Tuesday Teaser Class Is Called To Order!


Calling all SHEEP – Class is about to start…………

Good Morning Class!   Have you COMMENTED yet?   Better HOP to it!

Here we are on another Tuesday morning getting ready to see just how sleuth-like you sleuths can be as you figure out WHERE the Teaser photo today was taken.    We know sometimes it’s very tough and sometimes it’s easy but today – well – we think it might be somewhere in between.

Well I for one, am dressed for success!!!!

Just to remind all of you students……………

I’m sure you know the rules by heart……..but it never hurts to show them to you AGAIN – besides, we may have a new student or two and they wouldn’t be familiar with our rule about using a program to give you the answer.

I asked you to COMMENT when you first got here this morning because someone (or maybe more than one someone) will win a special badge to display on their blog if they are the FIRST COMMENTER!    IT’s THIS one, and our Graphics Department will personalize it tomorrow when we hand out badges:

Graphics Department????  You mean your MOM don’t you?????

We have other badges for you to win too……….winners will be announced tomorrow for the above badge AND the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE, the RIGHT GUESSERS badge, and the WRONG GUESSERS badge.

I’m gonna TRY SO HARD to win a badge this week!!!

The Cheer Team has pretty much recovered (thanks to their special hot tub room) from their BAD EXPERIENCE roller skating last weekend so they are ready to knock your socks off with a cheer today before you see the Teaser Photo!

Here we are to strut our stuff
Yesterday we felt quite rough
Today though we’re feeling grand
Our cheer today is on demand!
Sheepy students really rock
So come on gang and beat the clock
Study the photo you’re about to see
Then make a guess to set you free
Tomorrow we’ll cheer for you win or lose
So study this photo for any clues!!
Biggidy Baggidy Bimbo
Don’t leave us all in LIMBO!


Yes they do…………and today they’re not walking funny like they did yesterday.   Ouch.

It’s tough to cheer when your buns are achy-breaky!

Shall we get our security guy in now to display our TEASER PHOTO for this week?     Sarge?   Could you please ask him to “COME ON DOWN” ?????

Front and Center Security!!!!!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this pawsome photo taken?????

Good luck students………………not that you need luck when we Professors know you’re the smartest flock of SHEEP ever !!!

Now – who’s up for lunch?    If I’m not mistaken it’s BURGER DAY IN THE CAFETERIA!

YES INDEED – today is BURGER DAY and we’re serving them up in all kinds of ways.   Study the menu and know what you want when you get to the server because if you hold the line up – well – let’s just say it won’t be pretty!!!  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

GOOD LUCK SHEEP!!   Your Profs


Don’t Forget that tomorrow is Madi’s special BLOG HOP……….click here for the scoop



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  1. oh meow my we over sleeped. That is one purrrty mountain but we have no idea where it is.
    Cheer Team biggity bagity boom glad youre in the room bigity bagity be you are friends to me (and the family too.) Head Sheepstress you are one grand chef and command the best. We appreciate and will have some burgers and fixinst. Thanks fur the fun
    Timmy and Family


    • Hi Timmy and Company! Over sleeping is rampant this morning – Oliver and Calvin’s Mom slept through her alarm – I think everyone just needs MORE REST. My Mom said she felt like just sleeping “in” today too but I made sure she got up because I knew Teaser was scheduled for EARLY today! HAHAHAHAHA Enjoy your snackables in the cafeteria!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Hi Katie! I delivered your message – and know what? That’s not a bad guess at all – we’ll see if it’s Africa tomorrow! We also hope that YOUR Mommy is having a special birthday – she and my Mom are BIRTHDAY TWINNNNNNNIES!!!!

      Love, Ted


  2. Looks as if the one and only first commenter will have a double badge for today. Mom was up and 6 a.m., but knew she wasn’t going to stay up then and keep refreshing every minute. Late and dumb, that’s us! But we don’t mind. The main reason we are here is to sing:



  3. Happy Birthday to Teddy’s wonderful mom! I have no clue where this mountain photo was taken, but I will be back tomorrow to find out. Great cheer ladies, glad you are feeling better. XO

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  4. This is the sad, sad tale of two critters who were sentenced to break up a pile of rocks as punishment for a crime that society apparently would not tolerate. “You only have to break up the rocks in the one little pile,” the judge told the two convicts. “Once all the rocks are in itty bitty pieces, you’re free to walk the streets again.” And when the bus rolled up to the pile these two criminals were sentenced to work on….. well, you see it up there in the photo. They obviously won’t get done with that rockpile for a good long while…

    And what ghastly crime did these two commit that justified the punishment of literally making a molehill out of a mountain? They had the gall to insult Miss Dingleberry’s cooking…. and her mustache. And so it was that this squirrel and parrot would never see a day outside of chains ever again…

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  5. My stars….you call this mountain teaser, easy? Do you have any idea how many mountains there are? Baaaa Baaa! I am going to guess this is Mount Rainier in Washington State. However It could be Mount Baker…schucks, the only hint is a bunch of trees. So it gets rain. mol



  6. Just off hand I’d guess it was somewhere in the Grand Tetons.

    I really wanted to stop by to wish your Mom a happy birthday, and many more !


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