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Teaser Tell All Time


Woo Hoo!    Time for us to spill the beans……….well, maybe not beans but at least the DETAILS on yesterday’s Teaser.   We got a few more entries in the TEASERWEEN contest yesterday and you still have a couple of days to get yours in so GET TO IT!

I’ve been working on my costume Professor!

Before we go any further, let us just tell you who our THREE First Commenters were yesterday.   They all came in during the first sixty seconds – we had a bunch of super alert students yesterday morning!


Phenny, Clowie, and Miss Sharon !!!


Each of you get one of these for your VERY OWN!

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser Post of Oct. 23, 2018!

You three were TOO FAST for me!!!!

Here’s the photo you all had to agonize over yesterday – it was several hours before the CORRECT guess was made………….we had a lot of great guesses though – this was a bit of a toughie to figure out………………….but who guessed first????

Meezer’s Mews and Terrieristical Woofs !


Here’s your badge for such grand detective work!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of October 23, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

As of post scheduling time, there were no other correct guesses BUT if it happened while we were sleeping, and you were RIGHT, you get one of these:

Well I was right but not first on the Teaser of Oct. 23, 2018! Pooey

And if you were just plain WRONG – you get a GREENIE!

UHOH…..I guessed but was wrong on the Teaser of October 23, 2018. Darn!

This was the photo that fooled a whole lot of students yesterday but it was in fact SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO as Meezer’s Mews guessed!   WOO HOO!!

Guess I’d better study harder next week!

And now for the highlight of class (at least that’s what a lot of you tell me!) – here’s the Cheer Team to congratulations our winners today!

Hey hey whaddaya say
Who did well on the Teaser today?
We had three Commenters who got here first…….
They were so happy we thought they’d burst!
Sharon, Phenny and Clowie were QUICK
Getting here early is quite a trick…..
Then the Teaser photo turned out to be tough
The Profs were wondering if it was too rough
Then along came Miss Ingrid at Meezer’s Mews
She guessed the Teaser and saw the clues.
So all in all it was an EPIC TEASER
We’d say it was a hit – a real crowd pleaser!

I foresee FOOD in our immediate future!

So who’s UP for lunch????????   Miss Dingleberry has fired up her cooks today and they’ve created another fabulous lunch assortment in our cafeteria !    Let’s head down for a peek !

Attention All Sheep!   We now have video cameras all over the cafeteria so don’t think you can cut in line or pull someone’s hair or steal their lunch because WE ARE WATCHING YOU!   

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Congrats winners !!!!  

Your Profs!


Teaser Tell All Time


Hello Students!   Come in and take a seat….

It’s time for us to spill the beans about yesterday’s Teaser photo…….are you ready?

YES indeed!



Sure am!

Alright then let’s go…………………..first of all I will let you know who our FIVE (yes I said FIVE) First Commenters yesterday were!    Now we know that’s a “bumper crop” of Firsties but we are confident (mostly) that the Cheer Team will take that in their stride when it comes to doing their cheer later………..it’s a big load of names for sure!    The winners of the new FIRST COMMENTER badge are:

Phenny, Kitties Blue, Friends Furever, The Cat On My Head, Two Devon Cats, and Kolytyi!

This is for you!

I was one of FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of Sept. 11, 2018

Concatulations First Commenters!!

I WANTED to get up early but MOM made me sleep in!!!

Now here’s the photo we used yesterday – it was one of my Mom’s………………..

This is the beautiful “Luray Singing Tower” – a carillion tower with 47 bells that was built in the town of Luray, Virginia by the Luray Caverns, in 1937.    Here’s a link to more information if you’d like to learn something about it.   Mom and Dad have heard the bells and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!    CLICK HERE

So who was the lucky ducky who figured this one out FIRST yesterday??????

Miss Jackie of TWO DEVON CATS!



You are the FIRST to get the new FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of September 11, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

And several others guessed it right after Miss Jackie did……………..all of YOU get this new badge:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of Sept. 11, 2018 BUT I wasn’t FIRST !! Darn!

