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Tuesday Teaser Special Edition


“ALL IS WELL AT THE SCHOOL THIS MORNING – let the day begin!!”

Welcome Students!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?   Please do!!

Bet you’re a little surprised to see a couple of students already at their desks aren’t you?!   Well these two are our guests today and they are going to take everyone on a very cool adventure involving today’s Teaser.   You may recognize them – they are best friends Stinky and Periwinkle who have adventures together every single week on their blogs.    Stinky is a member of the Kitties Blue Crew (The Cat On My Head) and Periwinkle lives with her brother Raz and sister Allie at Friends Furever!     Here’s what we Professors saw when we pulled up out front of the school this morning!

It was a BIG SURPRISE.    They said they came to school today to share a fun adventure with all of you for Teaser Tuesday.     After we give you all the SCOOP on Teaser Rules and show you the badges you might win if you’re ON TOP OF YOUR GAME TODAY – you can follow them to The Cat On My Head for a really fun adventure.

Yep – that’s how we feel too!

Looks like “thumbs up” from you students for some ADVENTURE!

Here are the rules for participating in Teaser and we hope you will follow them – it’s more fun if you do!

Here are the badges that you just might win if you’re a lucky student!

I’m getting a badge this week OR ELSE – and I’m not talking “GREENIE” either!!!!!

SO – here’s how things will work today with the Teaser………………………all of you will hop on the bus with Stinky and Periwinkle and head off with Stinky and Periwinkle to the TEASER location where you will see today’s TEASER photo…………….they will provide your entertainment today with one of their fabulous adventures at Stinky’s blog – but in the end, it’s still all about guessing WHERE THE PHOTO was taken.    ***When you have finished your adventure at The Cat On My Head, you make sure and come back here using the link they give you and MAKE YOUR GUESS as to where the photo was taken………………….GOT IT?***    Lunch will be waiting for you in the cafeteria too.    Oh boy.

Cheer Team?  How about a cheer before the students pop on the bus and head off on their adventure with Stinky and Periwinkle????

Oh boy this is gonna be so cool!
A real fun field trip from Ding Dong School!
Stinky and Periwinkle are quite a team
Their adventures every week are quite a scream!
We’re sure you’ll have fun with them on the trip
They’re a cute couple and are really “hip”
Have a blast then come back to us
You’ll need to guess, eat lunch then go home on your bus.



OK Students –  All aboard for the Field Trip for some FUN and to see the photo for today’s TEASER!



This is gonna be so much fun………Can’t wait to see what we’ll do at The Cat On My Head!!

SAME HERE!!!!   Let’s gooooooo!

When you students get back from your adventure, come to the cafeteria…….

Welcome back children – hope you brought your appetites back with you and that you had FUN!

Today’s Fabulous Menu:

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Tomorrow we’ll have TELL ALL at the regular time….see you here for the badge awards!

Your Professors…………..

Teaser Tell All Time!


HooooHaaaaaa…..HERE WE ARE – Time to Tell!

Hello students……………you all look perky and ready for class this morning.    We sure had a BANNER class yesterday – we posted later than usual – after 8AM our time in face – but seems more people are AWAKE AND ALERT than we thought at that hour because we had A BIG CLASS!

I was here!

I was here too – I had a wet diaper but I was here.

Well we aren’t in charge of diapers here – just Teasers, and we had a full class yesterday and as a result, we had a LOT of winners.

Let’s start off by telling you about FIRST COMMENTERS……………………………………



Yes indeed and those lucky four are:



Each of you four winners get to copy the badge below for your very own!!!

I was one of FOUR (yes I said FOUR) First Commenters on the Teaser of January 7, 2020!

THEN…………………we patiently waited to see who would guess the Teaser photo right………………..we thought our Graphics Department had found a really difficult TEASER PHOTO for this week but we’re not so sure they (I mean she) did.    Here’s the photo we gave you:

We didn’t think there were many clues in this photo but of course all you had to do (sort of) is google “long covered bridges” and eventually you might have found this photo……..where is this cool bridge?????

It is Groveton Covered Bridge over the Ammanoosuc River in Northumberland, New Hampshire!

Wanna know now who was the FIRST to guess correctly?

Drumroll Please!

TIMMY TOMCAT – a double winner today !!


I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of January 7, 2020!!! YAY FOR ME!


In fact, there were a BUNCH of classmates who guessed this one RIGHT ON…………………………were you one of them?   If you were you get one of these!

Know what? I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of January 7, 2020 but I wasn’t first so I got this badge – pretty cool huh????

