Tuesday Teaser Time



“Professors – all is well on the grounds – but your Security Crew feels underdressed for Pre-Ween!”

Yep – here we are – but we’ve got our Halloween outfits on and decorated the classroom too. We know it’s “Pre-Ween” and we have 3 weeks to go but why not get in the spirit (as in ghost) of the fun a little early – right?

Today’s Teaser is another Graphics Department gem.    Well, we hope it’s a gem and not a DUD.     At any rate, we’ll see how you do in just a bit when Photo Security brings in today’s challenge.

MEANWHILE…………….I see some of you are already deciding to wear your costumes for “Pre-Ween”.     Makes things more festive doesn’t it?!

Looking Good Everyone!    When we have class on October 27th we’ll ALL wear our costumes – if you want to send them to us we’ll make sure our Graphics Department gets everyone’s photos “updated” and we’ll let you “strut your stuff” for Halloween!!

Now, let’s show you the RULES for the Teaser and the available badges to win!

Now any questions ??

“Can I dress up as a mad baby for Halloween????”

Well, aren’t you ALWAYS dressed up like a mad baby Seymour?????????????????

Graphics Security Guard would you please bring in today’s TEASER Photo?

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where Was This Photo Taken???

OK class – that’s your stumper (hopefully) for today.   Now get to work figuring out where this is!     Our Cheer Team will cheer you on while you get your brains in gear!

Halloween will be here soon
You can dress up as a magician, clown, or big baboon!
Make sure and follow our rules or you’ll get in trouble
Marge will throw you out of class on the double!
Tell us where you think this photo was taken
And we hope you’ll be RIGHT and not mistaken!!!

Thanks Cheer Team!    I do believe I see everyone wide awake in class – must be those outstanding costumes of yours…………………….

These chicks are totally groovy.

Shall we head to the cafeteria for lunch?    Then you can study the Teaser photo here in class after you eat OR you can hop on the first bus for home to study.    Whichever works for you!

Happy Pre-Ween Teaser Kids!   We’ll give you a good lunch then you can hit the books again or go home!

Our Menu for the Day:


Your Professors


Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!


Hear ye, Hear ye, Clowie’s Security Detail says it’s a GO for class!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET???

Happy Tuesday everybody.    Time to polish your glasses up and make sure you can see well so when you examine our Teaser photo you can SEE it well enough to guess!

“Glasses all cleaned up and ready to go Professors!!!!”

Then let’s start class.   First up we will show you the rules (which you all know by heart but just in case we have a new student looking in!!) and the badges up for grabs today:


There you have it!    Next on the agenda is THE PHOTO for today!!!!!!


Here’s today’s photo Professors!


There you have it – this week’s conundrum provided by our ever incompetent  Graphics Department!     Good luck and tune in tomorrow to see who guesses right FIRST……….

“Water!  Everywhere!  Wet!   Bath!   ICK!!!”

Cheer Team how about getting these students motivated to guess!

Yes we’re taking the Harleys out today
Don’t worry – well be back tomorrow we don’t plan to stay.
We’re riding to the mountains for some nice fresh air
And feel the breeze blowing through our hair (well…fur actually)
Your job is to figure out where the photo was taken
We hope you’ll be right and NOT mistaken!
We’ll see you tomorrow when we’ll cheer for the winners
Come on now students you’re experts not beginners!

That ought to fire everyone up ladies – thanks!  Enjoy your ride!   It’s a perfect day.  It’s also a perfect day for a good lunch so let’s head to the cafeteria!

Students!  It’s time for a nourishing lunch.  Step right up to the cafeteria line!

What’s To Eat Today:

Good Luck with the Teaser Students – we’ll see you tomorrow for the BIG REVEAL!!!!!   

Your Professors


Teaser Tuesday Is Now!


It’s Time For Class!    It’s also TIME TO COMMENT!!

After you comment, please have a seat!    Today’s Teaser is a Graphics Department one and the more we Professors look at it the more we think it will be an EASY Teaser.     I’m sure you all won’t mind an EASY one right?

“It sure works for me!!”

OK – then let’s get things rolling shall we?    First of all we will review the RULES and the badges!

We thought we’d go with some older badges just for a change of pace!

“Cool – I like RETRO!”

So shall we have our ever-vigilant Teaser Photo Security Guard bring in the photo??    Are you ready????

“Bring It On!!”

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where Was This Taken?????

That is the question YOU all need to answer so you can win a badge!     Cheer Team?    Let’s get this group of students FIRED UP shall we??

We’re Late again for our ballet class
We hope Miss Grouch doesn’t kick us in the – um – rear
We have a recital coming up next week
Right now things are looking rather bleak!
Too much beer means our tights are too tight!
Our ballet outfits just don’t fit right!
Well, before we go we just want to say
We hope you all get badges and have fun
Now pardon us Profs but we’ve gotta run!!