Then of course we have a new Greenie for those of you who guessed but guessed incorrectly………………

I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of Sept. 11, 2018 but at least I tried!!

Our Art Department at Ding Dong Sheep School hopes you like the new badges……………….they worked hard to have them ready for this week!!

Big Cheer for All our Winners This Week?


Gosh, I didn’t realize we had so many people in our audience today…………………..(cough cough).

Well time to have our Cheer Team come in and cheer their little socks off for all of our winners today………………..we had a bunch of them and I hope they got a good soak in the hot tub before they came – they will be in a good mood!

Holy Mackerel and Golly Gee
Lotsa winners from A to Z
First Commenters were FIVE and that’s a lot
Their names will take up all the time we’ve got!
Phenny and Friends Forever were two of the FIVE
Two Devon Cats, Cat on my Head, and Csilla TOO and that’s no jive!
A few minutes later we had a RIGHT GUESS
It was Two Devon Cats again – Miss Jackie was the BEST!
We’d love to stay longer and cheer some more
But we’re exhausted from this cheer so we’ll leave the floor
On to the hot tub where we need a good soak
This cheer wore us out and THAT’s no joke!!

OK Team – we know it was a challenge with five First Commenters……………sorry about that but you did a good job.   Now go get your soakie time!!   I see Sarge is already enjoying his time off today:

This was a great Teaser……………..and who knows what we’ll find for you NEXT week!    Anyone who has a photo they’d like featured on our Teaser Tuesday should send it in to our Mom via our email address.   We’re always looking for TOUGHIES!

So who’s UP for lunch????????

Alright Sheep – it’s time to graze!  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a good rest of the week students!    See you next Monday for our PRE-TEASE class!   

Your Professors

Pre-Teaser Monday Time!


Time To Get Ready for Teasing Tomorrow!!

Hello Students – we hope you had a satisfactory weekend experience – we did – and we are READY for the teasing to begin tomorrow.   We’re here today to prepare you for that.   You DO want to win a badge don’t you?   Of COURSE you do!

First thing to remember about tomorrow is that the instant you get here, you need to:

Ohhh….Ohhhh….I know what we have to do FIRST – can I say????

Yes you can……………………….what do you all do the second you arrive at Ding Dong School on a Tuesday morning Tommy?????


That’s right.   You must comment because if you are the first (or one of the firsts) to do that you will win this:

Then we’ll remind you of the rules for the Teaser guessing game…….and we are very strict about following those rules too – we want everyone to have an equal chance to win a badge.   That can only happen when everyone uses the rules.    What’s up to win?

So you can study the photo and come up with a guess and if it’s right you get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, if you’re right but not first you get a badge anyway and if you’re wrong you can have a little GREENIE of your very own.

And if you act up in class or meow too loudly, you might get to wear this DUNCE CAP that I’ve had like FUREVER!

Our wonderful and oh so talented Cheer Team will give you a big cheer to get you in the mood for guessing tomorrow and in fact, they are here TODAY to get you in a “pre-mood” for guessing.

We’re here to have some fun
We spent the weekend enjoying the sun!
Remember to arrive in the morning quite early
If you’re late Sarge can be rather surly!
And Madge can get rather cranky
And make you cry and blow your nose on your hanky!
So study up and be here at the start
Show the others you’re QUICK and SMART!
See you in class in the morning…..
This is your Final Warning!!

Thanks team……………I believe you’ve got everyone stirred up to the point they will be ALERT and READY for Teaser class tomorrow – we can’t tell you what TIME we’ll start class though – that’s the tricky bit – we have our post coming up for class at a SURPRISE TIME every week.   NOT when we usually post……………so keep your eyes on the prize (or your computer screen).

That’s VERY sneaky not to tell us when to be here!

Yes we know it is but that’s PART OF THE FUN!!!!

Now – who wants lunch?    Miss Dingleberry left some sandwiches for us in the back of the room today……………….she’s getting a lot of catering done for tonight’s “PARENT-TEACHERS MEETING” here at Ding Dong School.    Lots to do for that but I told her to just bring the sandwiches and leave them and we’d help ourselves – her Asistant Chef was just a tad – well – intimidating last time he served us!!!   Remember him??

