Teaser Tuesday Class!


“Nice and quiet on Fish Campus…..let’s let the Professors know it’s a GO for class!

We have the All Clear from the security staff so let’s get class started!!


“We better hurry Wayne – I think class has started!”

That’s right – when you arrive at class on Tuesday the first thing to do is COMMENT……it’s not to visit the bathroom or join those two bad boys we have in class who go in for a quick smoke – it’s COMMENT!    Now please have a seat and let’s get going.    First our rules and badges:

Today’s Teaser photo is from our wonderful and overworked/underpaid GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT.    She they have a lovely new office in the basement level of the new school!

“What – no window??”

Here’s today’s photo – and we wish you good luck figuring it out!!    Security Guard?  Please bring it on down!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!


Cheer Team?  How about cheering up this grumpy  looking class?????

Hello students we’re here today
To fire you up to guess so what do you say?
Don’t look so depressed and so terribly glum
We know you’re smart so don’t act dumb!
You know you’d like a badge so give it your best
If you do real well, we’ll be impressed!

“I’m getting sleepy – can we go to lunch now??? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ”

Alright you all – since you’re slumping in your chairs and looking like you haven’t eaten in days, let’s go eat in the cafeteria THEN you can work on the Teaser OK?

“Sounds good to us!!”

“Hello Students!   We hope you will enjoy your lunch today!

What’s To Eat Today??




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  1. Windsor Ruins are in Claiborne County, Mississippi, United States, about 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Port Gibson near Alcorn State University. The ruins consist of 23 standing Corinthian columns of the largest antebellum Greek Revival mansion ever built in the state. The mansion stood from 1861 to 1890, when it was destroyed by fire. The 2.1-acre (0.85 ha) site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 and was designated a Mississippi Landmark in 1985.

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  2. You have some yums to choose from in the dining room…Hmmm, what to have? And I need to first find a bigger table to hold it all, and also to save the spot for Frank, when he arrives. He usually needs a lot of table space, too. LOL!

    May I please have a double order of those onion rings, some chocolate pie, and some of the chocolate peanutbutter cup pie. Oh, my!! Maybe just bring two plates and forks, I don’t think I can down all that, LOL! Frank will have to help!

    We could use some Watermelon tea as well, a pitcher full please.
    (I have a recipe for that which is going on my blog post tomorrow.)

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  3. We are going to say Athens, Greece but…the background flora is way off so maybe our friends Kitties Blue as Windsor Ruins, Claiborne County, Mississippi are right.
    *Miss Fitz pushes to the front* Enough jabbering! HAM! Ms D HAM! oh, sorry, ham dinners all around please.Thank you.
    Goodness we seem to have a badge so see you tomorrow to see who is right for a Double! Thanks Clowie and security, Somethings Fishie Cheer Team, Ms D and Professors!

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    • Hi! Just got back from posting a poem for your photo challenge – fun. That is a REAL building and it’s located somewhere in China. Unusual isn’t it. The “Teaser Tuesday” regular feature on my blog has been ongoing for many years – tomorrow we have a “Tell All” where those who figured out where the photo was taken get their award badges. Crazy fun. Something different here every day of the week just as you do. Love your blog…….


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  4. The bars are all that remain of Quiet Hill Somewhat Secure Federal Penitentiary. Ten years ago, the facility was put on lockdown…. not because of another riot in the cafeteria over rotten food, or due to a newbie needing to be “taught a lesson” about sharing the soap int he shower. No, this lockdown was due to an external threat…. a voracious, vicious, vivacious pack of man-eating otters that showed up at the gates. Undeterred from getting at the tasty meals inside, the otters began to eat the walls of the prison. A fine appetizer before the main course….. BURP!

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  5. Just got back a bit ago from taking clothes to husband at the hospital, i think those are the Windsor Ruins, but either way, would you happen to have some of the veggie egg rolls handy? It’s going to be a “grab lunch quickly” kind of day here, i think.


  6. Howdy I’m really late because I was here earlier and searched for the place and then forgot to come back. Oh well, hope I’m right. Windsor Ruins
    Port Gibson / Alcorn, Mississippi Have a great afternoon. ☀️


  7. Wee have no idea where those colummss are…butt wee know iss NOT Greece!! An wee got losted again tryin to find mew skwell Teddy…(no wunder wee fail Tuesday Teezer so much!)
    Missus Dee wee DUE know what wee wuud like fore lumch: 2 Tuna Saladss an fore ‘ssert 1 Choccie PB Cup Pie an a blueberry kitty size Smoothie pleese. An Thanx Missus Dee fore allways beein here fore all of us!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an LadyMew two


  8. That is an interesting looking place. I don’t think I would want to work in an office with no windows. I used to work in a big print shop with no windows and it was a real pleasure when someone opened the door, even for a few seconds.


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