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Teaser Tell All and Go Fishing!


Hi Everybody!  I really thought I had you all stumped yesterday with my Teaser photo.  Some of you had OTHER ideas though and sure enough, two of you guessed it EXACTLY…..and several of you had the right country where the photo had been taken.

A little background… parents were on the SECOND stop of their honeymoon trip way back in 1990.  They had Eurail passes that would take them across Europe and while they started out in Rome, Italy, their SECOND stop was in Venice!

This was one of several photos my parents took while cruising through the “Piazza San Marco” – or, as my Dad called it after they’d been there about an hour – “Pigeon Poop Piazza” because of the zillions of pigeons flying around there.  They sold bags of seed for the pigeons so you could feed them and have your photo taken but do we have to tell you how many people who DID that wound up covered in pigeon poop???? Needless to say my parents didn’t go that route, but they did stop here in the piazza for an espresso and to people watch. 

Two of you got the EXACT location where the photo was taken (woo hoo) and three of you guessed the right country (also woo hoo).

Concatulations to:

Zena of The Princess Tails  (guessed EXACTLY!)

Easy of Easy Weimaraner  (also guessed EXACTLY!)

Mollie of Mollie’s Dog Treats

The Guinea Pig Boys of Hutch A Good Life

Cody of CAT CHAT

Here’s your winning hug everybody!

…….Big Sammy Hug !…….

Now, on to the “fishing” part of my blog!  My Mom’s very super good friend Trish Terrell, the author, just started a second blog all about her fabulous hobby of raising angelfish!  That’s right – they are beautiful fish and she’s got lots of aquariums in her house where she raises them from eggs to babies to big fish.  She also has four doggies who are all rescues and I think she’ll mention them in coming blogs but mainly this blog is about her fish.   Miss Trish writes really good thriller/suspense novels and my Mom (and thousands of other fans) have read them and love them all – but in one of her more recent books called “Vicki’s Key”, the main character who is a CIA agent, is involved in raising angelfish. 

They really are beautiful fish too – I didn’t know what one looked like until Miss Trish started this hobby and I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind having a big tank full of these babies all to myself (I hear you giggling – you think I’d be dipping my paw in there to grab one and eat it don’t you?!?!?!)…….WHO ME????????????  Well, anyway, I’m giving you the link to Miss Trish’s blog about her fishies just in case you’d like to take a peek and hear about them.  The original group of fish were named after Fleetwood Mac (which happens to be one of my Mom’s all-time fave groups) – and the names Miss Trish gave her fish are kinda cute…….

Click HERE to visit Vicki’s Angelfish and check it out – and if you’re a reader of suspense thrillers – you might want to visit Miss Trish’s website too……the link is on her blog.

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)

How could this sweet innocent kitty PAWSIBLY be interested in grabbing a fish out of a tank! Shame on you for thinking such thoughts!…….Tee Hee…….

Happy Wednesday Peeps!!!  See you here again tomorrow….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Just Catchin’ Up!


Hi Peeps!

It’s been such a whirlwind few days around here with me and my secretary working on the contest and the Teaser and organizing surprise packages that I’m just plain POOPED! 

Mom just snapped a photo of me in my tent (gee thanks for disturbing the peace Mom) and you can plainly see that I’m exhausted…..

Mom left a peep hole in the back for a “back door window” this time when she made my tent… huh? Pardon me…..YAWN….back to sleep…..!

We’ve almost got both surprises packages ready to go out to the winners of the photo contest – Miss Mollie and Mr. Cody – but Mom DID have some other things to do today like grocery shopping and working in her gardens.  I may be #1 priority around here but there ARE other miscellaneous duties that my secretary handles every day after all.

I was conscious enough earlier to make a quick trip into the front yard to have a bit of a munch……but other than that it’s been SLEEPVILLE for yours truly! 

Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard

Yum….nice crunchy grass…somebody pass me the salad dressing will ya??


One Spoiled Cat?  Oh yaaaah…… doubt about it!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

Introducing Sam’s Buds “Fleetfish Mac” !



Hi. My name’s Mick Fleetfish and I’m a guest blogger for my pal, Sam. And Sam is a good pal ‘cause I’m not even a cool cat. I’m a fish. An angelfish, to be exact. I live with my band.  Here’s a picture of the whole gang:

Some bands have a bus....we have a tank!


There’s Lindsay Buckingfish. He’s very flamboyant with his black and white marble suit and his orange head. Always wants to be the center of attention. Especially at feeding time.


Then there’s his girlfriend, Stevie Fishnick. Sigh. I’m in love with Stevie Fishnick, with her long, golden fins. Sometimes she likes me, too. But she’s laid eggs with Lindsay and I always worry she’ll want to go back to him.


There’s John MacFish, whose silver with black stripes. When he gets scared, his stripes turn almost the same shade of silver as the rest of his body. Like he’s seen a ghost fish or something.


And his wife, Christie MacFish, a smoky leopard with a smoky voice. Smokin’! Yeah, she’s hot. She’s so hot, she’s laid more than 1,000 eggs with John. See them on the filter?


Our band manager was named Pipsqueak Littlefish because he was the size of a nickel when he joined the band. That’s even what he was called, a nickel angel. He’s a koi angel and is mostly white and orange. With worried eyebrows. He’s usually carrying a briefcase and worrying about how much everybody is spending. Like we have nothing else to do.


Oh, and me? I’m the one in the picture with Christie MacFish. I’m a platinum angel with a bent fin. I like to hang in the background. I’m bigger than everybody else so I guess sometimes I look kind of goofy. But all I want to do is hang out, play my drums. And blog on my iFish.


So that’s my band. Fleetfish Mac. Named after me, Mick Fleetfish, and John MacFish.


Thanks, Sam, for letting me be a guest blogger. Maybe someday soon we can hang out in person. Or whatever, dude.


Fleetfish Mac owns p.m.terrell, a suspense/thriller author who is currently writing a story about a woman who raises angelfish—but who is really a CIA spy. Art imitating life? Check her out at