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Teaser Tuesday Begins!


“Well Troops – we’ve done a circuit around the school and down the halls and it seems all is in order!   Let’s tell the Profs”


Greetings students……happy Tuesday……let’s get to it shall we?

We trust all of you made sure your Moms (or Dads or other caregivers) had a SPECIAL DAY on Sunday right?    We must always show our appreciation when someone in our lives makes sure we are OK – feeds us, makes sure we are healthy, gives us love (and treats and toys of course).

You forgot to say “changes your diaper once in a while” !

Well there are lots of things our Moms do for us………too many to name in fact.    They also make sure all of you students are at class on time on Tuesdays!  YAY!   Now let’s get started – first with the rules and badges then with the PHOTO of the DAY!

Hopefully you will be lucky enough to get one of these badges to add to your collection!   You know you want one (or more) – right?

I want to win a badge but I need to be able to SEE the Teaser photo – someone pulled the wool over my eyes!

Yes that could be a problem!    Just a minute – I’ll give you a quick trim…………………………..

“Snip…..snip….snip…..there you are!”

Now let’s get on with class shall we?    This week’s photo for Teaser is from our Graphics Department (who just celebrated Mother’s Day) so let’s see what they came up with shall we???????

OHHH!  Pretty village or town but WHERE IS IT??????   Your guess is what we need so start studying class!    Our Cheer Team will give you a push:

Man oh man that photo is rough!
And we thought last week’s was kind of tough!
You find some winners that’s for real
Now students it’s up to you – that’s the deal
Study and decide what town this is
You have to guess RIGHT and we mean “biz” !
You might win a badge and get a cheer from us
Otherwise you might ride in the back of the bus!
We know you can do it – you’ve done it before
Come back EVERY Tuesday for more, more, more!!

Thanks girls……………….you can go hit the hot tub in your locker room or pop on your Harleys for a cruise…………..we’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!


Professors – I know you don’t like mischief in the back of the classroom but that new student Gary is being VERY NAUGHTY!

Now Gary you know that stuff is in short supply these days so you really shouldn’t do that!    This is your only and last warning!

There’s always some kid in the back of class causing trouble!   CAN WE EAT NOW???????????  I’m not the only one either!

Alright everyone – to the cafeteria!   We’ll see you in class tomorrow for TELL ALL !

Hello Students!   We have a wonderful lineup of goodies in the cafeteria today – enjoy!

See you tomorrow Students!   GOOD LUCK!!   Your Professors


Teaser Tell All Class


Greetings Earthlings (well we assume you are anyway)!   Class is in session!

“Uhoh…….class has started – put that cig out and let’s run!!”

We had a heck of a Teaser this week with an amazing start to class yesterday morning.    Our Cheer Team had their work cut out for them writing a cheer last night because we had:



Sharon (Friends Furever), Chuck Huss (Bad Cat Chris), Jackie (Two Devon Cats), Janet (The Cat On My Head) and Timmy (Timmy Tomcat)

Yep – FIVE!!!!!   And all FIVE of our FIRSTIES get one of these badges!

I was one of FIVE (yes FIVE) First Commenters on the Teaser of May 5, 2020!!


Then it came to the Teaser photo and who the heck would be the first student to guess it correctly………………………..here’s a refresher as to what the photo looked like yesterday:

Pretty city isn’t it……it’s Montevideo, Uruguay! 

Wanna know who guessed it first?????


I know who it was!!!!!!!    It was (SSHHHHHHH!!!!! – it’s our job to tell!)



Ingrid (Meezers Mews and Terrieristical Woofs)


Here’s your Badge Miss Ingrid and concatulations – we didn’t think anyone would guess it and YOU did!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser photo of May 5, 2020! YAY ME!

At the time we did this post there were NO OTHER right guessers but on the outside chance someone guesses correctly after we’ve all gone nighty night but it’s before midnight tonight when they guess right – they get THIS:

I wasn’t FIRST but I did guess RIGHT on the Teaser of May 5, 2020!

AND of course those of you who guessed but were WRONG WRONG WRONG get a Greenie of your very own…………………….