Yeah he’s not gonna be here……………..just don’t be a big pig and take more than you can eat OK?    And we’ll be back tomorrow at a SURPRISE time to see how well you can GUESS the Teaser photo tomorrow which is a GUEST TEASER by the way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck Students!   Professors Angel Sam and Teddy too

Tuesday Teaser


Rrrrrrrrrring!  Time to get to Class!

It’s also time to COMMENT before you sit in your desk chair…….just sayin’………..

Good Morning Students!    I see everyone is at their desks looking bright and chipper and AWAKE…………….congratulations on that!

At my desk!

At my desk too!

Me THREE!!!!!!!

Very good students……very good.    Now, good luck to all of you who got here early – purrrhaps you will be FIRST COMMENTER tomorrow when we announce badges – this could be yours:

Today we have a GUEST TEASER – that’s right – one of YOU sent in today’s TEASER photo and it will be up to you to figure out WHERE the photo was taken and what you’re seeing in the photo.   Sometimes it’s a toughie – sometimes it isn’t, but either way, YOU have to figure it out while still following the rules:

Think you can handle that?    It’s tempting to load the photo into Google Image Search and let your computer tell you where it is but it’s more fun to just figure it out – and if we Professors have taught you anything in class, it’s to trust your brains!

I trust my bwain…..but does my bwain trust me???

Well that’s a question only you and your brain can answer Seymore……………..let’s see if our Cheer Team can clear your brain up in time for you to figure out today’s Teaser shall we?????

Sigh…..I wish one day I could be a glamorous cheer team member…..

Boomalacka, boomalacka, bim bam boom
There’s a whole lot of “bwains” here in this room!
We’re about to show a photo to you that’s no lie
Just don’t get frustrated or else you might cry!
Maybe you can find a clue or you’ve been to this place?
All we can tell you is it’s from EARTH and not outer space.
Skippy Scrappy Scrunch

I see your tummies ruled your cheer today team……well, that’s OK…….I’m sure Miss Dingleberry will appreciate your ENTHUSIASM.    First things first though – let’s bring in our ever devoted and efficient Security Guard with today’s Teaser Photo!


Sorry I’m late…..here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Ready – Set – Go – where was this photo taken?

Here’s what’s up for grabs for our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, our RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST GUESSERS and our WRONG GUESSERS:

Gosh….it looks familiar…..hmmm……

While you’re all studying the photo and trying to figure it out, feel free to take a tiny break and have some lunch.    Our wonderful cafeteria staff has prepared an Italian feast for us today……..Miss Dingleberry will be happy to take your order – just remember to be NICE while standing in line or – well – you know how grumpy she gets!




Mama Dingleberry, we Professors would like to sample EVERYTHING please!

Good Luck Students!   We’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL class!   

Your Professors


Pre-Tease Monday


Good morning class………!

Are you ready?   Today is your “Teaser preparation” day!

Tomorrow at a surprise time we will be calling class to order and YOU will need to be ready to examine a photograph closely and figure out WHERE the photo was taken.    That’s what Ding Dong School Geography class is all about.   Not only that, but when you first arrive in the morning here in class – you need to comment – just say hi or bye or boo – but say something because if you’re the first one (or one of the first ones in the first minute) to comment, you might win this:

People collect these badges you know – yep- they might just be valuable one day – you never know!

After you comment then you will need to settle down in your desk chairs and be prepared to get down to work – because after our cheer team gets you pumped up, you’re going to have to figure out where our surprise photo was taken – city/town as well as state or country.    It’s not easy.    Trust us!

Here are the rules for tomorrow:

Yep – we want you to figure it out without any help.   Makes it even-steven for everyone that way too!

You don’t want anyone to get mad at you right?

We take our Tuesday Teasers seriously around here right class?

Well you sure don’t want Sarge or Marge mad at you!

What do you say if we go ahead and get our cheer team to make an appearance – they always get everyone pumped up for the Teaser……….


