Teaser Tuesday Time





“OK Squad – let’s report in and tell the Professors it’s OK to start class!”

Hello Students!    Don’t forget to COMMENT before you sit down!

Happy first Teaser class of the year year everyone. Are you ready to ROCK 2021? Buckle down and study and win some badges for being OH SO GOOD?????? Alright.    We got word from Clowie and her “almost all grown up” Security Squad in their brand new hats that our campus is secure this morning so let’s go.

“Say……that Clowie and her crew are cute!  Anyone available for a date?”

This is not the Dating Game Oscar……………….you can talk to Clowie AFTER class!    Let’s show everyone the rules of the game AND the badges that will be available for the lucky folks who win them today.



Now that the information business portion of class is OVER, let’s move on to the main event…………….seeing the Teaser photo!     This week’s Teaser photo is a GUEST TEASER.   Yes – our Graphics Department gave themselves the day off from finding a photo (they deserve a break) so this is a GUEST contribution.    Hopefully it will turn out to be a toughie – we don’t want you all getting SOFT with easy TEASERS right?    

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken????

Yep – that’s your challenge of the day.     First challenge of the new year in fact.    Let’s hope you’re UP for it. 


“No problemo Profs!  We’re UP!”

Cheer Team?   Are you UP?   

We’re always ready for Tuesday’s class
We bring you a cheer and a big dose of sass!
This photo is cool – we wanna visit
So come on class and tell us WHERE IS IT!
We’ve heard a rumor we might get new clothes!
We’ll be cute for the new year from head to toe!
We’ll be back tomorrow with the badge winners cheer
C’mon and make your guesses you’ve got nothin’ to fear!

We’ll have to see if the school budget in fact allows for new uniforms.    We’ll keep you posted!   

“The budget is tight – don’t hold your breath for new uniforms!”

This would be a GOOD time for us to head off to the cafeteria for lunch.    Cheer Team we’ll see you tomorrow – hopefully with good news about uniforms. 

Happy New Year to the charming Staff and Students of Ding Dong.

Today’s Yummy Menu:

STUDY HARD students – we’ll see you in class tomorrow for badge awards!   

Your Professors

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  1. Historic Loveland Castle and Museum (also known as Château Laroche, French for “rock castle”), located on the banks of the Little Miami River about 25 miles northeast of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey, I’d love to be awarded some badgers!

    As for the Teaser, well, I always enjoy seeing old chain restaurants converted into something new. Like a doctor’s office that used to be a KFC, or a brothel in an old Burger King. You can always tell what it used to be! This is obviously a defunct White Castle location that was converted into a maximum security penitentiary. Very well done, and I hope they kept the moat with the man eating otters! Oh, and the only “sliders” you’ll find at this White Castle now are in the shower…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Last…again…MOL…I found the teaser, Loveland Castle in Ohio, but I already have seen that I wasn’t first, Teddy. How about a badge for last guesser and entree…MOL MOL… Pawkisses for a wonderful Tuesday my furriend🐾😽💞

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh My Cod! We rousted Mom to get up at 5 (but it did not work) so here we are, LATE! There are 90 thousand comments already! And the peeps have already guessed the right answer (Chateau Laroche in Loveland OH) . AND 8 firsties!?! The Cheer leaders will rebel (if they don’t get new uniforms)! What about Miss D? Will she do a great reveal in hers? And Ms Jackie’s Microwave tried to assassinate her!
    Mom we misses too much stuff by you sleeping in! Well, I guess we should just get ourselves a sushi sampler and Cinnamon, asks for Irish stew! And take a seat and watch for MORE excitement!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, and Cinnamon


    • Never EVER a dull moment on Teaser Tuesday that’s for sure! Not QUITE 90 thousand comments but close and the Cheer Team is NEVER EVER going to get over having to put eight names into their cheer for First Commenter. Thankfully there’s only ONE FIRST RIGHT GUESSER she will have to use. We’ll have to promise them they can ride their Harleys to the Grumpy Cat Cafe after class! Enjoy your lunch…….!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Oh my goodness me! People are saying Scotland, that is where I am from and don’t think it is??? For starters it isn’t raining haha and blue skies! It rains so much here.

    I really don’t have a clue, sorry 😐


    • Not Scotland……we visited beautiful Scotland some years ago on vacation and will never forget how incredibly gorgeous and friendly the country was (and still is). Our tour guide made a point of saying the ten days we were there were unusual in that it didn’t rain! LOL

      Hugs, Pam


      • Wow that is amazing! Whereabout did you visit?

        Yes we are a very welcoming nation and so many gorgeous places here ❤ Haha funny tour guide, but very true. Summer in Scotland is usually one or two days 😉


        • It was a bus tour and we saw just about everything a “typical tourist” should see…..Mom and Dad said their FAVORITE thing was the “Scottish Night” at a hotel where they had the haggis ceremony and a wee dram, and Scottish dancers and a couple of AMAZING singing artists as well as a bagpipe group. The tour of Edinburgh Castle was my Dad’s favorite thing. Mom just loved the BEAUTIFUL countryside – miles and miles of green and heather……….

          Hugs, Teddy


  6. MMM Irishy Stew an Key Lime Pie… umm msorry ferst thingss ferst!
    Wee (as inn LadyMew) sayss this LOOKSS like a Norman Castle butt it not look REELLY old so shee wunderss if it iss inn Virgnia?? (No clue why shee meowed that??)
    Missus Dee Happy Mew Yeer. May wee have 2 orderss of Irishy Stew an 2 peecess Key Lime Pie. Thanx!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an LadyMew too!


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