Teaser Tell All Class


Happy Wednesday!

Hello Class! Well you certainly were a group of SHARP STUDENTS yesterday! We had a full classroom and can you believe it – we had EIGHT FIRST COMMENTERS all chiming in during the first sixty seconds of class. That’s definitely a record and let us just say that the Cheer Team were slightly grumpy (alright – they were beyond slightly). However they didn’t let us down. They hopped in their Team Hot Tub and came up with a cheer while they had a brewski and a snack. You know how those girls are!

So here we go. Let’s start with the usual – the list of FIRST COMMENTERS:


Ingrid, Sharon, Timmy, Carol, Janet, Angela, The Weims, and Csilla!



Each of you gets to take home one of these gorgeous BADGES (not badgers):

I was one of EIGHT (yes EIGHT) First Commenters on the Teaser post of January 5, 2021 !!

“DANG……I tried to get here early – but I missed the bus yesterday morning!”

Well the Teaser was a GUEST TEASER as we told you yesterday.     AND it was from one of our new students – Frank.    You should visit him – he loves the beach and writes a lot of interesting blogs about all the things that make being at the beach so AMAZING.      Just CLICK HERE to check out his blog.

Here’s the photo he sent in:

Isn’t this a beautiful place?   Well it’s also a very INTERESTING place so I’m giving you a link you can use to get all the truly fascinating information about Chateau Laroche (Loveland Castle) in Loveland, Ohio.      CLICK HERE for the information.

A very big thank you to our GUEST TEASER student for sending us this photo – we were really interested in the information on the web link!      This THANK YOU BADGE is  for you “Mr. Frank”:

One Spoiled Cat blog used one of my photos as their “TEASER” photo on their post of January 5, 2021 !

“What a FASCINATING story!!!!!!!”

I suppose you’d like to know WHO our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was – RIGHT?      Well SHE was one of our EIGHT FIRST COMMENTERS!     Who?



Here’s your badge for being right before anyone else!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser photo of January 5, 2021! I was ALSO a FIRST COMMENTER – a double whammy!


Not only was I a FIRST COMMENTER but I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER TOO on the Teaser of January 5, 2021! I feel faint…..haha

If you also guessed correctly – and MANY of you did guess the right location of the Teaser photo – please take one of these RIGHT NOT FIRST BADGES !

PHOOOOEY! I was right with my guess on the Teaser photo of January 5, 2021 but I was NOT FIRST!

And of course if you were NOT RIGHT with your guess but you still TRIED – we thank you for that and give you this charming badge for your trouble – better luck next week!

Well I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of January 5, 2021 I’ll do better next week – yep!

Now for the piece de resistance……………our very own Cheer Team will now honor all our winners with their cheer.     GULP.    

You probably think it’s really funny
Well we’re here to say NO IT WASN’T HONEY!
EIGHT student First Commenters you gotta be kidding!
Good thing when they told us, we were sitting!
Ingrid, Timmy, Carol and Janet
Four down four to go and we didn’t plan it!
Angela, Katty, Csilla and Sharon
That’s a total of eight if you’re counting and caring!
That’s why we’re “broadcasting” from the Grumpy Cat Cafe
Just to prove we know how to PLAY!
Thank heavens for hot tubs that’s our mantra
That hot water feels almost as good as a back rub from SANTA!

OK girls………..just tell yourselves that the chances of that happening again are SLIM to say the least!!!     Now I think we all better go grab some lunch – and you Cheer Team ladies can go into the Cafe and grab whatever ELSE you want to grab!    You deserve it!


OK Students…………..time to grab a tray and join the line for lunch!!!  

GREAT CLASS KIDS!   See you all next week on Tuesday for another TEASER!   

Your Professors

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  1. Whoot! Eight firsties!! Now that is truly an amazing feat!
    At first we thought something wasn’t right as it was after 8 am….and well, then it was 8:06…and voila, there it was!! Must have been the same for the others, eagerly refreshing over and over till it popped up…and then the fingers and minds got really busy to get in there….almost jammed your blog, Bwahaha!

    And I almost had the first right guess, but no cigar this week:)
    And I did go back to bed for a while after all of the excitement…have to get in all my hours you know…then Dalton and Benji caused a ruckus cause the insurance agent came to the door…and I had to get up again…at least it was for the Hubby and not me….um…I was still in my jammies! LOL!

    That Chicken and bacon tart sounds yummy for my brunch later, please?! It’ll be good with my morning Java-brew!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We do like to keep students on their toes when it comes to WHEN class will actually start on Tuesdays……late – early – it’s always a surprise!!!!!! Wonder what would happen if we scheduled it once for 3PM in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time………….hmm…………good for thought! 🙂


  2. Double congratulations to Janet! And congratulations to all the firsties!

    The cheer team don’t look convinced that it won’t happen again. Records are made to be broken! We all thought five firsties was amazing a little while ago! 😀


  3. Congrats to all those first commenters! I hope the cheer team have recovered. Congrats to Janet too.
    The new microwave is ordered and Amazon is bringing it on Friday. I didn’t like having to heat the milk on the hob this morning for the breakfast cereal. You don’t realise how much you take it for granted until it is not there. You also don’t realise how much vegetable soup is in a small can until it is spread on the walls and work surface!


    • I just know that was an incredibly ICKY mess to clean up – thankfully you get your new microwave Friday! You’re right though – only when something is gone sometimes do we realize just how “important” it was!

      Hugs, Pam

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations to all the Speedies… Ingrid, Sharon, Timmy, Carol, Janet, Angela, The Weims and Csilla… whew!!!!!!! And congrats to Janet again for being the first right guesser of the Teaser! The Cheer Team did a most excellent cheer. I am going to have some bacon wrapped chicken in sauce please!


    • How do you suppose I KNEW that’s what you’d have from the cafeteria this morning??????????? Tee Hee Yes the Cheer Team did manage to pull themselves together for a decent cheer with all those winners but I am hearing rumblings in the student body that they want to break the record of EIGHT First Guessers. I wonder how much pressure those Cheer Team chicks can take??????????????????

      Love, Pam and T-boy

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That teaser really was a little bit of a twist and the guy who built that castle a bit of a twist himself. Well to each his own and we sure were glad to be first commenter along with the Mighty 8! Thanks Professors and Cheer Team you were awesome getting that ditty done. Today we are gonna have a few bacon wrapped chicken breasts and be home before Knight falls MOL


  6. Ladies, you pulled off a great cheer after being challenged by eight firsties. We are excited by our very special badge. Thank you professors. Mom has added another place to her list that she would like to visit. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


    • That link leads to some fascinating history for that castle……..amazing isn’t it? My Mom says she’d enjoy seeing that spot too…………..CONCATULATIONS AGAIN for a DOUBLE HEADER! HAHA

      Hugs, Teddy


  7. Congrats to Miss Janet! And all those firsties ! Great cheer ladies- you had your work cut out for you I would have never guessed that is in the US. XO


  8. I’ll try the Italian sunflower seeds on a pizza.

    OUCH, Miss D you have to take the shells off before baking. It isn’t pizza, it’s a mozerella mystery mess disaster.


  9. HURRAH!! LadyMew was inn rite country!! That is sumthin rite Teddy??
    Mee wuud like to order 2 German Platess an 2 Blueberry Pie peecess pleese Missus Dee… Thanx.
    Wee still get an A+ inn Lunch, mew mew mew….
    **purrss** BellaDharma


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