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Mom dragged the vacuum monster out of the closet THIS MORNING – Say what?  Huh?  A day early?  What’s THAT all about?   I had sudden visions of her and Dad deserting me and wanting to get the house cleaned before the desertion.  Sniff Sniff



But that wasn’t what was going on – I was soon to figure THAT out but not until AFTER the vacuum had done its’ duty and the dust had flown in all directions and my Thursday morning PEACE AND QUIET had been destroyed.



What was going on was that Mom was preparing to desert me – JUST MOM – and only for one night but that is like eternity to a cat who is Mom’s little boy!    Mom leaves first thing in the morning to go visit her sister and sister-in-law for something called “GIRLS GETAWAY”……….that’s right…….girls only – no husbands allowed meaning I’m stuck staying with Dad.

“Not so bad Sammy” I can hear you say…………..well, that depends on if you’re YOU or you’re ME……if you’re ME you’re thinking “what about my 3AM wake-up time?” and “what about my warm lap naps?” and “who will brush me and talk to me and spoil me in the style to which I’ve become accustomed for almost sixteen years?”……..because that is NOT my Dad – trust me.  He loves me and I love him but he’s not Mom (eeeeek!).


SO, I’m sucking it up – being brave (sorta) and today I’m spending following Mom around like we’re attached by a rope – because I’m going to get all the MOM VIBES I can today so they’ll carry me through until Saturday when she gets home.

Sam on Mom's Recliner

I love you Mom….how can you LEAVE me like this????!!

Am I being a BIG WIENIE?  Oh of course I am…………..but then again you already KNOW me and you KNOW how I feel about my Mom.   Will I whine a lot until she comes home?   YOU BETCHA!

Love, Sammy

Rainy Day Napping


What’s better than a rainy day for NAPPING?  Now be careful how you answer that.  Think about a nice rainy day – you’re all curled up on a favorite blanket, quilt, bed, soft chair, floor (?), cat bed, and you hear the sound of a gentle rain on the window or roof…….you get drowzy just listening to the steady sound of drops dropping.  Before you know it your eyes get heavy and WHAMMO – you just drift off.  Kinda like the picture at the bottom of this blog.

Mom went to the dentist so she was gone all morning – Dad kept me company and we patiently hung out together – me staring out the window and him reading a book in the library.  Soon we heard the garage door go up and there was Mom!  I followed her right on her heels when she went upstairs to change clothes, then back downstairs to get the mail, then finally she landed in her recliner and I could hardly wait for her to put the blanket on her lap.  I hopped up on her legs and within about two minutes I was SOUND asleep!  Of course she just happened to have her camera in hand so that’s why I was caught in this rather compromising position!!

So – whatcha think…….rainy days YAY or rainy days NAY?  You already know how I vote……………… 😀

Kitty Hugs, Your Pal Sammy the Grand Master of Napping

Pre-Trip Whining

Sam Settling in for a Nap

Got tired helping Mom start packing for her trip.....

Mom are you absolutely totally positive there isn’t going to be any room in your suitcase for me?  I’m pretty small – not all that much bigger than your blow dryer….surely you could do WITHOUT that for a couple of days.   Wouldn’t you rather have ME along?  I could sit on your table at the book fair and look cute…..maybe people would see me and come to your table just because I’m sitting there and wind up buying your books!!! 

See?  Always thinking aren’t I…..yes I know I hate being in the car so that might mean that I throw up all over the inside of the Blazer while you’re driving BUT you love me and wouldn’t mind that – right?  So what if you have to stop every thirty minutes to clean the car up.  Yes, I know Auntie Carol will be in the front seat with you but I’m sure she won’t mind either.  Right?  I mean she’s my Aunt – SURELY she won’t mind if I get a little – well – sick from time to time.

What?  You mean you think it’s BEST for me to stay home and play with Dad while you’re gone?  Will he play Mr. Yellow Fuzzy Ball with me?


Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

Me and Dad playing with yellow fuzzy ball

OK……..if you promise he’ll play with me AND give me lots of treats I’ll stay home.  I’ll try not to get so upset that you’ve abandoned me that I get sick anywhere.  

Just hurry home on Sunday OK?  Daddy and I will be waiting for you.  YES I know you’re not leaving until Friday morning but I thought I’d start whining a day early. 

Your Pitiful Son Sammy