And even those of you who guessed but were WRONG get a badge………………..we are an equal opportunity badge class here you know!   One of these is all yours if you were WRONG:

Waaaaah! I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 7, 2020 but watch out next week!!!

Our Cheer Team will belt out their Cheer for all of you which I might add was a challenge considering we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS this week.   No doubt they will complain it took too long to write the cheer but we can simply ignore the complaints like we usually do class……………..HAHA

Four First Commenters was a lot of work
We think free lunch should be our special perk
Anyway, the four fasties were Tommy, Janet, Mimi and Sharon
The rest of you students probably aren’t carin’ !
But you would have won a badge if you’d been FAST
Sadly you oversleepers’ fate was already cast!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was a familiar guy
He’s often right and that’s no lie
Timmy Tomcat guessed right first
Everyone else must have been cursed.
There’s always next week so you’d better get busy
Prove to the Profs you’re smart and not just dizzy!

Give yourselves a cheer class – you did good this week!


Now who’s up for lunch????????????????????????   Let’s go eat!     See you all next week……………………more Teaser fun coming your way!

Time to chow down class!   Enjoy lunch………………!

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All aboard for home!   See you next week students……….YOUR PROFESSORS

Teaser Tuesday Time!


It’s Tuesday and beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!  


Security Team reporting in!   All is well at Ding Dong School today – quiet – and COLD!!!!!

Thank you Clowie and company and HOWDY everyone……………….here we are – first class of December and two days closer to Christmas.   Can you believe it?

Today we have a great Teaser for you.    It’s another GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT masterpiece and we hope you have a good time trying to figure it out!   We will be having some special Christmas badges for you to win coming up too.

Let’s get started though with the rules shall we?

And here are the badges you will be eligible to win if you’re lucky!   They are going to be Pre-Christmas badges until Christmas!

These are from 2018 – do you remember them?  Did you win any of these?

They look a bit familiar !

Hmm…..they kinda do!

Well they are still festive and appropriate and if you win one you’ll be just as happy about it NOW as you were in 2018 when they “premiered” in class!    We have a substitute guard to show us today’s Teaser photo…………..I know for a FACT that he’s familiar to you………..he doesn’t normally “guard” – he’s normally screaming in the hallways telling students to BEHAVE………

Since we gave our Security Guard the day off -I’m gonna show you the photo for today!   Whether you like it or not!  So there!

WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN????????????????????????????  Looks like winter wherever it may be!     Give it your best shot students………..it’s what you’re so good at after all – figuring these photos out.

Here to help you with your figuring out – and to cheer you along the way – is our Cheer Team – Ladies – take it away!

Santa Baby we’ve been good
We study hard like good students should
The Professors’ students are pretty darn smart
They study geography, math and art!
Let’s see how well you all do today
This photo’s a doozy so what do you say?
Give it your best and we’ll see if you’re a winner
If you don’t give it your best you don’t get any dinner!

No dinner? That’s not fair!

Everyone gets to go to the cafeteria – just remember when you finish to come back here and STUDY and get your guesses made before class tomorrow!  OK?   OK!   Let’s go!!

OK Students!  We’re ready for you today – who’s hungry?   Go for it!

Today’s Selections:

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Good Luck Students – see you tomorrow at the usual class time!!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tuesday Thanksgiving Style


Welcome to Thanksgiving Week Teaser !   Have you COMMENTED????????????

Security Patrol reporting all is secure inside and outside Ding Dong Sheep School…..let the TEASING begin!

We are so THANKFUL that all of you are in class today and we are also THANKFUL that we have such a great security team keeping an eye out for introoooders or other troublemakers here on our lovely campus.    Are you all ready for class today?     You should know that Miss Dingleberry and her wonderful team of cafeteria workers are going to have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving feast for us tomorrow on TELL ALL day.     So we are ready to celebrate – even if you and your family aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving we’ll still have fun and good food together.

Our Graphics Department came up with a great Teaser for us today.    So get those glasses cleaned up so you don’t miss anything.

Yikes – I guess I hadn’t realized just how many of you wear glasses – but they all look clean and shiny so let us BEGIN!

The rules for Teaser are:

And here are the SPECIAL Thanksgiving badges that you might win if you are lucky today!   We will announce winners tomorrow!

Now let’s bring in the guard with today’s Teaser Photo!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this taken?

And to get your brains working and your imaginations popping, let’s bring in our team of fabulous Cheerleaders shall we?

