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Teaser Class In Session!


Lookin’ good around the schoolyard – let’s see if Officer Kitty  needs help…..

Everything good here at the door – students inside commenting!

Students!   Welcome – if you haven’t COMMENTED yet – you’d better do it NOW!

After you do THAT, please have a seat in your desk and settle down.    We have another one of our “WHERE ON EARTH IS THAT???”  types of Teasers for you today so you will need all the energy you can muster to devote as much brain power as possible to figuring it out.   How’s THAT for a challenge?????!!!!

“Well if I wasn’t nervous about class before – I sure am NOW!”

Oh you all are seasoned students of mysterious photos by now………….you’ll be just fine…………we’ll show you the RULES and the BADGES then get down to business.   You will notice we have a batch of NEW badges for your badge collectors……

Now for the MAIN EVENT……………….the Teaser photo.     First of all this is a GUEST TEASER photo……..we’ll let you know who sent it in and WHERE the true location is but in the meantime you have to figure out the WHERE part and make a guess.

“We’re a little nervous about the Teaser…..you make it sound TOUGH!”

Well it is tough – WE even think it’s tough.    Now if we can get our Teaser Photo Guard to bring the photo in we’ll get started!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

SEE?   Did we tell you it would be a toughie?   Well we think it’s tough but it is on Planet Earth and who knows – a lot of people are into hiking and trail walking and somebody might recall this incredible view from the overlook.    Now – get to work!

Cheer Team?    I see a lot of students in class with their mouths wide open with stunned expressions and I think a cheer from you girls might do them some good.

Ok students we have to agree
Your Teaser challenge photo makes us want to flee
It’s a landscape you could see in any place
At least you know it’s on Earth and not in outer space!
Hopefully you all can figure out this puzzle
While we go to the pub and our beers we guzzle!

Gosh ladies – you aren’t very supportive of the students today – seems you have the pub on your mind!    Go ahead – enjoy yourselves and please do NOT overdo!

Your Friends are waiting for you!

Everyone else – let’s go eat lunch.   Might be a little lunch will get your brains in gear and you’ll be inspired with the RIGHT GUESS to make for Teaser.

You ALWAYS say that…..and eating never helps us guess right – just makes us sleepy!

Hello students…..time for lunch……hope you enjoy it!

Our Menu:

See you all back at school tomorrow for the TELL ALL!! 

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Class


Greetings Students!   Let’s get right down to it and TELL ALL!

“I’m gonna be late for class!!!!!”

Now class, yesterday we had a really super Teaser but not because it fooled EVERYONE – rather the opposite!    But we’ll go into those details in a second.   First thing we want to do is tell you who our FIRST COMMENTERS here at class were yesterday morning.

“ME ME ME ME ME I was early!”

We had FOUR First Commenters yesterday when we went live during the first 60 seconds………………….WHO?????????????????????????????????


Drumroll please……………Oh – and we have some NEW drummers joining our Teaser Orchestra this week!!

Our First Commenters Were:

Ingrid, Katty, Sharon, Frank !

WOO HOO and you each get one of these:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser post of June 29, 2021 – pretty good huh? Yeah!

“Obviously I wasn’t a FIRSTIE!”

Now about the Teaser photo – here it is in all its’ glory………………

This pretty photo is a church that has several names: St. Anthony’s Church, Annunciation of St. Anthony, & Biserica Sfântul Anton are all accepted names BUT the fact is it is a church located in BUCHAREST, ROMANIA and THAT is what we ask for in our Teaser Rules – the name of the city/town in the State (if in USA) or Country (if not in USA) !   We didn’t need the name of the church…..

Here’s some more information on this beautiful church if you’re interested provided by our Guest Teaser………..

Church’s website (which includes a virtual tour) St. Anthony’s Church – Old Court (biserica-sfantul-anton.ro)

Located in Old Princely Court … Wikipedia page Curtea Veche – Wikipedia


So WHO guessed correctly first???????????????????????   Another drumroll please?


INGRID!!!!!!   Our Frequent First Rightie!   Congrats Ingrid!


This badge is for you Ingrid!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of June 29, 2021! YAY FOR ME!

If you also guessed right – AND there were quite a few of you who said BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – you get one of these badges of your very own:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of June 29.2021 but I was NOT FIRST! I’m still proud of ME for being right though.

And if you guessed but were wrong – well you too get a badge – after all you tried right?

Well I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of June 29. 2021 but at least I TRIED!!!!!