Pooey! I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser photo of May 5, 2020. Next week will be MY week!

YAY students……………….let’s see what the Cheer Team has to say to all of you……………………….shall we?

“Bring on the biker babes!!”

FIVE “Firsties” in the first minute of class??
Well seeing that many winners knocked us on our….um….derrieres
You probably thought that we’d have a fit
Well we’re actually quite fine with it!
The more the merrier is what we say
Having a brewski before class kind of “paved the way” !
Congrats to Sharon, Jackie, Janet, Timmy and Chuck
You all were up early and had all the luck!
But our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was a one and only
Congrats Miss Ingrid we hope you’re not lonely!
What a Teaser Tuesday we’re all worn out
No more juice to scream and shout!

Good job Cheer Team………………I hope you didn’t bruise your derrieres over writing this cheer.

“You said derriere….tee hee….Mommy told me what THAT was!!”

Shall we visit the cafeteria for a luncheon treat everyone?   You may know that YESTERDAY was Cinco de Mayo and our cafeteria staff is honoring that today with some Mexican delights thrown into the mix for selections today…………………… Ole’ !!

OK Students……we have a variety of things on the line today so please eat up!


GOOD JOB TODAY CLASS!   See you next Tuesday for more fun!

YOUR PROFESSORS, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tuesday Class In Session


“Everything looks good on campus team – let’s go report to the Professors!”

The Security Team says we’re a “GO” so let’s “GO” !   Have you COMMENTED  YET???

If you have commented students, go ahead and please have a seat.   Today’s Teaser might be a whopper…………we said MIGHT………..you never know around here.

“True!   None of us know what to expect when we get to school on Tuesdays but we’re READY when you are Professors!!”

Great………………let’s go over the rules and badges shall we?

Yep – make sure you follow the rules and one of these amazing badges created by our fabulous Graphics Department MIGHT BE YOURS!!!!


So as we said this one could be tough…………………so let’s not fool around – let’s get our Security Guard out here to show you today’s TEASER PHOTO – study it hard and do your best students!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Pretty spot WHEREVER it may be and it’s YOUR JOB students to figure that out…………………swell huh?

“Swell?   Hmmmm…….not so sure about that but we’ll give it a whack!!”

Good – I like your spirit Marvin!     I bet the Cheer Team can get you all pumped up for guessing too……………………….ladies?   BRING IT ON!

Today we’re in a hurry
We’ll cheer then we’ve got to scurry!
Our ballet recital is today
Every year we look forward to this day!
We look totally adorable
We hope everyone else’s performance is deplorable
So we’ll win and be prima ballerinas
Though only our parents have seen us twirl
Good luck to you and we cheer girls!
Winning anything causes a big fuss!
At TELL ALL tomorrow we’ll be proud of you
And we hope you’ll be proud of us too!!!!

OK girls – good luck…………….we’ll see you tomorrow………………..bring us your trophy to show it off.      In the meantime, we will all head over to the cafeteria for lunch!!   Gang – let’s go!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Time for lunch students!   Hope you enjoy your meal!

Today’s Menu Delights!

See you in class tomorrow students – regular time!  Good luck with the Teaser!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time


We’re here to TELL you about yesterday’s Teaser !!

Well we sure like that enthusiasm – stay excited – maybe it will wake up some of the classroom sleepers we seem to have this morning!

Seems some of our students MIGHT have stayed up too late last night to be ALERT here in class today………….oh well – THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Yesterday’s Teaser was a photo provided to us by our outstanding Graphics Department.     When she they found it among the files it seemed like it COULD have been taken in a number of spots.     It was thought that it might be TOUGH to pin down the exact location.     WAS THAT THE WAY IT WAS????    Stay tuned to find out but FIRST let’s see who was FIRST COMMENTER shall we??

Well all I know is I was early – but was I first??????

We actually had TWO FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday morning………………………………….and NO one of them wasn’t you although we are proud you were an early bird.


Our First Commenters were:

Friends Furever and These Days of Mine


Concatulations !  Each of you gets one of these fabulous badges!