Here we are looking silly
Tossing turkeys willy nilly
It’s our duty to be all cheery
But keeping this headgear straight makes us weary!
Anyway we wish you luck as you study and guess
Your Professors expect perfection and deserve no less
We are thankful for the Profs, all of you, and Miss D
Now lets all head to the cafeteria for a glass of iced tea!

Thanks ladies – good job and I think you can take those things on your heads off now AND please put those turkeys down.   Don’t spill stuffing all over your cheer uniforms!


Good luck with your guesses everyone – tomorrow before we have our Thanksgiving dinner together, we will find out who gets badges and who doesn’t!     Meanwhile, line up and let’s march to the cafeteria together shall we?

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Hello Students!   Welcome to “Pre-Thanksgiving Lunch” – our regular menu today but tomorrow we’ll have lots of Thanksgiving favorites!   Enjoy!

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Happy Studying!  See you in class tomorrow!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Well gang we didn’t fool you yesterday that much in spite of our being SURE we would.   It was a doozy of a Teaser but YES within a few minutes we had a WINNER of the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge this week.

First things first though – shall we let you know who our FIRST COMMENTER(S) were?    Yep – we had TWO……………

Miss Jackie and Miss Sharon – double winners!!!


You each get one of these!!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of November , 2019! TWIN WINS!

I was only two minutes late for class but still was too late to be a FIRST COMMENTER!

Here’s the photos we gave you to study yesterday for guessing purposes – and we have some MORE photos of this same LOCATION to show you as well as a link to find out more about this REALLY interesting structure!

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?   No!  Neither one!   It’s a beautiful museum!

Yes the photos came to us from our Guest Teaser Miss Annie of Animal Couriers.     They are both photos of the incredibly beautiful and very “artsy” Victoria and Albert Design Museum – fairly newly opened in Dundee, Scotland.     Want more info?    CLICK HERE

Here are some other photos she sent to us along with the two we used………………..

This is a super cool photo – makes it REALLY look like a ship but the masts are on the HMS Discovery docked at the wharf with the museum in the background….looks like the masts are on the museum!!!

A really unusual and interesting Teaser spot Miss Annie – THANKS A BUNCH and here’s your THANKS for being our GUEST badge!

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of November 5, 2019!!

Who guessed the CORRECT city/country for this week’s Teaser?   Well, it was one of our FIRST COMMENTERS – Miss Jackie!    She’s a DOUBLE WINNER this week – she’d read an article about this museum in the newspaper a year ago and recognized it.


I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS and the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of November 5, 2019 WOWZERS!

What a Teaser!!!     If you think you have a photo of a place that might fool our students, please send it to us at junekimm(at)AOL.com and we just might use it one of these Tuesdays!

Cheer Team – let’s celebrate our winners!

What a Teaser that was quite a gem
But try as we did, we didn’t fool THEM!
Miss Jackie and Miss Sharon were sharp as tacks
You’d all better keep an eye on them and watch your backs!
Miss Sharon was one and Miss Jackie came back!!
We hear next week there will be new badges for Fall
Then it won’t be long before we hear the turkey call!!!!

Yes girls – new badges next week and week after then special Thanksgiving badges.  Our Graphics Department will be drawing up a storm!     Those of you who display your winning badges on your blogs or social media will have some new stuff to share.

Now – who’s UP for lunch??



Let’s GO gang!

Alright Students!   Step right up and bring your tray – we’re ready for you with some great lunch selections to fill you up before you head home on the school bus!

Today’s Lunchables:

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All Aboard The Going Home Special Students……..we’ll see you next week for more TEASER FUN!

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Halloween Style!


Hello Class!   Time to Tell All !

Well we’re one day closer to Trick or Treat.   Don’t know about where you all are but here we are scheduled to have RAIN and WIND.   Not an ideal night for goblins and witches to go out to collect candy and goodies from the neighborhood homes!    Mom says she used to HATE when it rained on Halloween because her Mom made her wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella and it kind of took all the fun out of wearing a costume.  Oh well………..here in Teaser Class we’re nice and toasty and cozy no matter what the weather is.

I sure don’t want to put a raincoat over MY costume!

No Sarge I’m sure you don’t want to………………….

Here are some other students who wore costumes today and they don’t want to cover them up either!!!

Sam's Cousin Toby for Halloween

So I’m sure you’re all just dying to know all the details on yesterday’s Teaser and who won what right?   OK – let’s do it!

Who was here bright and early and FIRST yesterday when we went live???   Our FIRST COMMENTER was:

Friends Furever!!

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of October 29, 2019 for HALLOWEEEEEEN!

Here’s your totally cool Halloween badge – concatulations!


