Tuesday Teaser


Ready or not – it’s TEASER time!   MAKE SURE AND  COMMENT!!

Hello students…………we hope you’re ready for a Teaser that just might be one of our “Toughies”………it’s not a Guest Teaser – and we’ve decided to change the regular rule just a little bit by saying FOR JUST THIS WEEK and JUST THIS TEASER, you only need to tell us what State (if in USA) or what Country the photo was taken.    We just aren’t sure you would be able to guess the town/city/village HOWEVER if you do, and you’re right with that too, you will get a special badge – THE TEASER GENIUS badge!    

Now back to business before the photo………….here again are the rules (which we’re making an exception to as above) and the badges you can win:

AND, if anyone does guess the town/city/village in ADDITION to the state (if USA) or country if not USA then they will get a SPECIAL BADGE which we’ll unveil if we have a winner.   Again it would be only for the FIRST person who gets the whole thing instead of JUST the state or country – GOT IT?   Good!

Hmm…I think I unnerstand, man.

Would you all like to get a little RAH RAH RAH action from the Cheer Team?   I think it would not only wake you all up but get you READY to guess the location where the photo was taken!

Oh yeah….bring on the babes!

Hello Kids let’s all get ready
Teaser’s coming in a few minutes slow and steady
This photo is a tough one – that’s what we think
Might drive you crazy or drive you to drink
It could have been taken in a TON of locales
We promise that you can trust us gals!
You’d better study the photo, and we mean seriously
So today you can win and celebrate deliriously !

Gosh……you’ve got us worried now!!!

Well don’t be worried – just be alert when you get to class tomorrow……….AND, we’ve told you on other occasions that the Teaser photo was a toughie and someone has guessed it right away so you just NEVER know!


Let’s bring our Security Guard on board now with the photo…………………


Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

Now remember – you only need to tell us what State (if USA) or Country (non-USA) this photo was taken………………BUT if you ARE able to give us the name of the city/town/village where it was taken, you get the TEASER GENIUS badge tomorrow!


Just take your time and do your best – that’s all we can ask of you dear students.

Well, we can also ask you to follow your Professors to the Ding Dong Cafeteria too if you’re ready to EAT!    Ready?   Set?   GO!

Hello Students!   Are you suffering from eye strain after staring at the Teaser photo?   Well, take a break, enjoy some lunch, then tackle it again……YOU CAN DO IT!    We cafeteria workers have faith in you!


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  1. Darn! I thought I had a chance at first today. I think I needed a faster wi-fi connection or at least faster fingers 🙂 No clue where the photo was taken- a rich person’s house? 🙂 XO

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  2. That is a photo of a Castle! Where? Um? We need to crack our books as there is not a clue anywhere. Come on gang lets fill up on the exceptionally excellent lunch. Maybe that will fuel our thinking to solving the puzzle. Thanks Miss D. That cheer has us thinking of drinking luckily there are lots of good shake choices. Professors we have no idea where so… Upstate Pennsylvania! Thanks fur the fun see you all tomorrow

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  3. From the front view of Dingleshire Estate Penitentiary, you might think it’s not a bad place…. well, for a prison. Maybe a joint you wouldn’t mind spending a consecutive life sentience or three in should the occasion arise. But they never take photos of the back of Dingleshire when they print up the postcards, which is where this photo was obviously stolen from. You see that guard tower in the rear of the facility? It overlooks a large quarry where the inmates are forced to beat great big rocks into little bitty rocks 25 hours a day in the hot sun, day and night. And you know where those little bitty rocks go? Yep, into the driveway you see there which, once completed, will connect the prison to the nearest highway….. which is 99 miles away. Only 98.6 more miles of rock to break up, boys! Keep chiseling those boulders!

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    • Now that’s punishment alright…..nice they compensate the gang by giving them a nice joint to sleep and eat in…..This certainly is a lesson that CRIME DOESN’T PAY – it just gives you blisters on your hands from whacking rocks all day!

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  4. MOL Teddy slow and steady is how I like to be teased….
    OMCs when did you get a photo of my house? MOL MOL
    Hugs cecilia
    Please thank your Mom for her very kind comment about my quilt….guess what I’m 3/4 finished
    with my 2nd one. It is a gift for sis of Madi

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  5. Umm, it’s a castle! My first reaction was one of the structures on the Hearst property but when I saw Clowie’s comment, I knew I had to change it because Clowie knows everything, everywhere! So, it MUST be the Garibaldi Castle in Khryashchevka, Russia 😁I know, get in line to pick up my greenie.

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    • OK,gimme room here, mom. There are no palm trees…does that mean its not warm there or these folk don’t like palms? That is the question. I believe there is water way back bejind the mansion. Is this an island? Also the leaves were gathered in a helter skelter fashion.. Are the servsnts lazy or is this a minumum security treat house? So many questions.

      Isay this is a half way hohse for the monetarily endowed. It is on Key West island in Florida.


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  6. Mee iss here Teddy! An mee an LadyMew puzzled over this photoe. Mee meowed Hawaii butt LadyMew said there are no Pine treess inn Hawaii.
    LadyMew sayss this Cassel iss sumwhere inn USA…mew emw mew…that narrowss it down, 🙂
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    • That’s it alright – and the Daily Mail was where we found it……..sure is a nice little place isn’t it….wonder if you’d ever have time to actually visit all the rooms???!!!!!


  7. I think it is a mega priced mansion in Rublyovka, Russia. I knew I had seen it recently and looked through old online copies of the Daily Mail. It was originally priced at £64 million but has been reduced to a bargain £51 million. I think I will buy 2 at that price!


    • That’s where our Graphics Department found the photo – the Daily Mail………YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!! My Mom was going to put a bid in for that mansion – but then we realized commuting might be a big problem.

      Hugs, Teddy


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