I was one of TWO Early Birds/First Commenters on the Teaser of April 21, 2020! YAY FOR US!

Two First Commenters but of course we can only have ONE FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………………………….let’s show you the photo from yesterday again, tell you where it was photographed then we’ll tell you who figured it out!

Such an amazing photo.    And the thing about it is that it could have been from any number of places out west here in the US of A…………………BUT in fact this is Gloss Mountain in Gloss Mountain State Park, Fairview, Oklahoma.     Pretty amazing isn’t it.    Wanna know who guessed it?????

“Give me a minute – my crystal ball is a little cloudy but it’s coming through…….”

Thanks a lot but I can just go ahead and tell everyone who it was!

Drumroll Please!

Csilla !!!!!



Here’s your badge for guessing CORRECTLY FIRST!

Guess what?! I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 21, 2020 and it was a TOUGH TEASER TOO!! YAY ME!

Know what else?    Several others guessed correctly too so that means we have some “RIGHT GUESSER” badges to pass out – if you guessed it, please take one:

OK – so I guessed was a little late with my guess. I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST. I still get this nice badge for being RIGHT on the Teaser of April 21, 2020.

AND of course if you DID guess but you were NOT right you still get a badge………..we even reward our WRONG GUESSERS here with what we affectionately call a “GREENIE”……….and if you guessed incorrectly but at least GUESSED you get one!!  Help yourselves!!

I tried…..I really did…..but I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of April 21, 2020 so I get this WRONG GUESSER badge….better than nothing right??? Right!!!

Cheer Team?   I think it’s time for you to come on in and give our winners and losers a cheer…………………..

Lookie Lookie can you believe it – we have some winners!
As soon as we finish our cheer we’ll go and have our dinners…..
Congrats to our First Commenters – we had TWO
They were Miss Sharon and Miss Dianna who won…. NOT YOU!
It took a while for someone to finally guess RIGHT
Miss Csilla was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and she sure is bright!
She knows her geography and that’s no joke
She sometimes sleeps in class it’s true but we just give her a poke!
Next week you’ll get another chance to try and win
Meanwhile we’re gonna go outside and take the Harley for a spin!!!!!


OK girls………………………..maybe we’ll see you over in the cafeteria.    Don’t eat too much – you don’t want to get sleepy on the Harley and have an WHOOPSIE.     Students – follow your Professors to the cafeteria single file!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

OK Students!   Time to stuff your faces!    We have a stunning lineup of foodables today.    ENJOY!

Students – we’ll see you again in class next Tuesday!  Stay safe and healthy!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

Teaser Tell All


TIME TO TELL ALL!!!!    How’s everything outside and inside Clowie and Team???

All is well Professors – LET THE FUN BEGIN!

Welcome back to class students………….so it seems that our Graphics Department scored this week with a rather tough-ish photo.    It’s about time.   We try to keep you all on your toes (or paws or claws as the case may be) but sometimes you guess the ones we thought would be tough RIGHT AWAY.

At any rate, I suppose you would all like to know who the FIRST COMMENTER was?    Guess what – there were (again) FOUR OF THEM.    Our Cheer Team had a miniature fit when I told them but as always, they came through for us with an appropriate CHEER honoring those four and will share that with you later.   In the meantime, let’s celebrate our FIRSTIES!

I was here early and I commented – was I one of the four?  Was I?  Huh?  Was I?


Drumroll Please!

Sharon (Friends Furever), Csilla (Kolytyi), Timmy (Timmy Tomcat) and Janet (The Cat On My Head) 


WOO HOO FOR YOU HOO !   Each of you gets one of these to take home:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of April 7, 2020! WOW!

THEN of course what we had to do was WAIT WAIT WAIT to see who would be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………………………….well……………………….we waited and waited some more…………………..and when we were finished we had dinner then waited a bit more………………then went to bed!     That’s right – NOBODY GOT THE TEASER this week!

WHAT?   WHAT?   You mean nobody got the Teaser this week?   WHY NOT!!!!

