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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Greetings everyone. Mom is still a little wobbly…….OK……maybe a LOT wobbly…..so this will be a shorter than usual thankful and poetic post today. Sitting at the computer is shall we say LESS THAN COMFORTABLE right now.   She’s missed all of you though so I am allowing her (as her CHIEF OF CAT STAFF) to do a post for today.    We didn’t want to miss out on being thankful for the fact she made it through surgery with just a few bumps and that she’s recovering slowly but surely (with my help of course).     She had the very best orthopedic surgeon and the very best hospital care and these last days has had physical therapy and home health nurses at the house so she’s WELL looked after.      We are thankful she has a new hip and once she and her hip come to an understanding about discomfort, things should be just fine!

Also we’re happy she was able to get up and about in time to enjoy Angel Sammy’s poem for this week.     We are attaching it below and hope that you have written a poem for the cute squirrel photo he gave us as inspiration last week.


Hi Poetic Friends!

I just couldn’t let Mom get away with not posting for Poetic Thursday – so here we are.   Might be a short-ish post but at least we’re here to share.     Last week’s photo was a favorite – we happen to love squirrels around here – not just at the Rainbow Bridge but right there where you all are – they keep us laughing, keep us on our toes with their antics, and just make us smile sometimes when nothing else can.

Here’s the photo from last week followed by my poem:

“Hello World!”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©January 20, 2021


OK you guys we’d better make this trip fast

Mom’s gone acorn shopping but that won’t last!

She said we had to stay home and no leaving the nest

But she didn’t say “no peeking allowed” while she’s on her quest.

It’s a really big world out here and one day we’ll get to explore

But until we get a little bigger her advice we shouldn’t ignore

So everybody back inside and look as innocent as can be

One day soon we’ll be old enough we can truly run free!


Mom and Teddy quite often see VERY small squirrels just sitting on a tree branch or hanging on the side of a tree.   They are usually just looking around – kind of looking a little bit lost.   They are probably doing just what these little guys were doing…….sneaking a peek.    Checking out the great big world.    One day they will be old enough to really explore – run and jump and leap from branch to branch while Mom worries and hopes they come home for dinner!     

I hope you had fun writing a poem to go with these little ones……………………….if you did let us know in comments so we can read it!      I have a photo for you for NEXT Thursday.  By next week I think my Mom will be feeling a whole lot better.    Taking pain medication doesn’t necessarily mean “writing good poetry” so perhaps she will be able to write a more cohesive poem next week if she doesn’t need as much help with her pain.

Here’s next week’s photo:

Familiar?   I Love Lucy had a lot of hilarious moments but when Ethel and Lucy went to work in a candy factory – well – you just HAD to know something would happen right?    Have fun writing a poem for this photo!

Just a note from me (and Teddy) to thank all of you for all your wonderful emails, notes, cards, etc. while Mom was having her surgery and resting up after the surgery.    This will be a “process” and she’s by no means ready to run a marathon but she’s doing well with her walker and cane and in a couple of weeks she will be able to get around without them we hope.   Meanwhile, she is having to rest a whole lot, having Physical Therapy which is exhausting, and trying to away away from sitting hours at the computer.   SO, she will be back to blogging full time before you know it!   One thing we do know about our Mom – she WANTS to be blogging.     She misses all of you and your blogs.    She could never “catch up” on all she’s missed but she will leap back in and try to get back in the groove – yep – she’s like that!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

See you next week everyone!   We’ve missed you!   

Hugs, Angel Sammy


Hi Angel Sammy…….thanks for being here this week.   Mom did her best and I tried to help.     We’re just happy to see you again……….thanks for being Mom’s “Nurse Angel” while she was in the hospital and for helping me take care of her here at home!!!    

Love, Teddy