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Teaser Tell All Class



Hi Class!   Good job yesterday…………we actually had SEVEN First Commenters and more than two who guessed the Teaser photo right – a bumper crop of a class if you ask us!   Well done.


Now we just need to hand out badges and let you know who our OUTSTANDING STUDENTS were for this week…………….first up – the list of FIRST COMMENTERS!   Could we get a drumroll please??????



“WOWZER MEOWZER that’s quite a crowd of Firsties!!”


Each of you FIRSTIES gets one of these:

I was one of SEVEN (yes I said SEVEN) First Commenters on the Teaser of July 13, 2021! WOW

Next we waited to see who would be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………we had some wrong guesses then WHAMMO – two people guessed it RIGHT within a minute of each other but only one was THE FIRST……………..wanna know who?    Please give us a drumroll and we’ll tell:



Woooo Hooooooooo!

This badge is for you Csilla:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of July 13, 2021- YAY FOR ME!

If you also guessed correctly – you get one of these:

Well I wasn’t the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but I did GUESS RIGHT so I got this badge. Maybe I’ll be FIRST next week???!

AND if you guessed but were wrong – you get one of these:

Oh dear – I guessed WRONG on the Teaser photo of July 13, 2021….I’ll study harder next week!


Thanks crowd for giving our hard working Teaser Students some credit…………………..now – let’s talk about the PHOTO shall we?    First of all you know it was a GUEST TEASER PHOTO.   Our GUEST was Mr. Frank and he was in class yesterday zinging us with incorrect guesses to throw you off – did it work????  HAHA    Seriously, this is a great photo and our Graphics Department had to blur out the flag flying above the building because it would have given it away – at least the location would have been known to be:


This is the National Palace, or the Palace of the Captains, or – well there are several names for the building but you didn’t have to guess the building you had to guess the TOWN/CITY and COUNTRY and that is…………….


Csilla guessed it first……………here are a couple of links you can follow to get more info on this most interesting place (I bet it’s hot there!):

This is the Wikipedia page for this location……….. CLICK HERE

This site is a UNESCO site – Antigua is a UNESCO city……………..   CLICK HERE

Thanks a lot Frank………….super Teaser and Csilla figured it out by an interesting method of location but she’s really good at searching for clues in photos and making her guess.

This badge is for you Frank for being so kind to send in a super duper TEASER photo for us!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of July 13, 2021!

“Oh poop!  I got a WRONG GUESSER badge and I already have 1,272 of ’em !”

I think there are a lot of people with growing collections of WRONG GUESSER badges Leroy.    Just remember – YOU TRIED!

Maybe the Cheer Team can cheer everyone up (including themselves because they were slightly depressed about having to put EIGHT names total into their cheer for today!

We hope that you’re all happy
Writing a cheer this week was really crappy!
Too many names to cram into one cheer
Means we’re way behind on our beer!
We’re relieving our tension with ballet
Remember we’re grumpy so watch what you say!
Who was FIRST RIGHT you might ask?
Miss Csilla was the one who was up to THAT task!
Our First Commenters were our biggest crowd
We’ll say their names loud and proud!
Cecilia, Carole, Frank and Pix
Bunty, Sharon and Ingrid total one more than SIX!
Ballet is first but then we’re out of here….
Heading to the pub for MORE than one beer!!!

Well I’m sure not surprised and I know the students aren’t either!

“Hurry up girls – we’ve got some cold ones for ya!”

I suppose we should head to the cafeteria for lunch………..oh – before we do – we wanted to tell everyone that our WINNING New School Design was #3 so it looks like we will soon be DING DONG FISH SCHOOL !!!!

Design #3

Happy Wednesday – COME AND GET IT!

Your Menu:

Congratulations from your Professors!


Teaser Tell All Class


YES!  Welcome to Tell All Class students……

Pull up a desk and let’s get started shall we?     It was a WHOPPER of a Teaser yesterday.     Absolutely.    And if you remember LAST week we also prepared Tell All class under the assumption that it had fooled everyone but in the end it hadn’t – remember?

Let’s back up a bit and talk first about FIRST COMMENTERS shall we?      We had a whole huge crowd of students almost banging down the door yesterday morning to get in and comment FIRST.    So many of you were early birds we actually had FIVE of you in the first 60 seconds of class so we will be awarding FIVE First Commenter badges!    We’ll tell you who they were:

DRUMROLL………..our Five Firsties

Sharon, Timmy, Ingrid, Janet and Katty!

Each of you gets one of these fabulous badges with our congratulations:

I was one of FIVE (yes I said FIVE) students who were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of April 27, 2021. Amazing!

“This is my disappointed face….or is it my depressed face…..or is it both??”

Sorry about that………..now we’ll show you the Teaser Photo from yesterday and who was kind enough to send it in for a TEASER SUBJECT…………!

This gorgeous photo was sent in by INGRID and it is a photo taken in MUSKOKA, ONTARIO, CANADA !!