Today is manic Monday
It’s usually a fun day
We get to put you in the mood
We try to do that without being rude
Sometimes we might slip a bit
A bad word makes Sarge mad enough to spit!
We try to be polite and encourage you to win
We try to keep it light and maybe make you grin!
So be here tomorrow and be part of the class
We’ll cheer our pom poms off with a big dose of sass!

See what I mean?    The Cheer Team knows how to get your blood flowing and your brain churning and before you know it – you’re really ready to examine the photo and WIN!   If you should happen to win, you get a badge – we are BIG on badges around here.    One of these in fact:

That’s right – you may get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge…….or the RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST badge……….or maybe one of our famous GREENIES – if you’re WRONG with your guess.

We also get FREE lunch – yep – and it’s better than the stuff you may remember from other schools you’ve gone to.    Our cafeteria gives us some good stuff.    We have Miss Dingleberry to thank for that………..and today is no exception – so line up nicely, get some lunch, then go out and enjoy recess.   Just remember to be here tomorrow – and when you get here COMMENT then politely and quietly take your seat.    Or else………..Sarge will be watching!

That’s right! I’ll be watching you!

Alright…..no shoving….be nice or no lunch!   WHAT DO YOU WANT TODAY????????????

Crunchy fries

Crispy onion rings

We will see you tomorrow at a SURPRISE time!

Until then – STUDY!!!    Your Profs………

Teaser Tell All


Ta Daaaa!  Let’s tell and show all shall we??

Hello class.   What a great Teaser yesterday don’t you think?   A very unusual photo too of what looks like an interesting place to live.    All those very similar looking homes so close together but yet you go to any big city and you find a spot very much like this.   We’ll tell you where this is in a minute BUT FIRST…………….

Announcing First Commenter(s)

That’s right – we had a bumper crop of FIRSTIES yesterday.   No doubt we’ll have some grumpy cheer team members but they are currently soaking in Sarge’s hot tub so they will be in a good mood by the time they get dried off and arrive for cheer time.   Who were the FIRSTIES this week??

Friends Furever, Timmy Tomcat, Madi AND Calvin/Oliver!

Each of you gets to go home with a little badge to prove you were up early and you were alert enough to comment this morning!!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS this morning and I’m proud of it! YAY for me on the Teaser post of June 19,2018!

TOO LATE DOODS – others got here before you!

Then we sat back and WAITED………………..WAITED to see who would figure out where this photo was taken……………coulda been SO many different spots on the globe………..but it was only one spot and I guess I should quit torturing you and tell you WHERE it was and WHO was first??????

This very interesting photo with all the similar houses all crammed and jammed together is in the interesting community of BACK BAY in Boston, Massachusetts!    WHO was the first to figure that out????????

The suspense is killing me!



Timmy you get this for your SMARTY PANTS guess my friend!!!  

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of June 19, 2018! YAY FOR ME!!!!

Let’s have a big fat cheer for our winners today shall we?

OOPS – give us a minute Professors – hand out the RIGHT GUESSER and NOT RIGHT GUESSER badges or something – we are still SOAKING!  We’ll get dressed and be right there!!

OK – we’ll wait for the team to get out of the tub………………….

If you were RIGHT today but not FIRST you still get a badge – after all, being CORRECT with your guess is a big accomplishment – most of our Teasers are TOUGHIES so guessing correctly deserves something!   Please take one of these for YOU:

I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of June 19, 2018….but I get this nice badge anyway! YAY FOR ME!

And if you were one of those who made a guess but were WRONG, you still get credit because at least you TRIED – please take one of these for your very own!

WHOOPs – I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of June 19, 2018 but I still get this badge to prove I tried!

