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Welcome to Tell All Class Students!

Shall we begin at the beginning?   Usually a good place to start right?     First of all we had ONE and ONLY ONE “FIRST COMMENTER” yesterday morning.   How about that?    Actually it was almost SIX minutes before anybody commented as we posted EARLY for a surprise.    Who was that lucky student?????

Katie Isabella !

That’s right!   We are excited for beautiful Katie and are proud to present her with this FIRST COMMENTER badge………

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on Tuesday Teaser for March 20, 2018!!! WOO HOO!

Congratulations Katie – you were our EARLY BIRD this morning……………………..

What? You mean I wasn’t your EARLY Bird this morning????

We did not have a GUEST TEASER yesterday either – it was one my Mom located and used and it’s one of our favorite spots.   Apparently it’s one of our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER’S favorite spots as well because he guessed it FIRST.    Before we tell you that, let’s show you the photo again:

A beautiful place athough this not a view of this town that most people would recognize.    Where is this?   Portland, Maine!    Back where the little tour boats park before going out on their little “getting to know Portland” cruises…..I think I see some fishing boats in there too but it’s a beautiful town in a beautiful state.

WHO was our lucky ducky student who guessed this FIRST?????

Da Phenny!!!!

Many of you know that Da Phenny’s “standard guess” when he hasn’t got a clue is “MAINE, USA” and this time he was right but he got the right CITY too!    YAY PHENNY this is for you:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for the Teaser of March 20, 2018 ! YAY MAINE!

Concatulations Phenny and Katie!

We had a couple more guess correctly and those of you who DID get one of these:

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of March 20, 2018!

Were you WRONG?   Were you brave enough to guess but still incorrect?   You get a badge too – a famous GREENIE is all yours!

I guessed incorrectly but I TRIED on the Teaser of March 20, 2018!

Let’s see if the fact they only have TWO NAMES to cheer about today catches the Cheer Team in an exceptionally GOOD mood today shall we????

Oh boy what a TREAT
Pull up a chair and take a seat
Our cheer is short – no need for long
Only Two FIRSTIES we should sing a song!
Katie Isabella was first one HERE
She ought to join us for a nice cold beer!
Then came Phenny who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER
He’s also well known for being a very snappy dresser!
We can’t believe that we lucked out this week
We’re so happy we’ll give Sarge’s cheeks a tweak!


We all think you’re BRAVE!

Now for the REAL reason you are all here today – not just for the geography test but for the FOOD………………..well we wouldn’t want to disappoint you so here is Miss Dingleberry to keep you all from fainting away from hunger.    As for your Professors – we shall see you again NEXT week for more TEASING!!!

Step right up!   What’ll it be?  Chicken, shrimp, fish, fries or ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!

Your Professors!!  


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  1. I did it! I made it first!!! YEA!!! I will take that badge and put it proudly right there where I can see it. I got where it was wrong but at least I was in a neighboring State! Heeeee. And Cheer Team, I will be there this afternoon to lift a cold one with you! Maybe Sarge could come with us? XXX

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    • Sarge is turning into an even more wrinkly mess because he’s hooked on the hot tub but he might not object to having a pile of company in the tub with him Katie! Tee Hee

      Hugs, Teddy and CONCATULATIONS!


    • It’s a super pretty city – we land there whenever we do our Maine vacations and love walking around the city for a day before hopping in our rental car to head to wherever we are staying on the coast.

      Hugs, Pam

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  2. Do you see that mom? We usually guess Maine and when we don’t the answer’s Maine. I KNOW. KIND OF DEPRESSING. What do you mean kinda depressing, it is very depressing. How come Phenny gets these right? MAYBE HE RIDES OFF AND VISITS THESE PLACES WHEN HIS MOM AND DAD ARE ASLEEP. Well, he could pick me up so I can win some of these too. MAYBE WE’LL HAVE MORE LUCK NEXT WEEK, SHOKO.

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  3. Oh boy, a fried food feast! We love that even losers get to eat. We sure hope you ladies refrained from trying to tweak anything on Sarge. That guy is scary. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  4. OMG! Katie Isabella was First and Phenny was the first right guesser!!! Two of my best furrends! That is too cool!
    I, Marvelous, did not get a chance to come by this week. The tablet is having “issues”. Mom says when she gets a change we will get a new one and purrhaps it won’t be as recalcitrant as our current one.


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