Teaser Tuesday Time at Ding Dong School!


It’s TIME Students……..time for you to COMMENT then have a seat!

Good Morning all.   Here we are again getting ready to agonize over a mystery photo yet again.   Rain or shine we carry on TEASING to the best of our ability.    Today is no exception of course and we have a goodie for you to figure out today.

I hope I don’t have to pull my hair out guessing!

No of course not.   Just relax and let your brain do the talking.   HAHAHA

As a reminder, here’s what’s at stake today – some badges and they are NEW ones so you just KNOW you want one of those right??????

Oh I’ve GOTTA get one of those!!

Here are the rules one last time for those of you who slept through yesterday’s preparatory class…………..

So what do you say we get our cheer team in here to pump up the volume – then bring in our Security Guard with the photo !

We love Ding Dong School
We sheep are VERY cool
On Tuesdays we have a TEST
To see what sheep is best
At guessing photo locations
Taken from people’s vacations!
The new badges look really super
So guess well and be a sheep trooper
If you can flash a brand new badge
You’ll scare the pants off Madge!!!!!!

We don’t want Madge to be without her pants!

Now Team I know you’re just teasing but really – Madge’s pants?    PULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!

OK – bring on the Security Guard…………..we are READY!



Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!


SO, where was this beauty taken????    Tomorrow in class we will let you know who wins what new badge…………………so study it hard………….no cheating………..no peeking at your neighbor’s scribbles on their notepaper….and above all no using Google Image Search – just do your best!

Now – who’s UP for pizza today?   I hear Miss Dingleberry is having a pizza extravaganza………………so we’ll see you tomorrow in class for the TELL ALL……….don’t eat too much pizza before going out on the playground equipment – or else!!


Alright all you sheep…….watch it……..don’t try to trip the student in front of you or behind you – just stand in line RESPECTFULLY and you’ll get all the pizza you can shove into your little sheep mouths……….ENJOY!


Good Luck!!    Your Profs

A P.S. of Remembrance………

I’m reposting the blog I did in September of 2011 – not that long after Angel Sammy and I began this blog……………..it was my recalling of where I was on 9/11 and what my husband and I were feeling and thinking as we were far from home when the tragedy occurred…………we were in Paris on vacation and all we wanted was to be HOME with Sammy and our family.     Below is a link to that old blog post………and of course every single year on this day David and I spend some time remembering how we felt then and how difficult it was to be so far away………….

Hugs, Pam

Click Here

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  1. My first thought was an old mine working but there are too many things wrong for it to be that. It looks more like a bell tower with the openings in the top. It is not somewhere I have been (as far as I know) and usually I would start googling towers etc but I don’t even know what country to start in. I have discounted the UK, it’s just not right for here. I will try and get back later and start going googly eyed trying to work it out.


  2. Good day to all!

    It’s a tower, somewhere, some place. It’s built of stone. What, more detail needed!?

    I had to laugh at the cheer team. I thought they’d been even naughtier than they were. I’d forgotten that trousers are pants on your side of the pond. When we say pants we’re talking about underwear! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Marv you silly boy – that happens to be the most FANCIFUL guess so far but we don’t have a badge for that!!!!! I can just see Rapunzel letting down her hair and YOU climbing up to plant a big old kiss on her!

      Love, Teddy


  3. It’s prison cubed. When the bad guys come in threes, the P3 Supermax is ready to ensure that we will no longer see no evil, her no evil or speak no evil. Among the infamous criminals to have viewed the grounds from the triple set of barred windows are The Three Stooges, The Three Bears, The Three Blind Mice (And their three service animals), The Butcher The Baker and the Candlestick maker, Peter Paul and Mary (After they got arrested for puffing the magic dragon, if you know what I mean), Snap Crackle and Pop, and even The Three Tenors who drove all the prison guards made with their non stop tenoring. This is also the only prison in the world where it’s entirely possible to serve three consecutive life sentences…

    Liked by 1 person

    • We do look just a little bit silly don’t we? Since we moved Teaser Classes to a new school shaped like a SHEEP, we are all wearing sheep hats (the faculty anyway) to keep in the spirit of the school but it’s not easy – we think Miss Dingleberry looks sillier than WE do though! HAHAHAHAHA


  4. Very nice new badges. Great cheer too! Of course, I have no idea where this photo was taken.
    I can’t imagine being so far from home and not being able to get right back. XO


  5. WEll dang talk about being at the bottom of the pack….that is us. We are so late. The peeps left home at 7:30 to buy gas and go by the ATM in case the power is out. Then Dad had his post op
    and then mom had to go by my vet to get my meds refilled and now here we are.
    Hugs madi your bfff


    • How is your Dad doing Madi? We prayed for him yesterday that all would go well – hopefully he’s right as rain and he can see better than ever now! We hope that you will be safe as the storm comes to town……I’m glad your Mom and Dad got all your meds and are READY just in case.

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. Aww..this tower is made of stones! It would take many a year to build this wee tower if I was building. It would be very valuable though even without panes of glass. So it must be warm here. I’m guessing Spain….somewhere near Barcelona where the bulls are.

    Headsheepstress Mrs. Dingleberry I would like my pizza loaded and locked for action.



  7. Well, since you tolded us not to cheat, we will say it is the North American branch of Azkaban Prison, newly constructed on the remnants of the defunct Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay. How’s that? Did I win???


  8. Well, is there an honor badge for being last?? MOL, MOL! I did not even get to this confuser till about 11pm…
    I looked att he picture, and I thought, wow, that could be a great tower in some fortification…but then I thought, bats in your belfry silly, its a carillon tower! But where?
    So I looked up old stone bell towers and eventually I thought I found it here:

    Luray Singing Tower – Luray,Virginia.
    And you know, I was even there many years ago when our unfurs were quite small…no wonder I thought I had seen it…I actually thought it was from a fort from the civil war…to spy on enemies and make sure to sound the alarm! Uh-huh…bats in my belfry for sure, MOL!


    • Well done! You figured it out with some sleuthing which always makes The Professors happy since that’s what Teaser is all about! It was a bit difficult just looking at a stone tower which LOOKED very very old….but several figured it out including YOU………concatulations!

      Hugs, Teddy


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