Eating Out/Eating In

Sammy Having Breakfast

Humans go OUT to eat....I prefer staying IN to eat!!

TGIF!  Thought I’d get my blogging done early before the MONSTER comes out of the closet – it’s cleaning day around here you know! 

Last night my parents went out to dinner.  It was a Valentine’s Day dinner at their favorite restaurant.  They decided to wait a couple of days AFTER Valentine’s Day to go because the restaurant is very popular and probably was packed for the occasion.  Last night – it wasn’t!   I don’t see why humans like to go out to eat but they do, and sometimes I get some benefits from it – like last night…..

When my parents got home, Mom had a little surprise for me.  She’d had a shrimp appetizer and guess what she put in her purse for me to have????!!!!  No – it wasn’t a roll (haha) it was two nice big juicy shrimp!  She whacked them up into small pieces and I had them gobbled up before Mom could say “SAMMY YOU PIG!!”. 

If Mom is cooking something for dinner once in a while that involves shrimp – I can be in the basement sound asleep and if I smell shrimp – I’m IN THE KITCHEN……dancing around her feet……..asking pretty please for a taste in my most adorable squeaky voice.  She can’t resist….if I don’t know my Mom by now and how to get my way, I’d be a hopeless failure at begging.  HAHAHAHAHA 😉

Still, I love my kitty cat food…….and my little blue ceramic bowl, and my plastic “in case I spill” mat…..AND especially my Mom for thinking of me when she and Dad are out to dinner and she sneaks a treat home for me!   

Sammy the Shrimp Lover

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  1. I’m with you, Sammy! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shrimp! I like them fried, steamed, in scampi – I just like them! Your Mom is really special to think of you when she goes out. I would have to concentrate really hard not to eat all of mine! Have a wonderful Friday.

    Hugs, Linda


  2. Sammy, what a treat! My mom remembers to bring me treats, too, but she doesn’t eat seafood. So my treats are usually chicken…yum!
    Glad your parents had a nice dinner out to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


    • Hey Cody! I’ve never had rabbit but we DO have them in our front yard running around in the spring sometimes….hmm…..that’s giving me ideas…….although I’m not quite as fast as I was in my youth. HAHAHA Try a shrimp some day though and let me know what you think – I think they are FABULOUS!

      Happy weekend to you too Cody!
      Hugs, Sam


    • I’ve had cats that liked shrimp and chicken both – Sam likes shrimp, treats bits of chicken like I was slipping him some arsenic (!), and other than bits of bacon and a dab of butter has NOTHING to do with “people” food period. They all seem to be different…..bless them!! 🙂



  3. Those shrimpy things sound delicious. I’ve never had them. I’ve got a birthday coming up in a couple of months and I’m gonna ask the peep if we can all have some of those for the occasion. I had her read your post so she knows how much you love the shrimps and how yummy they are and said that maybe we could try some too. Yum…..


    • Oh Nerissa I hope your peep lets you at least TRY some shrimp. YUM YUM is right! Fortunately for me, my parents like shrimp so Mom’s always doing stuff like shrimp fried rice or shrimp with pasta or something….and when she does, I can be found RIGHT AT HER FEET looking expectantly up at her with that “I LOVE YOU MOMMY” look on my face and sure enough, I get my very own shrimp to eat!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Sorry to hear that Rumpy….perhaps if you really try to look as pitiful as possible it might work…even better, try to learn how to howl “SHHHHRRRRRIMMMMP!!!” – now THAT will really get her attention!

      Your Pal Sam


    • Oh I know it was swell of my Mom to NOT eat all her shrimp so she could bring me a treat…She’s a peach ;)……and I know I’m super spoiled and lovin’ every minute of it too! Tee Hee

      Hugs, Sammy


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