Pre-Teaser Monday Class!


Good Morning Class.  Are you all ready to be prepped for tomorrow????


We hope so.   After all, we’re SURE it’s the highlight of your school week – right?   Tuesdays mean you get to polish your spectacles and hunker down to inspect a photo and figure out WHERE it was taken.    So many of our class members wear glasses, it’s impawtant to remember if they’re CLEAN you’re more able to examine photos right?

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Anyway, we are going to get you tuned up like a fine motorcar today……………………first up – the RULES!

You will be asked to follow the TWO rules we have when you are working on making your GUESS tomorrow.    Just see what you can do without putting the photo into some program that will tell you where it is.

You also need to remember that the Teaser post will as usual pop up at an undisclosed time!    It will just pop up at any old time.    We like it to be a surprise so a million people aren’t poised by their computers, ipads, etc. WAITING for it at the same time.    BECAUSE, we will be awarding a badge to the person who is FIRST COMMENTER!    Sometimes it’s more than one student but sometimes it’s an ONLY student too!     We have other badges for you to win – FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER and the old WRONG GUESSER badges.   Yep – you even get one if you fail!

All clear???????

Yes Professors!!

The Teaser tomorrow is going to be a GUEST TEASER………..traditionally those seem to be harder although last week’s was a bit of a doozy and it was our Graphic Department Supervisor (aka Mom) who chose that one.


OOPS! I got dressed in the dark this morning and put on my bunny hat instead of my sheep hat – am I in trouble Professors???

No of course not – in fact if we just chopped the long ears down to a smaller size you’d pretty much have a sheep hat on anyway.     NOW, where were we???

Oh yes – just be sure you are complete in your guess…………town/city/village or WHATEVER.

Our cheer team is here to do a little cheer to get you primed for tomorrow.    They are a peppy little crew and I know you appreciate having them do their thing for you on Mondays.

The Monday Morning blahs
Make it hard to do our rah rahs…..
We went on a quadruple blind date
They took us out to roller skate
We’d never been skating before
So now our bums are all sore…..
What we need is a good hot tub soak
And trust us – THIS ISN’T A JOKE!!!

Well Team – beware of blind dates.   Oh – and skating rinks too!


Miss Dingleberry is ready for everyone over in the cafeteria so you can head over there any time you’re ready.    We Professors will be here to greet you tomorrow morning at a SURPRISE TIME and show you the photo of the day.    BE READY!

Greetings Sheep!   We have a delicious menu for you today.  As long as you behave, we’ll get along JUST FINE!


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Enjoy your lunch SHEEP and we’ll see you tomorrow in class!!  

The Professors 


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  1. Oh MONDAY! I have tomorrow to look forward to! And looking at Suzie again! XXX I’ll be here. It’s your mom’s and mine’s birfdays! XXXOOO


    • Yep – tomorrow is “don’t mention old age to my Mom” day for me….I just tell her she’s younger than springtime with my fingers crossed!!!! Just kidding. Katie are you giving your Mom anything special for her birfday? An especially juicy hairball or some other surprise in her slipper?????

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. You all look great in glasses, but a couple of you need to get a smaller pair 🙂 Nice cheer ladies, sorry your bums are sore though. Any of you going to have a second date? See you tomorrow. XO


    • HMMMM….one of those little WordPress Mysteries of Life I suppose – but I see your comment THIS MORNING! We’ve kind of given up trying to figure the internet out – it’s a complete mystery.

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. The Human is going away tomorrow so I bet I won’t even get to guess this time (how dare she?) Still, we figure our chances of winning are about the same whether we guess or not, MOL! We’ll check in Wed for the answer 😉 By George, i think we’ve got it!


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