but when we have a storm, we’re more vulnerable!   We lucked out again.  Just some dead limbs and debris but no WHOLE trees came down.  Even the chainsaw noise couldn’t keep me from napping the afternoon away though:

Ahhh….snooze practice makes purrrfect!

Anyway, here we are starting another week and other than thanking you again for your concern and messages and notes and emails (and blog comments!!) I want to remind you about tomorrow.  Let’s all say what tomorrow is together – shall we?  Ready?


This one isn’t going to be easy like last week’s British Pub photo.  Oh no – that was TOOOOOOOOO easy.  So prepare yourselves! 

See you tomorrow gang – Happy Monday!

Love and SPECIAL hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Pre-Trip Whining

Sam Settling in for a Nap

Got tired helping Mom start packing for her trip.....

Mom are you absolutely totally positive there isn’t going to be any room in your suitcase for me?  I’m pretty small – not all that much bigger than your blow dryer….surely you could do WITHOUT that for a couple of days.   Wouldn’t you rather have ME along?  I could sit on your table at the book fair and look cute…..maybe people would see me and come to your table just because I’m sitting there and wind up buying your books!!! 

See?  Always thinking aren’t I…..yes I know I hate being in the car so that might mean that I throw up all over the inside of the Blazer while you’re driving BUT you love me and wouldn’t mind that – right?  So what if you have to stop every thirty minutes to clean the car up.  Yes, I know Auntie Carol will be in the front seat with you but I’m sure she won’t mind either.  Right?  I mean she’s my Aunt – SURELY she won’t mind if I get a little – well – sick from time to time.

What?  You mean you think it’s BEST for me to stay home and play with Dad while you’re gone?  Will he play Mr. Yellow Fuzzy Ball with me?


Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

Me and Dad playing with yellow fuzzy ball

OK……..if you promise he’ll play with me AND give me lots of treats I’ll stay home.  I’ll try not to get so upset that you’ve abandoned me that I get sick anywhere.  

Just hurry home on Sunday OK?  Daddy and I will be waiting for you.  YES I know you’re not leaving until Friday morning but I thought I’d start whining a day early. 

Your Pitiful Son Sammy




Eating Out/Eating In

Sammy Having Breakfast

Humans go OUT to eat....I prefer staying IN to eat!!

TGIF!  Thought I’d get my blogging done early before the MONSTER comes out of the closet – it’s cleaning day around here you know! 

Last night my parents went out to dinner.  It was a Valentine’s Day dinner at their favorite restaurant.  They decided to wait a couple of days AFTER Valentine’s Day to go because the restaurant is very popular and probably was packed for the occasion.  Last night – it wasn’t!   I don’t see why humans like to go out to eat but they do, and sometimes I get some benefits from it – like last night…..

When my parents got home, Mom had a little surprise for me.  She’d had a shrimp appetizer and guess what she put in her purse for me to have????!!!!  No – it wasn’t a roll (haha) it was two nice big juicy shrimp!  She whacked them up into small pieces and I had them gobbled up before Mom could say “SAMMY YOU PIG!!”. 

If Mom is cooking something for dinner once in a while that involves shrimp – I can be in the basement sound asleep and if I smell shrimp – I’m IN THE KITCHEN……dancing around her feet……..asking pretty please for a taste in my most adorable squeaky voice.  She can’t resist….if I don’t know my Mom by now and how to get my way, I’d be a hopeless failure at begging.  HAHAHAHAHA 😉

Still, I love my kitty cat food…….and my little blue ceramic bowl, and my plastic “in case I spill” mat…..AND especially my Mom for thinking of me when she and Dad are out to dinner and she sneaks a treat home for me!   

Sammy the Shrimp Lover

My Little Red Wagon

Sam's Wagon

Some cats have a toybox....I have a toy WAGON!

Those of you who have followed me for a while have seen this picture before….but since Mom and I cleaned it out recently (well…sort of) I’m reposting the photo.  Also, lots of other kitties who blog have talked lately about their toys and so I thought I’d show my wagon off again!

Mom and Dad saw this “mini Radio Flyer” in the window of a hardware store in some little town they visited and bought it for ME!  They thought since I love to ride around in cardboard boxes (being pulled by a string) I would really like to ride in a little wagon.  However, I didn’t like the noise the wheels made on the floor SO it became one of my toyboxes.  Let me give you a tour……..

That super fluffy thing on top is a fake foxtail that Mom got for me at a car show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania some years ago – boy is it fun to wrestle around on the floor with that sometimes!  In front on the floor is a yellow whistle and I like to drag it around by the ribbon because it makes a funny noise.  Then piled around outside and inside are lots of stuffed toys…..stuffed mice, bears, fish, birds – lots of stuffed stuff ;).  The wand thing in the back is pretty cool.  It has a long piece of flannel attached to the end and Mom and I play with that on the stairs sometimes.

In the front on the right you see a cat.  Guess what THAT is?!  It’s my kitty cat bank.  It’s made out of metal and it’s got a hole in the top for pennies.  That’s where I have my savings account.  Mom puts pennies in it for me and I’m saving up for a beret like Sprocket and Chun’s on The Miao Chronicles – except maybe a green one instead of red and blue like theirs!!  Of course if Santa brings me one this coming Christmas then I can spend my savings on something else exciting…..perhaps a Hawaiian vacation to visit my friend Pedro.  I’ve always wanted to learn to surf. 😀

So there you have it……..a tour of my toybox/toy wagon….now that doesn’t show you the pile of current favorites I have stashed on top of my tissue collection in the living room.  Nor does it show you the toy basket upstairs or the toy basket in the basement……yeah, I know…..I hear ya….you’re saying “that’s one spoiled cat!”…….. Yep – you got that right………. tee hee

Happy Friday!  (and Happy Birthday to my Uncle Mike)


“Pretty Please??”

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Please come sit back down Mom....I need more NAP!

 By now everyone who follows my blog knows that Mom and I have a “thing” about napping.  Here’s how it works……she gets on the recliner, puts the foot thing up, puts a throw on her legs, settles down and I hop up and lie down on her legs………and sleep…………or wait for her to brush me………..or watch TV.  It’s a great arrangement.  If she gets up to do something like answer the phone or put something on the stove or WHATEVER, I get a little “distressed”…..yeah I know, that’s very selfish of me isn’t it BUT I love my Mom’s lap.  A lot.

So, if she DOES get up I stand on the arm of the recliner and wait for her to come back……I do my fair share of calling and trying to cajole her into returning……”MAMAMAMA” usually works.  So does “THE LOOK” which I’m doing in this picture as you can plainly see.  I call it my “pitiful” look and it works pretty darn well most of the time.

We’re pretty well coordinated with the recliner routine.  Eventually she comes back to sit down – I stand with all four legs up on the arm of the chair while she puts the throw back on her lap and legs then pop back down and settle in.  Heavy sigh.  Big stretch.  Heavy sigh again then…zzzzzzzzz….

Today was a major nap day too because we had snow all day long!  Tomorrow I’ll share some pictures Mom took.  In fact she actually got UP from the recliner to take those pictures…..you know where I was right?  Yep – standing on the arm of the chair screaming “MAMAMAMAMA” !!!

Happy Tuesday