Tuesday Teaser Class


“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  Let’s tell the Profs we’re safe for another day at school!”

“Hearty Greetings to the student body!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?”

You all know by now that’s the first order of business when you arrive here on Tuesday mornings.    SO, make sure you do then have a seat and let’s get started!


Today we have a regular Teaser for you – no surprises – no faces to recognize, just good old fashioned “WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN” fun!    Let’s review the rules, show you the badges and GO FOR IT.

Yep – different badges.     Just for a change.    Now – are you all ready to see today’s TEASER photo?????


OK – Mr. Photo Security Guy – “COME ON DOWN”

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

Where Was This Photo Taken??

Tomorrow we’ll find out how well you did guessing this one.    Now shall we listen to the Cheer Team as they CHEER YOU ON???

Those chicks know how to shake it without breakin’ it!

Hello students we’re here to say
We wish you luck in class on Tuesday
The Teaser this week is EASY we think
But maybe our Teaser antenna is on the blink!
All you can do is just study it for clues
We want you to win a badge and not get the blues
GO GO GO gang and please don’t disappoint!
Now come on Cheer Team – let’s blow this joint!

We know you’re in a hurry to ride your Harleys or go to the Grumpy Cat Bar or SOMETHING so go ahead and go and we’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

“OK Chicks – let’s burn rubber!”

How about lunch everyone?  Maybe some food will help you think better on the Teaser.    Couldn’t hurt right?

Welcome to the cafeteria students!  We’re ready for you – step right up!

What’s On the Menu:

See you tomorrow for TELL ALL!

Your Professors…………..good luck!


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  1. It looks like a giant has hung his washing out! I think Meezers Mews are right. A lot of people came back from Zante (Greece) with Covid at the start of the pandemic and I am sure that is the photo they used on the TV news.


  2. I am late for a very impawtant date. I don’t know where that photo is located but OMCs am I glad it is not here. I love fresh air dried clothes but no way in this world would I want to hang’em high
    Hugs Cecilia


  3. YooHoo Teddy, I’m in… Am I on time? Well…I think that this picture was taken in Greece on the Cameo Island Zakynthos. I’m very hungry, so I will get myself some French fries for a change. Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday to all of you and see you later😸🐾😽💞


  4. I don’t know where it is but I LOVE it!
    Um, apple wif custard sauce please and a glass full of custard sauce to top it off?


  5. Good morning. No idea where that would be. Looks beautiful. Going to be hot and rainy here. No rain yet. The sun is out.


  6. I didn’t try early today because my bruises from Ingrid pushing me down last week are still healing. Meanwhile, it’s a feast day … Irish Mint Cake appetizer, Irish Mint Cake for salad course, Tuscan Chicken pasta for entree, Irish Mink Cake for dessert, Irish Mint Shake, and a Irish Mint Cake for a snack.

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  7. Good morning! Its almost 7 and we finally got Mom to wake up! And we know we are not first for either. This is the Island they had the wedding on in the Movie Mama Mia! We have a bright sunshiney morning we are all in a rush to frolic in the sunshine so we will say Happy Day to all and bid you adeiu! Have a wonderful day 😊 and hav fun!

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    • HAHAHAHA….I like that…..surely there is a haven for laundry in the middle of that beautiful blue sea so why not this place? Not sure I wanna spent a vacation there with all that laundry waving in the breeze but if they did MY laundry I might feel differently!

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  8. We are ridiculously late, and we bet this has already been guessed, but here is our answer: Zakynthos is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea
    Now it is time for some noms.

    XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  9. It’s easy for us to forget that underneath those neon orange jumpsuits, even prisoners have to wear underwear. Warden Starch of Horsesh*t… er, Horseshoe Island Tropical Resort and Penitentiary likes to remind his charges that dirty underwear will NOT be tolerated on his watch. Thus every morning at roll call, the warden does a thorough inspection of the inmates’ unmentionables and hangs any soiled underwear outside the facility for everyone to see who’s been leaving skidmarks. That advice from your Mama applies even when you’re locked away for the rest of your natural life…. ALWAYS wear clean underwear!

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    • Oh yeah…..and I bet they toss the undies that are all worn out to the man-eating (undie-eating?) otters too right? I am somewhat comforted knowing that (a) the prisoners even WEAR underwear rather than going commando, and (b) that at least the dirty ones on the line are in the breeze which hopefully blows OUT TO SEA rather than back on land. Yep – ALWAYS WEAR CLEAN UNDIES!


  10. ted o nator; iz it oh kay if ewe & uz… just sharez a wee samplin for lunch; bring a tray oh yur fave ta de NW korner oh trout towne… we ill bee on de look out for ewe

    and speekin oh that trout, we wood like 98 peecez pleez coz we gotta save room for friez….we haz an extree fishin pole if ya wanna hang out afturr lunchez and we can all see.. if we catch sum sea… bazz 😉



    • One huge truck load of trout coming up! I would love to stay and do a little fishin’ with you all……I never get a vacation – Mom and Dad take one but me? Nope!

      Hugs, Ted O Nator


  11. I think Timmy may be on the right track – but i think this is the remains of some ship sunk in WWII and rather than laundry the flags were there to warn of a sunken wreck. I even think there is more than one and it’s in the Pacific somewhere but I can’t remember where or even when I saw this info


  12. LadyMew sayss Island of Gibraltar….mee has NO idea where she iss meowin ’bout Teddy….
    Mee will order Luch; mee xcellss inn THAT subject! 😉
    Missus Dee may wee have 1 Groupurr Sammich an dubbell friess pleese? An fore ‘ssert may wee have 2 Bread Puddin an 1 Icey Teas an a small saucer of milk pleese? Many thanx Missus Dee! Yore lovelee…
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew


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