Pre-Trip Whining

Sam Settling in for a Nap

Got tired helping Mom start packing for her trip.....

Mom are you absolutely totally positive there isn’t going to be any room in your suitcase for me?  I’m pretty small – not all that much bigger than your blow dryer….surely you could do WITHOUT that for a couple of days.   Wouldn’t you rather have ME along?  I could sit on your table at the book fair and look cute…..maybe people would see me and come to your table just because I’m sitting there and wind up buying your books!!! 

See?  Always thinking aren’t I…..yes I know I hate being in the car so that might mean that I throw up all over the inside of the Blazer while you’re driving BUT you love me and wouldn’t mind that – right?  So what if you have to stop every thirty minutes to clean the car up.  Yes, I know Auntie Carol will be in the front seat with you but I’m sure she won’t mind either.  Right?  I mean she’s my Aunt – SURELY she won’t mind if I get a little – well – sick from time to time.

What?  You mean you think it’s BEST for me to stay home and play with Dad while you’re gone?  Will he play Mr. Yellow Fuzzy Ball with me?


Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

Me and Dad playing with yellow fuzzy ball

OK……..if you promise he’ll play with me AND give me lots of treats I’ll stay home.  I’ll try not to get so upset that you’ve abandoned me that I get sick anywhere.  

Just hurry home on Sunday OK?  Daddy and I will be waiting for you.  YES I know you’re not leaving until Friday morning but I thought I’d start whining a day early. 

Your Pitiful Son Sammy




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  1. Oh, yes. That dreaded suitcase. Mom hasn’t brought hers out yet. She has to wait til the very last minute. Every time Jasper sees it he starts throwing up. I on the other hand just pout and make her feel as quilty as I can. Just think, Aunt Judy and Mom are even going to be selling MY BOOK, and I can’t go help them. I guess I’ll just stay here and take care of Jasper and Dad. Mom always leaves me in charge. Hang in there Sammy, Sunday will be here soon.
    Your friend, Sammy The Talking Cat


    • Hi Sammy! I bet your book sells out….who could resist such a handsome kitty on the front cover??? Even though you won’t be there “in person” your picture will be right there for the world to see. If you think about it, it would be awfully noisy and busy and at least with us staying home, we can sleep and eat whenever we want to…maybe it’s not so bad to be a “stay at home kitty” right Sammy?

      Kitty Hugs,


  2. Aw, Sammy: try to be brave. I wish I lived closer, I’d come visit and play with you til your Mom got back home.
    (I bet your Mom wishes you could go with her and sit on her table. You’d have lots of folks stop by to give you kitty scritches!) But you’d probably be bored, and you will be happier at home. Dad will take GOOD care of you, I know it!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! Yeah, I know my old Pop will take good care of me but his lap isn’t nearly as squishy and soft as Mom’s…..and he’s kind of squirmy whereas my Mom can sit for hours with me on her legs while I snore away….I’ll be brave though – Mom wants me to. I’m sure you’re right about the event too – all those people around – I’m so shy, and I bet there’s no basement there for me to hide in. Besides, she’s only going for a little while…..for Pete’s sake…….!!

      Love, Sammy


  3. Poor Sammy! I guess it isn’t very practical for your mom to take her art director with her, and if you get car sick it’s probably best that you sit this one out. The good news is that this should be worth A LOT of guilt treats and extra cuddles once your mom gets home. And with a cover like that, she’s sure to sell enough books to make you a fabulous shrimp dinner or two!


    • Aloha Pedro. I think Mom and I have come to a meeting of the minds about this trip thing. I wouldn’t want to hold her up along the way making stops to take care of – well – WHATEVER I should do that might be messy on a long car trip. I can stay home, supervise Dad (which should be a challenge) and make sure he follows all the instructions Mom is leaving him about ME ME ME. I’m thinking shrimp will definitely be on the dinner menu when Mom gets back. I can be VERY VERY pitiful when I want to (just like you were after you got home from the vet!!!).



    • Thanks so much D……..I’m looking forward to some “sister time” traveling with my sister AND seeing all my writing friends – seems I only get together with many of them at these events! I loved your blog this morning – SO sweet…..

      Big Hugs,
      Pam (and Sam’s promised to be brave…. ;))


  4. Sammy, I wish you were coming to Book ‘Em North Carolina, too! We will have Puff the Papillon there dressed in his Sherlock Hound costume and ready to get his picture taken with all the children coming through. I bet you’d have fun hanging out with Puff! I am looking forward to seeing your Momma and Auntie Carol. They are two of my favorite people!! It’s going to be such an exciting event – and over way too quickly!


    • Hi Miss Trish! Mom and Carol are really excited too……..and I know Puff is going to be there – Mom told me about him at her very first Book ‘Em event years ago in Waynesboro….he’s a very sweet little guy (for a dog!!). I’ll be counting the hours until Mom gets home but “Daddy time” is going to be fun too…..I hope you ALLLLLLLLLLLLL have a wonderful time at the event – I know it was a whole lot of work for you and everyone involved (Mommy said so!).

      Love, Sammy


  5. I’m sure you’ll be fine… No, I KNOW you’ll be fine. Your mom would never leave for even a few days without making sure you have someone there to take really good care of you. But… as I mentioned before… make sure she knows to bring home the prezzies.


  6. Oh Sammy! My Mom and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!!

    You are going to be fine but Mom and I think your idea was pretty good! We don’t think your Mom or Aunt Carol would mind one bit but your Dad looks like a SUPER NICE guy and don’t you think he would be lonely if you left?

    This way you can keep him company and he can play with you and give you all of the treats that you are accustomed to!

    You will be fine! We wish your Mom the best of luck we hope she sells LOTS of books!!!

    Love, Cody and “Mom”


    • Hi Miss Caren! I know I’ll be just fine with my Dad taking care of me…..I just like to whine occasionally – don’t you????? Dad and I are all set for tomorrow morning when she and Auntie Carol depart. I have already decided not to cry as the door shuts…..sniff.

      Kitty Hugs and I’ll let you know how things go when Mommy gets back!!!!


  7. Oh, my, Sammy! I know you are upset…my puppy child gets upset every time she sees the suitcase…you and your Dad will have a good time, I am sure…and your Mom will be back with lots of stories for you…we’ll be thinking about you.

    Hugs, Linda


  8. When our Mommy was traveling for her job, Kozmo was always trying to gets into her suitcase! We travels all the time so we don’t get sick, but Mommy still did not takes us. We hopes your Mommy has a great trip!


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