Teaser Tell All Class Time!


It’s TELL ALL TIME – we know you’re all waiting to hear who the winners are!

“Yep – let’s get on with the show – lunch is waiting!”

So we went live at 8AM EST and shortly after we got our two FIRST COMMENTERS……………………who were they?    Let’s get a drumroll and find out!




Congratulations you two and you each get one of these swell badges:

I was one of only TWO FIRST COMMENTERS to comment on the Teaser post of August 24, 2021. Fast fingers!

“Dang….if we’d just come to class instead of stopping for a smoke we’da been Firsties!”


Our photo yesterday was one our Graphics Department supplied and it really was NOT a “fooler” because it wasn’t long after the FIRST COMMENTERS commented that we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    Wanna know who?



That Ingrid is a force to be reckoned with!   So where was the Teaser photo taken?

This beautiful photo is of downtown FREDERICK, MARYLAND…………………….and Miss Ingrid has BEEN there before apparently so she recognized it!     Here’s your badge Miss Ingrid:

I was First Right Guesser on the Teaser photo of August 24, 2021. Lucky Ducky Me!

If you were ALSO right with your guess (and we had a lot of RIGHT GUESSERS yesterday) then you get one of these of your very own:

Well I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of August 24, 2021 BUT I was NOT first……still – being RIGHT is pretty cool !!

And if you were WRONG but you DID guess……………this is for you:

Well, I tried to be right but I was sadly WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of August 24, 2021 – I’ll try again NEXT week!

“DARN DARN DARN – I was wrong with my guess too!!!”

Don’t worry everyone – there’s always next week!    Now the Cheer Team will do their thing – that will cheer you up (hopefully).

The Teaser went live at eight o’clock
The First Commenters’ names won’t be a shock!
Timmy and Sharon are often firsties
They win so much it makes us thirsty!
Then we didn’t wait long before our RIGHT GUESSER got here
That she’s an expert TEASER PHOTO guesser should be clear!
Ingrid rolled in and got it right
She takes home the badge without a fight!
See you next week for more Teaser fun
The Pub is calling us so we’d better run!!

We see a lot of sad faces in class but we’ll put a smile on them when we head to the cafeteria which we will do RIGHT NOW!!!!

“YESSS!  Fill-er-up please!!”

The cafeteria line is open for business!

What’s for lunch?

SEE YOU ALL NEXT TUESDAY!!!  Your Professors

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  1. concats sharon, timmy and ingrid!!!! wow that was not easy this time… who would think about maryland? bravo to da right guessers…. and a bravo to da mama who guessed successful but wrong :O)))


  2. Congrats to Timmy, Sharon and Ingrid! I have been to Frederick, Maryland when we lived in Northern Virginia. I must have been confuzzled yesterday!
    I would like the Salisbury Steak and roasted carrots, please!
    Good Morning, Virginieeeeeee! Have a very good day today!


    • Oh nice choice from the cafeteria line today. Two of my Mom’s faves! Mom says she wishes you STILL lied in Northern Virginia then she could see you once in a while (and you could give me belly rubs too). Tee Hee

      Hugs, Teddy Boop


      • I would love to live in a cute little town/city where you are. There are so many places to live in Northern VA. The Blueridge Mountains area. I just don’t think I have one more move in me. I’d love to give you belly rubs, Teddy Boop BUT would it be a trap? Ha!


        • We are close to the mountains here – 40-45 minutes. I don’t blame you for not wanting to move AND you have a gorgeous house down there that’s getting “gorgeous-er” (haha) as you all renovate. Maybe what you need is to buy a cabin in the mountains for a summer getaway. Teddy said he promises he would give you at least 30 seconds of tummy access before THE CLAMP COMES DOWN, HAHAHAHAHA

          Hugs, Pam


          • If we bought a cabin in the mountains Jerry would never be able to drag me back to this tropical humidified climate!!!!!!!!!!!! We have looked at your sweet town, don’t worry you are going to be stalked… There doesn’t seem to be any smaller square footage homes there. Our Casa is 2083 square feet and that’s too much. Don’t want a two story which your town seems to favor. Tummy access… HAHAHAHAHA! Do good today, Teddy’s Mom!


          • Yeah for some reason – maybe because there are a lot of young families – the houses are BIG. We want smaller too. I love that you might be house hunting ANYWHERE within shouting distance of here. We actually ALMOST bought some land for a cabin to be built up where my sister lives in W. Virginia. Just about two hours from here but we thought we could go there on some weekends maybe. We picked out the lot then thought better of it – it was way up higher than her place is on the mountain but we got to thinking about winter and driving up there would be tough so never did it. It’s a cute development though.


  3. How ’bout some roast beast and roasted carrots? Mom said she’ll have a hard time getting here on time except for lunch! That’s always on time for her.


    • Sounds like a great lunch! “On time” is a very individualized designation……everybody has different schedules including US so whenever your Mom gets here will be “ON TIME” !!!!! Huggies, Teddy


  4. Concats to Miss Sharon, Mr. Timmy and Miss Ingrid!!! I’d like a bacon strawberry salad and some sunflower cakes if Kismet is willing to share them with me! They look soooooo yummy!


  5. Wow, Finally I am allowed to get on here…the internet got blown away and washed oput by ther storms we had here last night. They were evil:(

    We are OK, though, so that is the most important.
    Concats to Sharon and Timmy..and to myself a pat on the back.

    May I please have some of that bacon strawberry salad? That sounds delish! A cherry smoothie might go well with that.
    Just in case Mr Frank shows up, maybe a double order so he can just slide in and chow down with me at the ‘reserved’ seat.

    Now I have to go and ‘pick up sticks’ and then off to get a chop job on my furs…i mean my hair. She didn’t lose her power at least not when I checked out the outage maps…however my grocery store and my ATM are out of commission for the time being. Phooey. Well, I won’t starve, and paying the bills can wait for another day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YIPES! The winds and storms were vicious – we only had some rain and fortunately this time around nobody lost trees in our neighborhood like they did LAST week. Glad you made it OK! Enjoy your lunch but we haven’t seen Mr. Frank – you may have to eat all that food on your own!!


  6. Woo Hoo we are Firsties and almost had that Teaser maybe next week! Thanks staff and a huge shout out to the Professors! Great job Ingrid and now Ms D lets have that Seafood Chowder and Hot and Spicy Shrimp! What a lunch


  7. Congrats to the firsties and all right guessers! And congrats especially to Ingrid! It must have been very enjoyable to actually experience the area. Whoever designed it did a very good job of creating a beautiful space!


  8. Good for Sharon and Timmy. And you are correct. Ingrid is a force of nature. We are all going to have a nice piece of that mint cake. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


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