We had guesses mentioning ALLLLLLL sorts of places but nobody thought it was in Canada.    Thanks Miss Ingrid for the photo AND for sending us a Teaser which managed to:


There were no RIGHT GUESSERS for this one.    Maybe just a little too generic for people to figure it out?    But it sure is a RARE DAY when we get to fool everyone.   Last week was an ALMOST but not quite but this week is a DONE AND DUSTED.     So we have a badge for you Miss Ingrid AND a badge for all of you who were WRONG GUESSERS:

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of April 27, 2021 AND it FOOLED EVERYONE!

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser photo of April 27, 2021….but I was in good company because NOBODY GUESSED IT RIGHT!!!!!

“That was an epic Teaser alright……!”

The Cheer Team wasn’t very happy to learn that we have FIVE First Commenters but they still were able (after a few beers) to come up with a cheer for the occasion!   Ladies?

That was quite a WHOPPER
A genuine Teaser Class Show Stopper!
Nobody knew where the photo was taken
You guessed but were all mistaken
But our FIRST COMMENTERS came through
We have all of their names for you!
Ingrid, Sharon, Timmy, Janet and Katty
Coming up with this cheer drove us batty!

I’m sure it did ladies but we appreciate it – we really do!     Now maybe we should all go to lunch and relax……it’s stressful on Teaser Days isn’t it.   I know we Professors feel stressed!

The Professors said you all were “bummed out” about Teaser today so I thought I’d cheer you up with my ridiculous bow and sunglasses…….or maybe you should just eat a good lunch and THAT will cheer you up!

Our Menu Choices for Today:



Teaser Tuesday Class



Tuesday Patrol duties complete gang – let’s report in to the Profs!

Good Morning Students!  Security says we’re a GO for class – HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?

Remember it’s important to comment the second you get here – why?  Because you might be a FIRST COMMENTER and get a special badge to show off to your family and friends (or not).   HAHA

“OF COURSE everyone wants a badge to show off!”

So, let’s get going then shall we?   First up – RULES and BADGES available for you to win:


“I’ll have to dig out my St. Pat’s costume to wear for funzies – maybe it will bring me luck!”

This week’s photo is from our hard-working Graphics Department where great minds (alright we exaggerate…….just one mind and even that is pushing it!) come up with fabulous photos for you to figure out every single week!    Ready?   Security Guard – please bring in today’s PHOTO!


Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!


“I don’t know but it makes me wanna throw up – the highest I’ve been is Mom’s shoulder!”

Well we don’t want anyone to get sick but we do think this is a pretty cool vantage point for a photo.   Now where was it taken THAT IS THE QUESTION!!


Tuesday it is and it’s time for our cheer
It’s a nice day for the Harleys but we HAVE to be here!
The photo today looks like an interesting place
Now do your best to guess – you don’t want to be a disgrace!
Next week we’ll be here in our outfits of green
You can dress up too if you wanna make the scene!

Thanks ladies…..we all know that Grumpy Cat Bar will be where you go after class next Wednesday after Tell All…………………you’ll be wearing GREEN and drinking GREEN we’re sure!!

Now – let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch shall we?   Then tomorrow we’ll meet again for the TELL ALL…………….to find out the winners and losers.

Time for lunch students!   Enjoy!  Next week – special St. Pat’s lunch!


See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!!!!!!

Teaser Tell All Class


Happy Wednesday!

Hello Class! Well you certainly were a group of SHARP STUDENTS yesterday! We had a full classroom and can you believe it – we had EIGHT FIRST COMMENTERS all chiming in during the first sixty seconds of class. That’s definitely a record and let us just say that the Cheer Team were slightly grumpy (alright – they were beyond slightly). However they didn’t let us down. They hopped in their Team Hot Tub and came up with a cheer while they had a brewski and a snack. You know how those girls are!

So here we go. Let’s start with the usual – the list of FIRST COMMENTERS:


Ingrid, Sharon, Timmy, Carol, Janet, Angela, The Weims, and Csilla!



Each of you gets to take home one of these gorgeous BADGES (not badgers):

I was one of EIGHT (yes EIGHT) First Commenters on the Teaser post of January 5, 2021 !!

“DANG……I tried to get here early – but I missed the bus yesterday morning!”

Well the Teaser was a GUEST TEASER as we told you yesterday.     AND it was from one of our new students – Frank.    You should visit him – he loves the beach and writes a lot of interesting blogs about all the things that make being at the beach so AMAZING.      Just CLICK HERE to check out his blog.

Here’s the photo he sent in:

Isn’t this a beautiful place?   Well it’s also a very INTERESTING place so I’m giving you a link you can use to get all the truly fascinating information about Chateau Laroche (Loveland Castle) in Loveland, Ohio.      CLICK HERE for the information.

A very big thank you to our GUEST TEASER student for sending us this photo – we were really interested in the information on the web link!      This THANK YOU BADGE is  for you “Mr. Frank”:

One Spoiled Cat blog used one of my photos as their “TEASER” photo on their post of January 5, 2021 !

“What a FASCINATING story!!!!!!!”

I suppose you’d like to know WHO our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was – RIGHT?      Well SHE was one of our EIGHT FIRST COMMENTERS!     Who?



Here’s your badge for being right before anyone else!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser photo of January 5, 2021! I was ALSO a FIRST COMMENTER – a double whammy!


