Teaser Tell All Class


Happy Tell All Day Students!

The day we find out who gets what – who figured out what – who DIDN’T figure out what and best of all what does Miss Dingleberry have on the menu today in the cafeteria!

“I’m ready!!”

First let’s talk about which students got here in the first sixty seconds of class yesterday and commented shall we?   Our FIRST COMMENTERS were (DRUMROLL PLEASE!):


Congratulations all of you and here’s your badge:

Oh boy! I was an early bird and was able to be a FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of August 3, 2021!

Then we moved on to the BIG MOMENT…………….the one that leaves all of us breathless with anticipation every Tuesday – THE TEASER PHOTO!     This one was from our Graphics Department and here is is:

What’s the location where this photo was taken?????

It is known as the Windsor Ruins in Claiborne County, Port Gibson, Mississippi (even though it does look European  doesn’t it?!).    It was a beautiful old mansion in its’ time and this is all that’s left.   Here is the history of this place and I must say it’s VERY interesting if you have time to read through it!   Just CLICK HERE.

“My Mom told me it was Greece or Italy or England but she didn’t mention Port Gibson, Mississippi!”


JANET!   Woo Hoo!

Here is your double winner badge and a cheer from the crowd……….

Did you also guess it correctly?  A bunch of you did………………you get a badge for that!

I guessed the Teaser of August 3, 2021 but I wasn’t FIRST !!!!

AND if you guessed but were wrong, you get a badge too:

Well I tried – my guess was WRONG on the Teaser of August 3, 2021 ! Phooey!

Looks like it was a pretty darn good Teaser !

Cheer Team?  Do your thing please!

Well lookie lookie lookie!
Miss Janet gets a big cookie!
She was fast to comment but there were three more
Timmy, Sharon, and Ingrid made a total of FOUR
Then Miss Janet came in for ROUND TWO
She figured out the Teaser without a clue!
So she’s a double winner today and gets a big cheer
Maybe we should invite her to the Pub for a nice cold beer?????

Well class you all did well today – I think we should go to the cafeteria and have a great lunch to celebrate!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Time for lunch students!   Line up with your trays and we’ll fill ’em up!

What’s For Lunch?


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  1. Concats to Miss Janet on her double winnings!! That is hard to do…don’t I know it,LOL!!
    Concats to me and my other fellow first commenters,

    I will put in my order now, so it can be readied in advance of my being up and about later for a real lunchtime…brunch might be more like it!

    That club sandwich with sweet potato fries sounds yummy…can you make two, please, in case Mr Frank drops in?

    And wo of everything else…he can order more, but since I am just rather small these days, I cannot pack as much as in the past…bwahahahaha!
    Detox has that effect…though it didn’t seem to help my sorest joints that much. The dental hygienist who also has a certificate in holistic nutrition said maybe I need to stop eating ‘oxylates’, those are found in a lot of the things I thought were healthy…but not if those darn things make crystals in your joints to cause inflammation and swelling….
    But I digress…
    On with the important task of food ordering and the heck with detox and oxylates! LOL!

    May I please also have a few lemon tarts as Mr Franks might like to indulge in those too…and a couple of the Irish Mint Milkshakes. There is lots of tea, too…on my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh by – we shall get a HUGE food cart to deliver your lunch order to you! Oxylates sounds like something that’s in dish detergent??!!!! Glad you did your detox though as I’m sure you feel better (not after this big lunch of course!!!!). You know all about being a DOUBLE WINNER at Teaser…..you practically INVENTED it! HAHAHAHAHA

      Hugs, Pam


  2. I agree, quite a surprise! Congrats to all! The Cheer Team did well with their wrap-up of the Teaser and Miss D has a great selection today. I have to say that the Avocado, apricot preserves with Havarti sounds very good… add some bacon? I think it will be hard to make up my mind today… maybe a sampler plate? Good Morning, Virginieeeeeeeeeee and Teddy Boop!


  3. Congrats. I would never have guessed the location. I just read the history and it is very interesting. Now I’m headed to the cafeteria. The strawberry shortcake looks delicious.


  4. Concats to TIMMY, SHARON, INGRID, JANET, and once more to Miss Janet! It was immediately clear that it is a fake ancient Greek church or palace – the bottom part of the columns was especially revealing! In such cases, I usually think that it should be in the US and not in Europe! From here, it was easy-peasy!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I think I have only been a double winner once or maybe twice before. Always exciting! Thanks for the cool badge, which I will share for Thankful Thursday tomorrow. Thanks also for directing us to the complete history of Windsor Mansion. What a shame it was lost to fire. It still would be a cool place to visit. Thanks for the cheer ladies. I would love to join you at the pub, but I think I will stick with wine. Big hugs, Janet


  6. HURRAH Aunty Janet fore gettin Teezer rite! Yore so clevurr! Wee mee meenss LadyMew was a bit rite: THE colllumss were NOT inn Greece! Mew mew mew……
    Pleese may wee have 2 Lobster dinnerss an 2 peeces of lemon Meringue Pie Missus Dee? Many thanx!
    ***purrss*** BellaDahrma an ❤ LadyMew


  7. Yay we got back in the groove! Hope we can hang in for a bit as we will miss next week but that is Dads fault. Congrats to all our Firstie Pals and Wowee Janet you really nailed it. We had the type of architecture right but the location so wrong wrong wrong. Purrs friends now lets eat


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