OK – I see four very drippy and wet cheer team members here who are ready to cheer the winners…………………………………….it’s all yours gang:

Gosh this is like a wet t-shirt contest……woo hoo

Sorry we were in the tub soaking
Time got away from us and we’re not joking
A bonanza crop of you commented FIRST
Saying all these names will give us a powerful thirst!
There was Sharon, Oliver/Calvin, Timmy and Madi too
All crowded in to comment early – it was quite a zoo!
Then same the big test of where the photo was taken
We knew there’s be one winner while other hearts were breakin’
Who was the FIRSTIE who guessed it right?
It was TIMMY TOMCAT he was outta sight!
His Dad knew the photo since he’d been there before
And there were some others who figured it out too – they all knew the score.
Congrats to our winners we’re so proud of you
Come back next week again and we’ll see how you do!

OK Team – you can head back to the Hot Tub…………Sarge has finally decided that it’s OK for others to use the tub when he’s not around………..so you don’t have to SNEAK in there any more!!!

Oh boy – I’ll add some more hot water – everybody in the tub!

I’d say this was a good class today – wouldn’t you?    Miss Dingleberry has your lunch for you – it’s burger/hot dog day AND for dessert – ICE CREAM!!!!

Ice Cream Sundaes

Perfect on a hot school day!    Enjoy – congratulations to the winners today – we will be back next week with another photo TEST for you……….meanwhile, stay cool!

Your Professors, Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Welcome to class students……before you get too comfy though HAVE YOU COMMENTED???

Now please settle down in your desks and quit throwing paper airplanes and pulling Suzie’s pigtails and making faces at each other and saying NOT ALLOWED words……in other words, please be little ladies and gentlemen.

Alright class – you heard the Professors!

Today is the day we put you to work and see if you’ve been studying and trying to become familiar with different parts of the world so you will be able to look at a photo and figure out WHERE it was taken!    Could be ANYWHERE on the planet.   Here are the class rules for making a guess:

About #2 – it would be just so easy to load a photo into a program and have the computer tell you WHERE it was taken but it’s more fun to do some real detective work we think!   If there’s a mountain range in the photo you can google “high mountain ranges” – look at the images and maybe you’ll figure out where the photo was taken………….if there’s a big red building with six fireplace chimneys you can google “large red brick building with six chimneys” and you MIGHT find it!    See?   That’s real detective work and that’s definitely allowed!

We know all those rules Professors…..you don’t have to tell us that stuff!

We know you students who have attended class before are familiar with the rules BUT it never hurts to review them.   Besides, we have new students join our class from time to time and THEY might not understand the rules.

I’m new and I was happy to get a rule review!!!

I had to drag ask our Cheer Team to vacate the hot tub 15 minutes ago before class – I know Sarge is out of town visiting relatives but he COULD surprise us and come back early and the Cheer Team would get in trouble…………..

Team – class is starting soon – time to dry off and put on your uniforms!!!

We don’t want Sarge to get upset…………we know how Sarge CAN get upset don’t we class??

YES we do and “it ain’t pretty” !!!!

Oh here they are – all pruney from the hot tub but in uniforms and ready to pump up the volume and get class READY TO GUESS!

Well we might be a little pruney
But we’re certainly not loony
We’ll get you primed for guessing
Then we have business that’s quite pressing
We’ve got dates lined up for dancin’
And who knows maybe some romancin’ !
But back to the reason we’re here
We are here to do a TEASER cheer!
Mishy Moshy Moto
We hope you recognize the photo…
You get a badge if you guess it right
Now get to work and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!

OK Cheer Team……….you went around the barn on that one but you finally got to the point – so without further ado, let’s bring in our security guard with today’s TEASER photo so you can get to work guessing!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN??????????????????????????????    Be first to guess correctly, or even just be RIGHT with your guess if you’re not first and you win one of these:

If you’re WRONG with your guess you still get this!

And remember at the beginning of class I said you needed to COMMENT so you would be FIRST to comment???  That’s because anyone who comments in the first 60 seconds (could be one of you or more) will get this:

Tomorrow at the TELL ALL class we’ll tell you who won and who gets what………………………..so to round out today’s class and because it’s hot as blazes outside, we have set up the ice cream wagon and Miss D is ready to serve you ice cream!    She’s also got some cookies and milk shakes.    Find a shady spot and enjoy your treats and we’ll see you tomorrow!