Well because nobody had a clue that’s why.    Here’s the photo:

It’s really a beautiful photo and an interesting landscape isn’t it?    This photo is of a rather incredible shoreline in a place called BARRED CREEK CLIFFS in Broome, Western Australia.    You can see for miles and miles can’t you.   Couldn’t walk the entire beach without either swimming around the area where the rocks are in the water and there’s no beach but it might be a nice refreshing dip after walking in the sand.    Anyway, we did have some good guesses – just none that figured this spot out.


Yes you’ve got that right!     However the upside is we’re handing out a boat load of “GREENIES” today – so if you guessed but were wrong you’re entitled to one – please copy it for your collection if you collect them!!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser photo of April 7-2020 but at least I TRIED! I got this cool badge anyway….lucky me!

Cheer Team – you may have FOUR First Commenters but you have NO First Right Guesser so maybe they balance each other out?     Let’s see what kind of cheer you worked up for the crowd today…………..

We sure had a bumper crop of FIRSTIES
We think today’s cheer will make us thirsty!
So many names to work into the cheer
Our pub better have some nice cold beer!
We had FOUR early birds at the door
Good thing there weren’t any more!
Kudos to Sharon, Csilla, Janet and Timmy
What a crowd – Jumpin’ Jiminy!!
Don’t forget to take your badge
Or they’ll get tossed in the lost and found by Miss Madge!!


We admit it was a tough Teaser but they all can’t be easy peasy right?   A challenge is a good thing once in a while.   So take your GREENIE (or your badge if you were a FIRSTIE) and let’s go to the cafeteria to see what delightful things Miss Dingleberry has for lunch today.     Then you’re free to head home on your bus and we’ll see you NEXT Tuesday for more GEOGRAPHY FUN!!!!

Oh yes – before we forget – we have an EASTER PUZZLE for you if you’re into doing puzzles.    It’s at the end of today’s class post…………….our way of saying HAPPY EASTER STUDENTS!

Alright all you little Easter Buns – time to choose your lunch and enjoy!

Your Lunch Selections for Today:

Here’s your Easter Puzzle Challenge!!   The biggest challenge is you don’t have a photo to look at to know what the FINISHED puzzle looks like!    You have to put it together to find out the Easter Surprise!   



Let’s all sing!   “Here comes Peter Cottontail….hoppin’ down the bunny trail….hippity hoppity Easter’s on its’ way!!!

A special little extra – two adorable kids singing “He Arose” for an Easter concert!




Teaser Tell All


Greetings and Salutations Class……….glad Clowie and company cleared the way and you passed inspection from Nurse Iris!

We sounded the all clear with a big bark!

And I’m happy to report HEALTHY students arriving!  Some wearing masks…..

Well not sure that last mask is medically approved but we definitely like your style!!

Then all is well……………….so let’s get started with Teaser Tell All shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser went live at about 7:25AM EST and it wasn’t long before we got our FIRST COMMENTER…………………WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO was it?

Miss Carole and Katie


Your Winner’s Badge…………

I was up bright and early to be the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of March 24, 2020! YAY FOR ME!

The Graphics Department had found a pretty darn good Teaser photo – this was it:

This is a beautiful beach located in Zanzibar, Tanzania……………..that big building on the edge at the bottom is the Hyatt Hotel.    Pretty water – beautiful beach – we probably never would have guessed Tanzania if WE’d been officially guessing!

Then we waited and waited and waited for someone to guess the Teaser Photo…………………….our Graphics Department was curious whether anyone would figure it out…………..and guess what – SOMEONE DID!   In fact several someones did but only ONE SOMEONE was the FIRST SOMEONE………………….WHO?


Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS!



Your Winner’s Badge:

OH MY!! I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of March 24, 2020…..Goodie for me!!

We had some others who guessed Zanzibar, Tanzania though and each of you who were smarties and DID guess that get this badge:

So I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but I was RIGHT so I won this badge…..I’m just a little BLUE but I’ll recover in time for next week’s TEASER!

If you guessed but were WRONG……………you get a brand new Spring Greenie!

I guessed but was WRONG and not RIGHT so I must have been in the FOG! Next week I’ll try again!

