Pre-Teaser Monday Tune-Up


That’s right!  Today we get your engine all tuned-up so it can win the race of TEASER TUESDAY!   Do you accept the challenge??

Yep – I’m up for it Professors!

Good, then let’s go for it.    First of all please remember that tomorrow’s TEASER POST will be a surprise time – not the usual time…….don’t let it catch you off guard!


Here are the rules for tomorrow’s guessing AND the badges that you might win as a result of participating in the fun in class tomorrow!

See, if you just look carefully at the Teaser photo and hunt for clues then google search based on what you SEE, you might just win.   It would just be WAY TOO EASY to ask Google Image Search to look at the photo and give you the answer – NOT FUN !!    So stick to the rules please.

Who’s ready to have the Cheer Team get their excitement pumped up for tomorrow’s guessing game?????

I see a lot of hands!    Let’s get cheering girls!!

The day before Teaser and here we are
We’d rather be riding in a convertible car
But we wanted to cheer for you to get you ready
To face the Teaser from Professors Sam and Teddy!
We’ve seen the photo and we think it’s rough
But maybe you all are made of stronger stuff!
We’ll be back tomorrow with another dose of “happy”
So go to bed early tonight or tomorrow you’ll feel crappy!

Gosh……sounds like a toughie photo tomorrow……..

Thanks girls………you never cease to amaze us (or the students I’m sure!).    We think you’ve given the students some food for thought but now we think maybe we should give them some food for their tummies in the cafeteria!

Welcome to lunch time at Ding Dong School students…….we have a nice variety of delicious things from which to choose today but we’re featuring seafood of all kinds………so DIG IN – and enjoy!!

Today’s Outstanding Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember – Teaser at SURPRISE time tomorrow!


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    • I do hope that you all will be here tomorrow and have your computer connection OK……as for your Mama’s glasses – I hope they’re not at the bottom of the broken glass box by mistake! EEEEEEEEEEK!


  1. Mmmm, cherry pie. I haven’t had that for a long time!
    I will try my hardest to be on time tomorrow. You caught me unawares last week being early, but I was still only a minute out even though it was the first time I checked for the morning.
    I will make sure my holidays and cruises photos memory stick is plugged in ready too.


    • Miss Jackie you are ALWAYS on alert on Tuesday mornings…..all your reference/study materials at hand and ‘rarin to go! I can’t say if we’ll be early, earlier, or later than early tomorrow because it’s top secret but we’ll be here and we have a WHOPPER for everyone.

      Hugs, Teddy


    • That pie looked amazing – we just HAD to ask Miss D to serve it up on the cafeteria line….it’s incredibly rich though – INCREDIBLY! See you in the morning!

      Hugs, Teddy
      p.s. it’s a major toughie


  2. Grouper, Grouper, Grouper, GROUPER!!!! Grouper Sandwich!!!!!!!!!!! You did it! Oh My! I will be here in the morning and go to bed early so I won’t feel crappy, Cheer Team! And I will now have the Grouper Sandwich… with a tiny bit of tartar sauce! Thank you, Miss D!


    • Well Katie, you may certainly have an early Greenie BUTTTT what if you actually figured the Teaser out? You’d have a Greenie that you couldn’t use! Why not give tomorrow’s Teaser a try….THEN if you are lost on “Teaser Lake” without a paddle, we’ll give you a Greenie! 🙂

      Hugs, Teddy


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