We must thank our GUEST TEASER too who sent in this great photo which really got a lot of us scratching our heads about all the guesses which were RIGHT but carried different names for this pretty church!    Who was our GUEST TEASER?

FRANK – one of our newer students!   

A thank you badge for your photo………..

I was the Guest Teaser on the post of June 29, 2021!

Thanks everyone for a super duper Tuesday Teaser class……………………….you all ROCK……………….

Now – who would like to go to the cafeteria for a celebratory lunch???????????   Let’s go!

Students, we’re ready for you to bring your trays to the serving area – we’ve got good selections for you today – COME AND GET IT………..

Our menu:

See you all next Tuesday for another FUN Teaser Class!  Your Professors

Teaser Class is NOW!


Alright!  Perimeter check complete – let’s see what Officer Kitty is up to at school entrance!

The students were very orderly when they came in this morning – now they’re making their COMMENTS hoping to be “FIRSTIES” !!

A hearty good morning students!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED as Officer Kitty suggested?

Today is Teaser Tuesday and we have all of that to look forward to but just before we start we want to reiterate what the blogosphere has been talking about for the past couple of days – a missing kitty!     Sawyer is his name and he lives with the peeps at THE CAT ON MY HEAD in Roanoke, Virginia.    He also has a seizure disorder and SHOULD be getting medications several times a day in his food.    If he’s not home – no medication – this is NOT good.     His family has searched everywhere and has flyers, posters, notices all around and notified everyone in all the missing kitty sites, all vets, all rescues and shelters.    Sawyer is the brother of our student COOPER.

Let’s send POSITIVE VIBES out into the universe for Sawyer to get home ASAP and to be SAFE again.


Now, we need to tell you that our Teaser photo today is a GUEST TEASER!     That sometimes means TOUGH………..so be brave when it comes time to begin studying and guessing but in the MEANTIME, let’s talk about TEASER RULES and show you the badges you might win today………….



OK – you asked for it and we’ve got it so buckle up – here’s your Teaser for this Tuesday.

Where was this photo taken????????

There you have it – HAPPY HUNTING STUDENTS!     Let’s see if the Cheer Team can properly pump you up for studying and guessing shall we?????????   Ladies????? You’re ON!

Here we are to get you ready
To keep you calm and keep you steady
Hopefully someone can figure the Teaser out
Otherwise we won’t have much to shout about!
Study hard and make us proud
If you’re a winner we’ll scream your names OUT LOUD!!!!

And we can testify to the fact that’s true – we always wear earmuffs when the Cheer Team does their thing…………..they are LOUD…………

Some of us have to wear earmuffs when they cheer!

Now who’s up for lunch?   Surely some of you are hungry – follow us to the cafeteria and we’ll chow down OK?

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Hi Students!  We’ve got some yummy lunch choices for you today!


GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood – let’s check out Teaser Class!

Here we are – ready to announce winners and get the Teaser “scoop” !

Seems like that was a pretty darn good Teaser yesterday.    We’ll tell you WHERE the photo was taken and who sent the photo in to us to use in just a bit but first, let’s talk FIRST COMMENTER shall we??

Yep – GOOD LUCK Buddy!




Yes – we only  had ONE FIRST COMMENTER in the first sixty seconds of class yesterday.    I know our Cheer Team was thrilled about that – last week we wore them out with SIX First Commenters.     YAY INGRID – give her a RAH RAH RAH!

AND we have a badge for you too Ingrid:

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of May 11, 2021! I was an EARLY BIRD!

Then we actually waited a bit before we got the first correct guess of location for the photo yesterday.    Before we tell you who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, we’ll let you know WHO submitted the photo and show you the photo that you all agonized over yesterday.

Our Guest Teaser Was Miss Jackie!  Here’s the photo:

This is a photo of the beautiful water cascade in Montjuvic Park (Olympic Park) in Barcelona, Spain!     Beautiful spot but a great Teaser because there are a lot of water features like this around.    Let’s thank Miss Jackie THEN tell you who guessed it first.

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of May 11, 2021. It’s the water cascade in Montjuvic Park in Barcelona, Spain. WOO HOO!


Miss Katty and the Weim Boys!

Congratultions…..and here’s your badge:

YAY FOR US…..we were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser photo post of May 11, 2021. Yeah – we’re SMART students!


Speaking of winners – several more of you guessed correctly on the Teaser and each of you who were right get this badge:

I guessed the Teaser photo on May 11, 2021 but I was NOT the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week. Maybe next week I will be FASTER!