A Big Hand For Everyone Who got ANY badge!!!!

Now I think it just might be appropriate for us to let all of you go home after you have some lunch but our cafeteria has decided since we’re dismissing school extra early today to do “bag lunches”.     There are THREE bag lunches you may choose from……………this will allow you to eat outside the cafeteria or even take it home with you to eat in your yard or at your kitchen table.    This will avoid close contact in the cafeteria……..!     I’m sure we’ll be back to normal next week but in the interest of SAFE SPACE we’ll offer you a bag lunch today.   TAKE YOUR PICK!   All lunches have water and an apple included.

Sack Lunch #1  (Small order fries, small fresh fruit bowl, BLT)

Sack Lunch #2  (chicken salad sandwich, small shrimp salad, two maple bacon shortbread cookies)

Sack Lunch #3 (small tuna sub, small bag potato chips, two chocolate chip oreo cookies)

And For Kismet Only (bag with handles easier to fly away with):

Kismet Choice #1

Parrot Delight Seed Mix for Kismet

Kismet Choice #2

Kismet Sunflower/Pumpkin Seed Balls

There you have it students……………..lunch on the go in the interest of social distancing AND another great Teaser class concluded…………………………we will see you next week!

P.S.    Friends before we go today I want to say that we take the Corona Virus danger very seriously and hope everyone does what is recommended to keep safe.   Our comments on the blog and using a bit of humor are not meant as a “slight” to the seriousness of the situation – it’s our feeble attempt to keep you smiling – even if it’s just while you read the blog.    We hope everyone stays SAFE and HEALTHY………..we are doing what we need to do to stay that way as well.     Maintain your sense of humor, smile because people need to see a smile right now, help a neighbor if you can and know they are alone or perhaps need some assistance.     WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS…………TOGETHER…………..and maybe with a little SMILE along the way……………

Hugs from me and Teddy too


The Professors

Teaser Tuesday – Class Is NOW!


“School and grounds perimeter check completed Professors!   All is well!   Me and my crew decided to upgrade our security outfits for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday…….!”

Have You Commented Yet???

Good Morning Class……………..Clowie and her security crew look grand in their St. Pat’s hats….we’ll have to jazz the place up for next week’s Teaser since Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day.

We’re already celebrating but we’ll REALLY celebrate next week – OK Professors????

I know that Miss Dingleberry will have special lunch that day and we’ll certainly  be celebrating.   We always do!

Now who’s ready for Teaser?   I see everyone’s hand up so let’s get started shall we?    Here are the rules for Teaser today AND the badges that are up for grabs:

We will have some special St. Patrick’s Day badges next week for you to try and win………………..NOW – if you’re ready, let’s show you the Teaser photo for this week.    It might be a little more of a challenge than the last couple of photos.   On the other hand – you all surprise us OFTEN!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken?   Town/city/village and either STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA)…………………….alright students – what say you?


You can study the photo all you want – just make sure you make your guess before midnight!     Our Cheer Team will help get your motors running (your brain motors of course) with a cheer to perk you up – ready?

We’ve recovered from the change of time
We think stealing an hour of sleep is a capital crime!
But here we are a little bleary
Right on time for your Tuesday “cheery”
This photo looks like a nice spot to have some fun
Or go out on the town with everyone
Wherever it is – we’d like to be there
Give us some spending money and we’d have no cares!
Good luck dear students and give ’em your best
We know that you’ll “ACE” this geography test!

Thanks ladies……………….inspirational cheer indeed.      Actually we Professors wouldn’t mind spending some time wherever this is.    It’s been a long winter…….we’re ready for some SPRING!


What do you say we head to the cafeteria for lunch?     If you prefer staying in class and studying the photo – please do – you can come over for lunch any time but just don’t be late for the bus for home.    We’re sure you don’t want to miss that!

Happy Tuesday Students…….time to eat a nourishing lunch so you’ll have energy to study and come up with the TEASER location and win a badge!  

Today’s Teaser Class Luncheon Choices:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you in class tomorrow Students!   GOOD LUCK!

All Aboard!   

Your Professors

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