Good Luck Class! 

Your Profs

Teaser Tuesday


Calling All Students!  Report to class!   The school bell is not working today – consider ME your bell!  


Good Morning Class.   Time for Teaser.

Everybody find your place and let’s begin class shall we?   Did you all study last night????

I did!


SURE! I studied until my Mom made me go to bed!

OK – that’s great…………………now you all know the drill – we show you a photo and you guess where it was taken.   Easy?  Well, theoretically it is but we have some tough photos sometimes so it’s not a sure thing even if you studied hard as you could.

We’ll review the rules and what’s at stake today for you:

Badges available for those who earn them:

Now that we have all the BUSINESS out of the way.   How about a word from our sponsor (oops – I mean a cheer from our cheer team…..sorry about that):

Happy Tuesay students
Following the rules is quite prudent
We know you will do your best
But you must be better than the rest
If you win you’ll be in tomorrow’s cheer
After class we’ll take you for a beer
On second thought we’re too young for that stuff
We’d get sick and feel really rough
Perhaps an ice cream sundae will do
Miss Dingleberry can fix us a few!
Good luck everyone on the test
OR tomorrow will be a big PITY FEST!

That’s right Cheer Team……..no beer allowed.    Everyone is WELL underage!

Any beer found on campus and you’re in BIG TROUBLE – got it??????


Let’s bring our Security Guard in – he has today’s photo then you can get to work with your guessing.

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Where was this taken????

Alright students – get to work…….it’s up to you now.    However we DO have lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry so you can choose to sit at your desk and agonize over the photo OR take a break, eat some lunch, go outside for some fresh air then hit the books when you get back inside.   Your choice!

Alright children…….we have BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken sandwiches, BBQ shrimp and side dishes.  Be ready with your order when it’s your turn – I haven’t got all day to stand here you know!

HEALTHY drinks to cool your tummies down!

Good luck students!   Give it your best shot……see you tomorrow……..

Your Profs

Teaser Tell All


Good Morning Class!!!!   Ready to hear ALL ?

I’m riveted to my seat! (or maybe someone put some glue on my chair???)

I’d say we had a whopper of a Teaser yesterday wouldn’t you?    It started out with a BIG BANG when we had FOUR – that’s right – FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS!    Suzie and her crew screamed “foul” when we told them but in the end they were good sports………AND they got some free hot tub time for their trouble courtesy of Sarge (who was attending a yoga class at the time).

This can be our little secret right?  Uhoh….Sarge is back! 

I am quite zenned out from my yoga class girls – tomorrow I will yell – today I will say OOOOMMMM!

Alright let’s get on with the show while the girls get dressed for their cheer.

FIRST let’s tell you who our FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS were!    All of them popped in the first minute the post went LIVE this morning!   CONGRATULATIONS TO:



Each of you wins one of these FABULOUS BADGES to add to your collections!

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of April 3, 2018!!

Here’s the photo we had for yesterday’s TEASER to refresh your memory:

A very tough Teaser.   My Mom found this in a very VERY “roundabout” kind of way.   She googled “Japan” to look for a photo to use and there in the images was THIS PHOTO.   She knew it was NOT a photo of Japan but she followed up to find out WHERE it was and it was linked to a Japanese Travel site and was being touted as a “great place for Japanese people to visit”.   Then it said where it was and she was rather SURPRISED to learn that it was Berat, Albania!    WHERE?  You heard me – Albania.    Here’s the information on this city which actually has a most interesting history!     CLICK HERE

Lo and behold, much to our amazement, we had ONE student who guessed this correctly!   We had tons of guesses coming in but she was the only one to guess this correctly.

And the winner is…….

Ingrid !

Miss Ingrid I am sure our classmates would love to know how you found out this Teaser’s location.

Sorry you two – Miss Ingrid beat you to it this week!

This badge is for you Miss Ingrid:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 3, 2018!


