Teaser Tell All


It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood – let’s check out Teaser Class!

Here we are – ready to announce winners and get the Teaser “scoop” !

Seems like that was a pretty darn good Teaser yesterday.    We’ll tell you WHERE the photo was taken and who sent the photo in to us to use in just a bit but first, let’s talk FIRST COMMENTER shall we??

Yep – GOOD LUCK Buddy!




Yes – we only  had ONE FIRST COMMENTER in the first sixty seconds of class yesterday.    I know our Cheer Team was thrilled about that – last week we wore them out with SIX First Commenters.     YAY INGRID – give her a RAH RAH RAH!

AND we have a badge for you too Ingrid:

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of May 11, 2021! I was an EARLY BIRD!

Then we actually waited a bit before we got the first correct guess of location for the photo yesterday.    Before we tell you who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, we’ll let you know WHO submitted the photo and show you the photo that you all agonized over yesterday.

Our Guest Teaser Was Miss Jackie!  Here’s the photo:

This is a photo of the beautiful water cascade in Montjuvic Park (Olympic Park) in Barcelona, Spain!     Beautiful spot but a great Teaser because there are a lot of water features like this around.    Let’s thank Miss Jackie THEN tell you who guessed it first.

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of May 11, 2021. It’s the water cascade in Montjuvic Park in Barcelona, Spain. WOO HOO!


Miss Katty and the Weim Boys!

Congratultions…..and here’s your badge:

YAY FOR US…..we were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser photo post of May 11, 2021. Yeah – we’re SMART students!


Speaking of winners – several more of you guessed correctly on the Teaser and each of you who were right get this badge:

I guessed the Teaser photo on May 11, 2021 but I was NOT the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week. Maybe next week I will be FASTER!

If you guessed but were wrong – here’s one for you!!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser photo for class on May 11, 2021 but at least I TRIED!!!

WAY TO GO CLASS……..good job.    Our Cheer Team wants to do a cheer in honor of our winners………………..They’re doing it via ZOOM so watch the screen at the front of the class.

We took a break from playing pool
We’re at Grumpy Cat taking a break from school
Thank heavens we can see you with ZOOM
So we don’t have to be there in the stuffy classroom!
Congrats to Ingrid as she was First Commenter to come to class
She got to class on time and was full of sass!
It was a little while later that our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER showed up
It was KATTY and her WEIMS – a smart human and her pups!
Now if you’ll pardon us we really must depart
It’s almost time for the Pub Quiz to start!!

Thanks ladies…………we see you decided to wear your OLD uniforms to the Pub – will they be your “pub crawling outfits” now that you have fancy new uniforms???    GOSH, they signed off of Zoom pretty quick so I guess they didn’t want to miss any of the Pub Quiz.

SO – let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch shall we?    You all need a food break – I hear there are some breakfast items on the cafeteria line today because Miss Dingleberry tells me a lot of you SKIP breakfast to be at school on time.    So make sure you have SOMETHING to keep your brains in gear.   That’s important.

“Buenos Dias!”  Welcome to the cafeteria students – enjoy your meal!   We’re featuring Mexican food today but have a little bit of everything on the menu!

Our Menu:

See you next week students!!

Professors Angel Sammy and  Teddy


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  1. Congratulations winners … and wow … Ingrid didn’t get the teaser! She’s human!!!! Sorry I missed class yesterday – just a busy day. But I did look at the pic a few minutes ago, and didn’t know. Meanwhile, I’m hungry …. Huevos Rancheros, strawberry shortcake, and a banana berry smoothie.


  2. I was dawdling, reading up about that place, so then I wasn’t swift enough with my answer, LOL! Oh well, its was still a ton of good hunting fun!
    May I please try some Eggs Benedict? I have not ever had those before…now is a good time to sample them, right?! Mango juice sounds good, too:)


  3. Concatulations to Ms Ingrid and The Weims Mom and Ms Jackie for the terrific photo! We were not even close! And hip hip hooray to the cheer team – we can see how happy they are for only having one name! And Ms Cafeteria Lady, can we have 4 Scottish Salmon Steaks? (We love Salmon). And a humongous THANK YOU to Ms Pam and Angel Sammy and Teddy for having class each week (and footing the bill for all the nummy foods).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Enjoy that salmon…..Ding Dong Sheep School imports it special all the way from Scotland – a guy in a skirt (!) delivers it purrrrrsonally every time Miss Dingleberry orders it!

      Tee Hee
      Hugs, Teddy


  4. Apaws to Miss Ingrid and Miss Katty and the Weims!!! And thank you, Miss Jackie for the GREAT teaser pic!!!! It was such a fun to find it out where it was taken! Hmmmm, which item from the menu could speed my thinking up?


  5. Nice cheer ladies. Bet you were happy to only have one first commenter. Concats to Ingrid and Katty. We were late yesterday and had no idea where the photo was snapped. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


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