Pre-Teaser Monday


Time to Prepare for Teaser Tomorrow!

Good Morning class…………..are you “up” for tomorrow’s Teaser or should we have a little preparation class this morning as we usually do on Monday?   I guess a little refresher course never hurt anyone right?

Arf Arf……oops…..I mean RIGHT!!!!!

OK – first important thing to remember tomorrow when you get to class is that you need to COMMENT…………you might be the FIRST to comment and if you are you get a badge for that!

This cool new one!

Then once you comment, you should take your seat in your desk and get ready for class to start.

Can do!!

Then we will put the RULES up on the board and it’s very important that you pay attention to them because in order for everyone to have a fair chance to guess where the photo was taken, we can’t have someone taking the EASY way to guess and doing some kind of shortcut for the answer.   Please follow the rules for EVERYONE’s sake!

Alright!   I’ll follow the rules Professors!

Good – glad to hear it.   You don’t want to have to wear the DUNCE cap do you?

Trust me… don’t wanna wear it – I’ve worn this thing so long my head is pointed.

We should also show you the OTHER badges that you might win tomorrow……….if you guess right but aren’t first, if you are the FIRST to guess right, and if you guess incorrectly – you get badges:

THEN, something everyone looks forward to – the cheer team will arrive and do their cheer for the Teaser!   They of course also do a pre-tease cheer and HERE IT IS:

Pre-Teaser time is here
Be brave and show no fear
We are sure you know your stuff
If not, just look smart and bluff!
Badges are FUN to win
They turn your frown into a grin
We know the photo is from a GUEST
When we saw it we were quite impressed
So get plenty of rest tonight
When you guess you just might be RIGHT !

Thanks Team………………if that cheer doesn’t get the students motivated to try hard to guess where the Teaser photo was taken tomorrow then NOTHING will !

IF the cheer doesn’t motivate class, I’ll do my ELVIS impersonation – that oughta do it!

Now remember class – and this is VERY important – tomorrow’s Teaser post will pop up at a SURPRISE TIME – not the usual time for our posts – it will be a SURPRISE TIME so just be on your toes or paws OK?   OK!

Now let’s finish our Pre-Teaser class with something to munch on shall we?    You need a proper lunch in order to keep your brains in gear!

Looks like this guy beat us to the line!

Nice Cold Fruit Smoothies

Study hard tonight students!

Your Professors…………….Angel Sammy and Teddy


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  1. I will try to be bright and early tomorrow. Actually, Teaser time is around lunch time so I will just try and remember to get here on time.


  2. I will try to be here, my Tuesday just isn’t right if I don’t start with The Teaser. Parts came in for the AC and tomorrow from 8 to noon is the time! That badge for first right guesser, now that is some incentive! That little kitty is a cutie. I can’t tell if he/she is HAPPY or tremendously overwhelmed!


    • You know Teddy and Angel Sammy ALWAYS save a desk for you in the BACK of the room with the other troublemakers….haha… if you are here, that’s grand, if not, you know THEY will forgive you!! It’s a toughie Teaser from a Guest this week. That kitty is hilarious isn’t she/he? We use that one in class sometimes for “EXCITED”…I think it’s hilarious!

      Love, Pam


  3. Poor tuxie with the pointed head…gave us a good laugh. We are surprised we each don’t have one of those. You know we’ll be back tomorrow at some undisclosed time. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


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