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Friendly Fill Ins


HAPPY FRIDAY everybody.   Did everyone eat so much food yesterday that they can barely walk today?   Well, that’s what you’re supposed to do on Thanksgiving.   Enjoy yourself, eat lots, hug lots, and be grateful and thankful for everything you have.    I missed my Mom and Dad as they were away overnight but when they get home later today “ALL WILL BE FORGIVEN”.

Anyway, since Mom and Dad are gone, I get to do the fill-ins all by myself today.   I think I can handle it………………my answers are in BLUE (because it’s my favorite color!).


1. Black Friday is just another day for us – Mom doesn’t go out to shop with all the other shoppers nor does she go nuts online shopping – we just try to recover from THANKSGIVING!!
2. A pet peeve of mine at this time of year is that I have no pet peeves!   What’s a peeve anyway?   What kind of pet is that?  I don’t know so I guess I can’t answer this one (tee hee).
3. ‘Tis the season for Mom to write a bazillion Christmas cards and start decorating the house so it looks like the inside of Santa’s workshop!

4. I never jumped on the turkey bandwagon.   (What this means is that I am probably the only kitty in the world who does NOT care for turkey…..or chicken…..so I suppose that means I’m unusual!)
There you have it……………….just me – alone on the Friday after Thanksgiving taking care of Filling In ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL by myself!    Now I’ll just sit here and wait for the garage door to open and for Mom and Dad to come into the house through the kitchen.   They’ll spend the next hour unpacking and then I will FINALLY get to go outside.   I’ve been stuck in this house for a whole entire 24 hours without getting to be out in my backyard which is my FAVORITE thing.

Happy Turkey Day Plus One!   ONWARD TO CHRISTMAS WE GO!!!

Oh I think that was the garage door………I’d better get down there and see!!!!   



Friday Friendly Fill-Ins


Time For Fill-Ins!!!

That means it must be Friday!    We get to join the fun “fill-in-the-blanks” Blog Hop that is co-hosted by our friends Annie of McGuffy’s Reader AND Ellen of 15andmeowing!    All you have to do is click on the badge above and be magically whisked off to McGuffy’s where you can join the HOP – just fill in the LINKY form and you’ll be in the Hop with the rest of us………

I thought I’d be SWELL this week and let Mom do the filling in…………….Just a little treat for her since she’s my Mom and I love her!   TAKE IT AWAY MOM!!    (her fill-ins are in blue)

1. I can’t wait to eat turkey stuffing of ANY kind on Thanksgiving.

2. My favorite kind of pie is pumpkin – with whipped cream of course!

3. This year, I am particularly thankful for the fact we have our Teddy – we will be missing Sammy so much but Teddy will help us get through the holidays – he’s such a FUN boy!
4. A funny holiday tradition in my/our house is a rather “traditional tradition” of breaking the wishbone to make a wish – I almost ALWAYS get to make MY wish!

OK Mom – thanks.   I’m glad that having me will make you and Daddy less sad this year for the holidays.   I know that it will soon be the one year anniversary of Angel Sammy leaving for the Rainbow Bridge on his magical balloon tour.    I’ve heard that was the most amazing thing EVER.    I’m THANKFUL that you had him for company for almost 17 years and I hope I’m here for AT LEAST that long to keep you and my Dad smiling!
Seeing me playing in my totally torn up red play cube sure keeps you two giggling!!
How did my purple ribbon wind up on my neck?!?!?!
Please never throw away the red cube Mom no matter how torn up it gets……………it’s my favorite thing………..the blue one is still perfect but I’ve certainly done a number on the red one – it’s so much fun even if everyone who sees it makes fun of it!
These two photos were taken before I ripped my cube to bits (obviously)!
Thank you Miss Annie and Miss Ellen for making Friday and filling in so much fun…………..Mom and I will be back again NEXT Friday – the day after Thanksgiving when all of us will be full of Thanksgiving goodness!
Meanwhile, I’ll see you all tomorrow for BAKIN’ IN BACONIA right?    RIGHT!

Love, Teddy

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