Teaser Tell All Time



Welcome to Wednesday at school students.    We will let you know what the scoop is on the Teaser photo we gave you yesterday which really fooled NOBODY.   HAHAHA   Well we can’t have toughies every week right?

“I thought it was tough…..you mean this one was EASY????”

Well it was perhaps recognizable – maybe that’s a better word than easy.     Before we do THAT though, let’s about about who was the FASTEST to arrive at school and COMMENT yesterday shall we?     Our Cheer Team was a bit cranky when we told them we had FOUR FIRSTIES but then we’ve had more so they calmed down and wrote a cheer after all.

WHO WERE THE FOUR FIRSTIES???????   Can we get a drumroll?????????

WOW!  A double drumroll !



If their names sound familiar they are usually among the first to be waiting at the front door of Ding Dong Sheep School on a Tuesday morning – rain or shine!   Congrats gang and here’s your badge – you each get one of these!


I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser post of May 25, 2021 – the early birds (us) caught the worms (yuck!).


So now we come to the part where we show you yesterday’s photo and tell you who figured out WHERE it was taken FIRST………….are you ready????????????

“Do we look ready?????   YES – give us the news!”

Here’s the photo we gave you to study:

This is the beautiful CAMEO ISLAND in Zakynthos, Greece!   

Fans of the Mamma Mia! movie may well recognize Cameo Island as the wedding venue in the film. Cameo is a tiny island off Laganás in Zákynthos. It is a lush, green, and stunning southern Ioanian island of the Greek archipelago. A tiny swinging wooden bridge leads from the town over to the small island where there you can bathe on a pebble beach or relax with a cool beverage at the bar. White scarfs hang from a line over the beach, waving in the wind. They are the icon of the small island.


Nice drumroll – and the winner is:


Ingrid is a Frequent Flyer in the FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER department we congratulate her yet again!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of May 25, 2021….I’m a FREQUENT FLYER in the “FIRST” department!!!

Did you also guess correctly?    A whole lot of you did – so if you were one of the RIGHTIES, you can take a copy of this badge for your very own:

I was a RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of May 25, 2021 but I was NOT first…..not this week but maybe NEXT week?

AND if you were WRONG with your guess – you get a badge too – this one – help yourself to a copy of it!

Well DARN…..I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of May 25, 2021 but look out for me NEXT WEEK!

And of course no TELL ALL class would be complete without a cheer from our fabulous Cheer Team!

Well the Teaser photo was beautiful but was pretty easy
It wasn’t a toughie – it was an EASY TEASY!
We had FOUR First Commenters waiting at the door
Ingrid, Sharon, Katty and Timmy and thankfully there weren’t MORE!
Looks like Miss Ingrid was the Double Whammy
Professor Teddy didn’t know the photo nor did Professor Sammy!
We thought it was a toughie but NO NO NOT
Miss Ingrid is a Teaser Queen – she’s HOT HOT HOT

Well congratulations to those of you who won…………………we’ll try to throw you a better CURVE BALL as a Teaser for next week.


Well everyone calm down – let’s go have some lunch.   That might keep you happy until you can hop on the bus for home!

Time to belly up to the bar – well not bar – maybe cafeteria line!!


Your Professors

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  1. Hooray for me!!
    I never watch movies at home…but I get to see lots of them in bits and pieces as I go about my work. And sometimes they have movie nights in the living room there…so I saw Mama Mia that way…LOL!! So it was easier than some to find, quickly!!

    Since I am starting a new dietary regime, to squash the inflammation in some of my joints…(yup…diet plays a role…), well, I can indulge here:)

    May I please have some onion rings, chocolate pie, and a milkshake?? I will put them in the fridge till later when I finish my sleep…its time to get me to my bed!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Double congrats to Miss Ingrid! And congrats to all the other speedy guessers. Great cheer ladies. Have a nice day. XO


  3. Concatss to THE Fab Four who all came on twogether!
    An dubbell concatss to Miss Ingrid! Yore amazin 🙂
    wee were so far away an off….
    Missus Dee may wee have 2 Turkey leg dinnerss pleese? An may wee have 1 servin of Chocolate pie an a littel saucer of milk two? Thanx Missus Dee. Yore so kind!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma


    • Ditto here – my Mom didn’t see that movie either but when we read the info we found for this particular photo we discovered that perhaps some people WOULD recognize it from the movie. It’s a beautiful little island though isn’t it!!


  4. First of all, concats to Ms Ingrid (a double dose for her!!!), Ms Sharon, Ms Katty and Mr Timmy! Second, Oh. My. Gosh. I’ve seen the first part of the movie but cannot remember this scenery. Or was it in the second part?


  5. Concatulations to the fisties and double concatulations to Ms Ingrid! She did the double again! We knew where and the name f the island (because of the movie) when we finally arrived on the scene – early for the west coast, but too late for class. We will try again next week to get Mom up early! Have a marvellously happy day!


    • We wish somehow all timeframes could get the Teaser at the same time……..maybe we should schedule it to go live at noon EST some day…..sure would upset the East Coasters….HAHAHAHA


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