Not only was I a FIRST COMMENTER but I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER TOO on the Teaser of January 5, 2021! I feel faint…..haha

If you also guessed correctly – and MANY of you did guess the right location of the Teaser photo – please take one of these RIGHT NOT FIRST BADGES !

PHOOOOEY! I was right with my guess on the Teaser photo of January 5, 2021 but I was NOT FIRST!

And of course if you were NOT RIGHT with your guess but you still TRIED – we thank you for that and give you this charming badge for your trouble – better luck next week!

Well I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of January 5, 2021 I’ll do better next week – yep!

Now for the piece de resistance……………our very own Cheer Team will now honor all our winners with their cheer.     GULP.    

You probably think it’s really funny
Well we’re here to say NO IT WASN’T HONEY!
EIGHT student First Commenters you gotta be kidding!
Good thing when they told us, we were sitting!
Ingrid, Timmy, Carol and Janet
Four down four to go and we didn’t plan it!
Angela, Katty, Csilla and Sharon
That’s a total of eight if you’re counting and caring!
That’s why we’re “broadcasting” from the Grumpy Cat Cafe
Just to prove we know how to PLAY!
Thank heavens for hot tubs that’s our mantra
That hot water feels almost as good as a back rub from SANTA!

OK girls………..just tell yourselves that the chances of that happening again are SLIM to say the least!!!     Now I think we all better go grab some lunch – and you Cheer Team ladies can go into the Cafe and grab whatever ELSE you want to grab!    You deserve it!


OK Students…………..time to grab a tray and join the line for lunch!!!  

GREAT CLASS KIDS!   See you all next week on Tuesday for another TEASER!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time


Wednesday means TELL ALL !

Hello Students! We’re here to give you the scoop on the Teaser yesterday and so you can see WHO wins WHAT.   Clowie’s security team says we’re GOOD TO GO so let’s do it!

“We’re Ready Professors!!”

First of all we want to tell you that there was only ONE “First Commenter” this week.   We usually have a bumper crop of Firsties but only ONE was during the first 60 seconds after class doors opened and that was……………


Da Phenny and Da Nelly and Da Mom (Katty) !!

Hey who let those pirates in – well, at least they’re CHEERING…….!!!!!   

Here’s your badge gang:

We were FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of November 2, 2020 and we’re proud of ourselves!!!!


I coulda been first commenter but I had to visit the litterbox first!

Then we had to wait for someone to figure out the Teaser Photo…………..and remember, it was a GUEST TEASER this week and before we tell you who guessed it, let’s talk about the photo a bit.   It’s a special photo and it came to us from our friend Ingrid who is a frequent flyer (!) in the winning categories here as well as someone who sends us GREAT photos to use for Teaser.    This photo is of Rotterdam, The Netherlands and her Cousin took the photo.    Obviously the SPECIAL bit is that beautiful rainbow in the sky.    The timing was perfect for us to use this photo because one of Ingrid’s sweet cats who we ALL know and love, Pipo, is about to make his trip to the Rainbow Bridge.     That rainbow is for Pipo.    Here’s his photo from this year’s Halloween Costume Contest.     If you’d like to leave an encouraging message for Ingrid on their blog please just CLICK HERE.      I know they would appreciate it.

Ingrid here’s your badge for being our Guest Teaser – thanks!

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of November 2, 2020!!

And Here Is Her photo:



Sorry to tell you it was NOT you – in fact it was the same group of fabulous students who were FIRST COMMENTERS today!!!!    

Da Phenny, Da Nelly and Da Mom – yes – AGAIN!

So they will get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE but also a “DOUBLE WINNER” badge!

We were FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser Post of November 2, 2020!

WE ARE FABULOUS! We were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS as well as the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of Nov. 2, 2020…….WHOOPEEE!

There were several – and we mean SEVERAL – of you who also guessed the Teaser right and you each get one of these:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of November 2, 2020 but I was NOT FIRST!!

AND of course if you did guess but you were totally WRONG – you still get a badge:

I was WRONG with my Teaser guess on the post of November 2, 2020 but at least I tried!

SO there you have it!    A Double Winner and a whole lot of Right Not First folks as well…………………………….let’s see if the Cheer Team is ready to CHEER shall we?

We must say that we were rather happy
ONE winner for FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT is very snappy!
Miss Katty and her Weims were both FAST and RIGHT
They were BIG winners without a fight!
It made writing our cheer today nice and easy
Now we’re gonna ride our Harleys cuz it’s sunny and breezy!

Before the Cheer Team departs, we just want to give Miss Ingrid a BIG HUG……..

I know she will appreciate that Suzie!  Now you girls enjoy your ride and we’ll be seeing you  next Tuesday for more TEASER FUN……………………….

“Is lunch soon?  I didn’t have time for bweakfast this morning and I’m hungwy!”

Well we’re all “hungwy” so let’s go to the cafeteria!

Hello Students!  Happy Wednesday – time for lunch – step right up and get your lunch – enjoy!

Today’s Selections:

Have a good week Students – we will see you next Tuesday!   

Your Professors