If you guessed but were wrong – here’s one for you!!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser photo for class on May 11, 2021 but at least I TRIED!!!

WAY TO GO CLASS……..good job.    Our Cheer Team wants to do a cheer in honor of our winners………………..They’re doing it via ZOOM so watch the screen at the front of the class.

We took a break from playing pool
We’re at Grumpy Cat taking a break from school
Thank heavens we can see you with ZOOM
So we don’t have to be there in the stuffy classroom!
Congrats to Ingrid as she was First Commenter to come to class
She got to class on time and was full of sass!
It was a little while later that our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER showed up
It was KATTY and her WEIMS – a smart human and her pups!
Now if you’ll pardon us we really must depart
It’s almost time for the Pub Quiz to start!!

Thanks ladies…………we see you decided to wear your OLD uniforms to the Pub – will they be your “pub crawling outfits” now that you have fancy new uniforms???    GOSH, they signed off of Zoom pretty quick so I guess they didn’t want to miss any of the Pub Quiz.

SO – let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch shall we?    You all need a food break – I hear there are some breakfast items on the cafeteria line today because Miss Dingleberry tells me a lot of you SKIP breakfast to be at school on time.    So make sure you have SOMETHING to keep your brains in gear.   That’s important.

“Buenos Dias!”  Welcome to the cafeteria students – enjoy your meal!   We’re featuring Mexican food today but have a little bit of everything on the menu!

Our Menu:

See you next week students!!

Professors Angel Sammy and  Teddy


Teaser Tell All


NEWS FLASH!  The following post must be UPDATED because at 8:40PM last night (after school was closed and the Professors were snoring) Miss Ingrid guessed the Teaser correctly!   So here’s your badge Miss Ingrid and concatulations!

Well, I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of April 20, 2021 after all! The Professors thought nobody got it but I DID! YAY FOR ME!

Here’s the rest of this morning’s post (although it’s now incorrect!)

YES INDEED!  It’s time for us to put you out of your misery and TELL ALL!

Welcome to class students.    I must say yesterday was an interesting day from the Teaser standpoint.     We’ll get to that in a minute but first, I’m SURE you want to know who were our FIRST COMMENTERS on yesterday’s Teaser post.

YES – Soon – meaning NOW!

We had two early birds yesterday……………can I have a drumroll for the announcement please??



Woo Hoo For the Fasties!!!!!

Here are your badges you two:

Oh boy! I was one of only TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of April 20, 2021!


Well sometimes no matter how early you get here, someone else has shoved into the line of students outside the front door and managed to sneak to the front of the line anyway.   Purrrhaps we should have our Security Guard out there every Tuesday morning.

Anyway, it was a rather tough TEASER yesterday.    Let’s show you the photo again, then talk about who MIGHT have guessed it………shall we?

This is our very interesting Teaser photo from yesterday and it is of the Midland Glider Club at Long Mynd, Church Stretton,  Shropshire, UK

Who was our GUEST TEASER who sent this photo in??? It was our good friend Miss Jackie that’s who and we would like her to have a special badge as thanks for sending in a photo that……….WAIT FOR IT……….



That’s right – we had some GREAT guesses and many of you knew it was in the UK and some of you figured out those were GLIDERS in the background so you were on the right track.    Thanks Miss Jackie for a fabulous Teaser.   This badge is for you:

I was the Guest Teaser on the post of April 20, 2021 AND my photo fooled EVERYBODY! Nobody guessed it correctly! I WIN!

Everybody gets a GREENIE!

Nobody in the entire Teaser class on April 20, 2021 guessed the TEASER right…..so all of us get one of these fabulous GREENIES. We tried though!   We really did!


Cheer Team – you may have a SHORT cheer today………………. HAHAHAHAHA!

Well gang you made it easy for us
Today’s cheer took absolutely no fuss
We’re sorry you all had a bad day
And that yesterday’s guessing didn’t go your way
But there’s always next week you know
Now if you’ll excuse us we’ve gotta go
Our dates are waiting while we do our cheer
And we’re looking forward to a nice cold beer!!!

Thanks girls…………….enjoy your afternoon and we’ll see you next Tuesday.    As for you students – who’s up for lunch?    Hopefully getting a GREENIE didn’t ruin your appetites!

Step right up and get some lunch – it will make NOT GUESSING the Teaser a lot less painful!

What’s To Eat Today:

See you all next week – I have a feeling we won’t be able to fool you TWICE in a row!   

Your Professors