Teaser Tell All Time


Oh boy!  It’s Wednesday and time for us to SPILL the Teaser scoop!

We had a variety of fabulous answers yesterday as to where the photo had been taken……………it was busy around here………….although our Graphics Department person (who shall not be named) was absent!    For once SHE was not on time to class while everyone in class AND the professors were here.     She gets some demerits and Madge is taking care of that for us.

“That’s right – in addition to hall monitoring I deliver demerits – and the Graphics Department gets a couple for NOT being at class when it started yesterday!”

Marge you like that duty WAY TOO MUCH!

“Hey – give that elderly Graphics Department lady a break!”

Well let’s get back to the Teaser class results shall we?    For instance – how about we tell you who our FIVE (YES WE SAID FIVE) FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday morning were?

Drumroll please!

Our FIRSTIES were:   Csilla, Frank, Sharon, Janet and Katty!


Each of you get one of these badges!

I was one of FIVE First Commenters on the Teaser post of January 11, 2022!!

AND – one of our First Commenters was also our

FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    She gets a double win!


I was a DOUBLE WINNER on the Teaser of January 11, 2022. A First Commenter AND the First Right Guesser on the post of January 11, 2022! WOWZERS FOR ME!


Now we’ll give you the scoop on the Teaser photo………………………remember Miss Sharon guessed the correct location FIRST!!

This is lovely (?) Tijuana, Mexico!!!

Miss Sharon guessed first but there were a few others who guessed it right too – if you were a Tijuana fan, this badge is for you:

I guessed the Teaser photo from January 11, 2022 correctly BUT I was not first!!

AND if you guessed on the Teaser photo but were WRONG (and there were a bunch of you!!) you get this badge:

I guessed on the Teaser of January 11, 2022 but I was WRONG WRONG WRONG!

Good Job Students! 

Cheer Team – you’re on!

Yesterday was a darn good class
Miss Sharon really kicked some…..um….butts
We had FIVE commenters who were FIRST
The rest of you were probably cursed.
We had Csilla, Frank, Sharon, Katty and Janet
All of whom reside on this planet
Sharon doubled up and was first to guess the Teaser
Give her a hand for being a crowd pleaser!!
But truth be told you all are smart
You show up and never give up and that takes HEART!

Nicely said ladies………………………how about we all head over to the cafeteria to celebrate with some food!!!

We’re sure you worked up quite an appetite with Teaser so head on up to the cafeteria line for your daily school meal!

Menu Du Jour

See you all next Tuesday for TEASER CLASS!

Your Professors

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  1. Well, wow, that was a fun teaser!! And while I was late to class yesterday, now I am on time…even early we could say, LOL!

    And I was right even though for sure not first:)

    Congrats to all the firsties and a big double congrats to Sharon!!

    May I please have some bacon Cheddar Pizza and some Onion rings…and maybe some of that good looking Hot Chocolate! I will run over and snag a big table for Mr Frank to come and join me, he’s bound to have a *huge* order! LOL!

    See ya soon!


  2. Oh, I shoiuld have known that one, having visited so often in the past from LA, But so sorry for Mexico’s poverty and crime syndicates. And yes so happy that you and your family are on the earth to help make things better,


  3. Congrats to the firsties, and double congrats to Sharon. I never came back with a guess but thought it looked a lot like when we were in Acapulco, so wrong place but right country. As I never guessed in a comment that technically makes me not wrong 🙂


  4. Curses! Foiled again by all those Firsties! AND I guessed wrong too. I think a chicken salad sandwich and a double portion of bread pudding will soothe me.


  5. Congratulations to the FIVE faster than lightning speedy ones and a double congratulations to Sharon! At least I was extremely close on this Teaser.
    I would like the Breakfast Sliders… I don’t remember Chicken Breast Supreme but I bet it is awesomely delicious. I had Mac and Cheese last night from Metro Diner… Mmmmmmmmmm!
    Good Morning!


    • I have a freezer full of Stouffers MacNCheese……I sometimes “need” it as an evening snack. LOL You were really super close on your Teaser guess – sadly we don’t have an “I Almost Guessed The Teaser” badge!

      Hugs, Pam


  6. We love being one of the first through the door, especially when we share that with Sharon. And a huge congratulations to Sharon for being a double winner. We believe we will have some of that coffee cake and hot chocolate. Thank you. Mom laughed at that “elderly” remark. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


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