Then it was just a matter of time before the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER popped up with others following close behind.   STILL, there’s only ONE FIRST RIGHT and who was it this week????????



Your badge:

I was RIGHT RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser Halloween post of October 29, 2019!!

Know what else?   We had a bunch of other RIGHT GUESSERS – each of you who guessed and were correct get one of these:


I was RIGHT with my guess on the Halloween Teaser of October 29, 2019 BUT I wasn’t FIRST!!!

And of course if you were WRONG with your guess – at least you TRIED and you get a special badge for that!

POOOEY! I was WRONG with my Teaser guess on October 29, 2019 for Halloween….. BOOO!

Now that you know who won what – how about hearing WHERE the photo was taken?    Also who our GUEST TEASER was………………….here’s the photo again:

Our GUEST who sent this in was our long-time student Miss Csilla and we love this photo of the DUKE OF WELLINGTON STATUE in George Square, in downtown Glasgow, Scotland!    Here’s some information about what appear to be witches hats that the horse and the Duke are wearing in this photo.   Probably not what you would have guessed but super interesting.   CLICK HERE.

Thanks Miss Csilla for the photo – here’s a badge for you…..

It was the perfect Halloween one even though it wasn’t intended to be spooky!!

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER for Halloween, October 29, 2019!

Let’s hear from the CHEER TEAM shall we?

Surprise surprise we’ve got some winners
Does this costume make me look thinner?
Our First Commenter was Friends Furever because they were early
Just because it wasn’t YOU that’s no reason to be surly!
Then we waited for someone to make the right guess
ANIMAL COURIERS was faster than the rest.
All in all it was a lot of Halloween fun
We wish lots of trick or treat candy for EVERYONE!!!!

This photo was from Halloween last year – pretty scary huh????  

Is anyone UP for the cafeteria?????    Let’s head over and see what’s on the menu for today shall we??

Time for another exciting Halloween meal students!   Enjoy!

Halloween Delights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for having Halloween fun with us in class this year again! 

See you next week for more Teaser fun…………..Your Professors



Tuesday Teaserween! Boo!


Boooo!   Have you commented yet??????

Greetings and Happy Almost Halloween students!

It’s as close to Halloween as a Teaser can get without being on “THE DAY” so we’re celebrating a few days early.   Our Security Patrol has finished their rounds and has reported that all is secure so we should just have a GOOD TIME today!

Thank you Clowie and Trainee Crew!

Before we start with the Teaser photo, etc., I thought we’d show you some costumes of students in today’s classroom – THEN some “flashback” photos of students in previous Halloween Teaser classes – everyone looks so totally cool.

Here are students Raz, Allie, and Noelle in their new costumes for this year’s Halloween celebration:

Now let’s have a peek at past student costumes from previous Halloween classes!

Just a few – we have tons – from way way back when Angel Sammy wasn’t an Angel!    Anyway, let’s get started with today’s Teaser activity shall we??????    It’s a SPECIAL TEASER photo today from a GUEST TEASER.    Let’s review the rules shall we????

And we have some special Halloween 2019 badges for you to try and win too!

So we’ll be awarding these little doozies to those who deserve them tomorrow……………………..now, for the MAIN EVENT…………………….today’s GUEST TEASER PHOTO!    Our Security Guard will bring in the photo for us:

Here’s the Teaser Photo for today Professors!   Sorry if I scared you and the class…….

Remember – no cheating!   If you do, the BOOGEYMAN will be after you since it’s Halloweeeeeeen!     Looks like a couple of witches including a horsewitch (very rare!) to me but we’ll find out tomorrow WHERE and WHAT and WHO.   Can you figure out where this photo was taken?????????

Now for a word from our Cheer Team……………………….no doubt they are all kitted out in Halloween gear………………………..come on in ladies!

Here we are in our Halloween gear
Nice to see so many Halloweeeeenie faces here!
Today’s Teaser might be just a bit tough
But we girls know that you like it rough (haha)
Be careful when you go out trick or treating
When the door opens up a WITCH you might be greeting!
Tune in tomorrow to see who wins
If you skip class you know you’ll pay for your sins!!!!

Yes tomorrow we’ll have our TELL ALL class and some of you will get badges for this Halloween.   Now if you’re hungry I think we should stop off at the cafeteria before you all go back to class and study to make your Teaser guesses.   Ready???

Happy Almost Halloween Class……Ready for some TREATS??

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow’s Menu will be JUST AS SCARY…See you then!

Good Luck Students.  See you at regular time tomorrow!   

Your Professors