I don’t think anyone else guessed this correctly, but if someone DOES after we’ve already scheduled this post then this would be for you:

I wasn’t first but I got it RIGHT on the Teaser of April 3, 2018

AND the badge most of you are just dying to collect for your efforts guessing this one although you were WRONG:

Darn Darn Darn I was WRONG on the Teaser of April 3,2018 BUT I tried!!!

Well ladies – you’re all dried off from your hot tub visit – are you ready to sing out a cheer for our winners????????????

Yesterday was a real bonanza
Because of that we have a lot of stanzas
FOUR first commenters is what we had
Any more than THAT and it would have been BAD!
Jackie, Annie, Timmy and also Sharon
So many names we’re beyond really carin’ !
Congrats to you four but you wore out the team
Having four firsties took all of our steam!
We have just enough energy for the our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER
Miss Ingrid took that prize – she’s a real “impresser” !
We’re exhausted now so back to the tub we go
C’mon Sarge – let’s go with the flow!!!

OK Cheer team……..you did well with that one and deserve another round of hot-tubbing for sure.

The Professors want to say that ALL of you did a lot of good guesswork yesterday!   Some of you looked at details and examined the photo from side to side and top to bottom………and we know you all followed the rules and tried your best……..you get a big PROFESSORS HUG!

From Your Professors

Shall we have a little snackable before we recess?   Yesterday’s Italian EXTRAVAGANZA courtesy of Miss Dingleberry filled me up – I told her perhaps we should have something LIGHT today for a change and she said she’d wheel in her snack machines and equipment so if you want a little something – please step to the back of the classroom and get something – a SMALL popcorn, or something that won’t make you want to pop the buttons off your trousers!!!

What’ll it be sonny boy?!

Your Professors will see you NEXT week for more crazy fun!   

Tuesday Teaser


Ringy Dingy – school’s in session!!!!

COMMENT then report to class…..

It’s Pre-Easter Teaser Tuesday!!

Oh heck…..I lost track of time…..Class is about to start and I couldn’t YELL at the students!


Good Morning Students – did you comment on this post?   Did you?  Maybe you were first or one of the first?   Hope so………..if you were, you’re gonna win a badge!   We’ll find out tomorrow who our BADGE WINNERS are in all categories though…………..can you wait?   You have to!   HAHAHA

I hope you got a good night’s sleep………..the better you feel, the more SENSE your brain will make of the Teaser photo.    We will have our Security Guard bring it in but first we have business to take care of  – like reminding you of the RULES for guessing where the photo was taken!

Yep – please follow the rules too…………it’s more fun if everybody plays along with the rules!

Yeah man…..don’t be “UN-GROOVY” – follow the rules!

OOPS…..I didn’t follow the rule to wash my face and hands before class…..

Here are all the badges you will be eligible to win today…………from FIRST COMMENTER, to FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, to RIGHT GUESSER and last but not least WRONG GUESSER!!


Cheer Team?   Want to fire everyone up this fine Tuesday morning???

Here we are, cute as can be
We’re trapped in the classroom and unable to flee
Guess we’ll just pretend we don’t look like fools
We sure don’t want to break any golden rules!
We wish you all luck with the Teaser today
If you win a badge we’ll be saying HOORAY
So may your Easter be swell and your basket be full
Happy EASTER to you all, and that’s no “bull” !!


Well done Cheer Team!!!     Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (NO NOT FOOD – THE TEASER!!!)………………..Mr. Security Guard?

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Alright class – give us your best guess…………….tomorrow in class we’ll hand out the rewards (badges) so GOOD LUCK!     Miss Dingleberry has a pawsome Easter Buffet for all of us today so EAT UP but not so much food that you upchuck it all over the playground – those monkey bars are not the place to hang upside down after a big meal!!!!!

Alright children…..no pushing in line…..or else!

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Oh my!  What a feast!   Thanks Miss Dingleberry!

Yes students, we know it’s NOT Easter and we also know that we could have had this wonderful Easter extravaganza tomorrow but we are HUNGRY NOW so Miss Dingleberry decided to serve us this delightful treat TODAY!    ENJOY!   We will see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL……………………………….

Your Professors!!