Thanks girls – GOOD LUCK………………………………

“Those chicks are SOOO groovy!”

Shall we head to the cafeteria for lunch everyone?    A good lunch might keep you awake for a while so you can work on the Teaser photo.    Let’s go!!

Hello Students!   My staff says I look like a bank robber today with my new mask but I was ready for a change!


All Aboard for Home!!!   Good Luck Students we’ll see you in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time


HERE WE ARE!  Back again for TELL ALL time………..

How’d you students like the challenge yesterday?    It took a while but we DID have a winner……a FIRSTIE as we call it.     One unusual thing is that when we went LIVE yesterday it took a couple of minutes before a student commented – everybody was a little thrown by the early time I think.

Well I only overslept a little bit!

Anyway, we DID have a First Commenter and who was that lucky student?????

Drumroll Please!

Sharon of Friends Furever!!!!!!!!

She’s ALWAYS a Firstie!

No she isn’t always – just OFTEN!    HAHA    Anyway, this badge is for you Miss Sharon!!

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of July 21, 2020! YAY FOR ME!

Then we waited…………………and waited……………to see who would be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………………………….here’s the photo all of you were agonizing over:

A very pretty spot even if we DO say so ourselves!    It was suggested as a good location for a Teaser by our friend Miss Stephanie whose cat Gracie probably told her Mom to let us know it might be a FUN Teaser.    Thanks Miss Steph and Gracie…………………….

Where is this photo from?    What pretty village is this?    Well it’s BOBBIO, ITALY that’s where!     Here’s another photo of this picturesque village we found………..certainly looks like a great place to wander around doesn’t it?     Also we have a link with info about Bobbio.

Here’s a link to more info!    CLICK HERE

WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER you might ask????????????????????????????????????


CLOWIE – our FABULOUS Security Supervisor !!!!!

Way to go Clowie – you sniffed out the answer before anyone else did – this is for you!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of July 21, 2020!!


Then we had a bunch of you guess Bobbio after Clowie figured it out FIRST………………………so if you were right too, then you get one of these badges (copy it and it’s yours!):

I guessed the Teaser RIGHT from July 21, 2020 but unfortunately I was NOT FIRST!!!!!!

And those of you who tried – guessed but were WRONG………….well you still get a badge…………………………..a famous GREENIE:

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of July 21, 2020!

Well done students!!!!

Don’t be sad – maybe next week will be YOUR week!

Now let’s all head to the cafeteria for something to either celebrate with or cheer us up depending on if you won or not shall we??????

Students – I hope you brought your appetites with you!  We’ve got a lot of choices for you today!

What’s For Lunch Today:

Congratulations Badge Winners and see you all NEXT Tuesday for more fun!   

Your Professors



Teaser Tuesday Time!


Time For Class Students!   COMMENT then come to the classroom please!

“OK Team – good job sniffing out problems this morning – seems we’re all secure for class now!”

Can you believe it?  It’s Tuesday already……students – get comfy – we have a Guest Teaser today!

I’m ready for class – bring it on!

I’ve got my Sherlock outfit on – ready to solve a mystery!

OK then let’s start with the usual – RULES and BADGES…………………………

I’m DETERMINED to get a badge this week!

This is a very cool Teaser we have for you this week sent in by one of you in fact………………………….if you’re ready to see it – we’ll get our Photo Security Guard to bring it in!


Here’s today’s photos Professors – two views of the same place…..

So what do you think students?    See what you can come up with for this challenge OK?    Same structure – two similar views………………………. GOOD LUCK!

Cheer Team ?  I think our class probably needs a little cheeriness to begin figuring out where these photos were taken so – GO FOR IT……………………

You know the deal when we show up like this
Late for ballet class because of Suzie’s sis!
She said she’d drive us in her brand new van
But she hadn’t counted on backing up into the row of trash cans!
Anyway, we have to hurry so it’s a quickie cheer
We still have to stop on the way for a fortifying beer!
We’ll see you tomorrow when we cheer for the Tell All
So good luck students and have a ball !!!!


Well ladies that was one of your marginal cheers but a cheer nonetheless.   On your way – heaven forbid you all dancing in Swan Lake with a hangover but GOOD LUCK.


My cousin Mollye in her Halloween costume from last year

I’m thinking your ballet teacher will not be amused if you’re staggering around the studio!

Well students – I think about now you probably want a bit of lunch or breakfast in order to have enough strength to do a decent job of figuring out where on earth these two photos for Teaser were taken right?   In that case, let’s go!


Alright students!  Grab your trays and line up – everything is hot if it’s supposed to be and cold if it’s supposed to be so enjoy your meal!

What’s For Yum???